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One Piece chapter 1010 - With focused awareness, Luffy applies his instinct and knowledge to his Haoshoku Haki

One Piece Chapter 1010 – Luffy VS Kaido

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One Piece chapter 1010 - With focused awareness, Luffy applies his instinct and knowledge to his Haoshoku Haki

One of Kaido’s biggest errors was not assessing the potential of his enemies adequately. Blinded was he by the inexperience of the challengers standing against him that the apparent form of their threat became obscured by the arrogance of his own pride. Kaido had many opportunities to recognise the true danger existing in front of him but the delusion of his superiority mask what is now blossoming before him. The flame burning within Luffy has reignited and within its blaze is the awareness of Haki and the application that is possible. Kaido’s power may be vast but the opponent before has a potential not yet defined. And the longer Luffy comes to familiarise himself with the application of Haoshoku Haki, the more dangerous he becomes to Kaido.

Law and his expertise with the Ope Ope no Mi forces Kaido into a corner where he has little choice but to unleash his range attacks. Kaido expressly mentioned to Law that his powers really throw him off. Kaido has been hit with an Injection Shot that will slowly work its effect to weaken Kaido over time. Similar to how it affected Doflamingo, Kaido will come to feel the effects of Law’s power shortly during this battle. The massive endurance Kaido possess may offer some resistance but with Law’s Injection Shot landing, it is only a matter of time until the effect is felt.

One Piece chapter 1010 - Law lands his Injection Shot on Kaido

Alongside Law, Zoro has proven himself an imposing hurdle in Kaido’s path. What Kaido thought was a forgettable Swordsman has now carved his existence into Kaido through the wound Kaido now bears. Overwhelmed was he by Zoro’s spirit that he began to question whether Zoro possessed the Color of the Supreme King. All Zoro responded with was his intention to land the best attack he could in the circumstance. With such a reaction from Kaido and Zoro’s obliviousness to Haoshoku Haki, it becomes a real curious development wondering whether Zoro could possess Haoshoku Haki. Unlike the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has been the one Straw Hat Pirate to be equated to the same level of Luffy. So I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if in the end, Zoro is revealed to also possess Haoshoku Haki. For one coveting the position of the Worlds Strongest Swordsman, it would be fitting to also possess Haoshoku Haki. Such a revelation could also provide justification for why Zoro was able to survive everything he has been through over the course of the adventure.

Turning back to Zoro’s Asura attack, what a glorious return of his Demon Aura. I love his Nine Sword Style and found immense satisfaction in Kaido suffering in agony for a moment when the attack landed. The attack may not have knocked Kaido off his feet but it accomplished what few have ever did. Something Kaido didn’t think possible with the end of Oden. A Swordsman able to wound him still exist. With Law and Zoro buying Luffy sufficient time to recover and to collect his thoughts, will the Law take Zoro down into the Onigashima Skull dome or will he remain on the roof to witness Luffy’s battle with Kaido? Considering Luffy requested Law and Zoro to go down to let everyone know he is going to beat Kaido implies that the two will end up leaving the roof. As for Kid and Killer, will they remain on the roof too or will the weather and the ominous clouds force them down to the lower parts of the Island to face off against Big Mom? Very curious to see what Prometheus requested from Big Mom (more soul from Linlin?).

One Piece chapter 1010 - Zoro unleashes his Demon Aura Asura on Kaido

With Luffy fighting Kaido alone, I do wonder if over time Luffy will realise that he needs help and in that moment Yamato will show up to assist him in his battle against Kaido. I do not see arc concluding with Kaido and Yamato interacting with one another. The omission of their meeting has seemingly been intentional in order to build up their eventual encounter where Yamato expresses his liberation from Kaido and the prison that was kept in for the past 20 years. Kaido will not be defeated until this moment. And through that moment, Kaido will come to appreciate exactly how different and dangerous Monkey D. Luffy is. This was a fantastic chapter. Very much looking forward to the next chapter!

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