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Edens Zero chapter 137 and chapter 138 colour spread pages

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Edens Zero Chapter 137-138 – The Fight For Freedom

Edens Zero chapter 137 and chapter 138 colour spread pages

Poseidon Nero’s complete reliance on his dice will ultimately be the foundation of his downfall. The fate that once built him up to where he now resides will become the debilitating thorn in his side when he finds himself without possession of his Empire Dice. At that point without a medium to direct his “fate” onto, how will Nero function? Will he even be able to function at that time? Nero has cast his power away to the dice he possesses and contrary to the expected relation, it is the dice that is in the end controlling Nero. What Nero calls “fate” is but a convenient excuse to run away from the consequences of his decisions. Whatever collateral amounts behind him, Nero deludes himself into rationalising such a reality with the conceited idea that him being victorious is all the justice needed in the world. All else is but an aside to be forgotten about. What once seemed like a reasonable ruler has now revealed the extent of his darkened heart devoid of any emotion for those that follow him. Freedom in such eyes is but a meaningless concept irrelevant to his desire for victory.

The war against the Imperial Army has become not just a fight against Shura and his Oceans but also a battle against Nero and his twisted conceptualisation of governance. A mind like his continuing to remain central to the Aoi Cosmos, will keep the notion of freedom non-existent. Change will only be able to be brought about with his gone.

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