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One Piece chapter 1009 - Big Mom attacking Kid after her Homies are disarmed from her

One Piece Chapter 1009 – Big Mom’s Weakness

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One Piece chapter 1009 - Big Mom attacking Kid after her Homies are disarmed from her

In the face of the otherworldly power Linlin possesses it becomes hard to perceive that behind such a destructive force, there is a glaring weakness in Big Mom’s fighting style. It became apparent during the Whole Cake Island Arc and is now on full display during the cliff hanger of this chapter. The Soru Soru no Mi grants Linlin immense power but due to her hubris and unrestrained arrogance, she has become completely intoxicated by the superior nature of her Devil Fruit abilities that it has blinded her to her own inabilities. At present, Big Mom is not even aware how lacking she is without the assistance of her main Homies. Once she reaches the bottom of her fall though, she will quickly come to reconcile the slip in her step.

After attempting and failing to handle both Kaido and Big Mom at the same time, the Next Generation present on the roof of the Skull dome agree to the need to have the two Yonko separated. Following Luffy’s lead, who is likely unaware of the plan as he attacks Kaido, the rest of the four Worst Generation members target Big Mom and her three special Homies. Law traps Zeus inside a metal container Kid had prepared. Killer disarms Napoleon from Big Mom. And Zoro removes her footing by occupying Prometheus. With Big Mom isolated, Kid baits Big Mom into attacking him so that he can grab her with his metal arm and repel her away from the Island. In conjunction with Kid, Law sends a boulder flying towards Big Mom to further separate her from Onigashima Island. On another day, such efforts wouldn’t have amounted to much but today, Big Mom is situated on a small Island which is currently flying in the air thanks to Kaido. Without her Homies to assist her and having no abilities of her own to resolve her situation, all Big Mom can do is fall down toward the ocean.

One Piece chapter 1009 - Kaido unleashing on Luffy

Obviously this won’t be the end of Big Mom but it could be the turning point the Next Generation of Pirates need in their battle against Kaido. Unfortunately, Law, Kid, Killer and Zoro are exhausted but if there were to receive additional assistance from other Next Generation Pirates, Luffy may be able to get his opportunity to land a hit on Kaido. Having already suffered the weight of Luffy’s attacks, Kaido has become wary of Luffy leading to his current strategy of dodging Luffy’s attacks. Luffy takes that apprehension within Kaido as a signal that their attacks are working which further stimulates his spirit in battling Kaido. If Luffy can just endure for long enough, there will arise a moment when he can unleash on Kaido.

I suspect when Yamato makes his way to the roof of the Skull dome and faces off against Kaido, Luffy and Yamato will work together to create the opportunity for Luffy to unleash on Kaido. Yamato has been hinted at as being one of the most powerful characters on Onigashima and having challenged Kaido on many occasions during his twenty year confinement on Onigashima, Yamato is aware of Kaido’s fighting style and just how strong Kaido is. Alone Yamato may not have succeeded again but today, Yamato has allies he can rely on when challenging Kaido. Kaido in turn seemingly respects Yamato’s strength (want to make him Shogun of his New Onigashima) which could lead to him being further put off balance mentally when Yamato shows up to challenge him alongside Luffy. Such elements working against Kaido could ultimately be what leads to his downfall.

One Piece chapter 1009 - The Akazaya Samurai decapitate 6 more of Orochi's heads

Turning to Orochi, the focus on his Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi has been grossly lacking. Is this intentional by Oda-sensei or another victim of the busy identity defining this arc? Mythological Zoan Devil Fruits are some of the rarest Devil Fruits in the One Piece world due to both their rarity and the unique strength they grant their user. So far, the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi has been presented in a completely uninspired manner. What about the fruit makes it so special beyond the eight heads? Was its uniqueness that hollow? Or is Oda-sensei planning something more grand with the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi. With the final head Orochi has left, will he throw caution to the wind and fully unleash? Or is the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi being saved for a character that can utilise it more effectively in the future? Will Teach or one of the Blackbeard Pirates get their hands on the fruit once Orochi is killed or will they be the ones who extract the fruit from Orochi? Whatever happens, I really hope there is more to the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi than what we have been shown so far.

Excited to see how Orochi is dealt with and how the battle between Raizou and Fukurokuju progresses – will we finally get the ninja battle we haven’t got so far in this arc? As for Orochi, with seven heads of his now decapitated (6 in this chapter and 1 during Kaido’s speech), who will be the one to handle the final head – Hiyori? In addition to that, I am also curious to find out what the rest of the Worst Generation Pirates present on Onigashima Island are doing i.e. Drake, Apoo and Hawkins. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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