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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 122 - Ymir, the slave to the Founding Titan and Eren, the one who wishes to end it

[Theory] Shingeki no Kyojin – The Founding Titan

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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 122 - Ymir, the slave to the Founding Titan and Eren, the one who wishes to end it

Ever since the Titans became the source of fear and hatred around the world of Shingeki no Kyojin, the characters within have been trying to find a solution past the anger, resentment and 2,000 years of suffering wrought by the Titan. Different characters seeking to wield the Founding Titans power arrived at different answers. One wanted to isolate their people within walls on an Island for a moment of temporary peace until the world arrives to end them. Another wanted to wield it to completely end the lives of the Eldians on Paradis. Another wanted to remove the ability of having children from the people of Ymir. And the one who ultimately came to control the power decided to release the Titans slumbering within the walls to wreak destruction over the world outside Paradis through the Rumbling. In the end, what would have been the “right” way to utilise such power within the world the story exist in?

If fear of the Titans was the main problem keeping the people of the world from accepting the Eldians, wouldn’t the issue begin to be solved by removing the Titans from equation? Could the Founding Titan not have changed the biological structure of the Subjects of Ymir to prevent them from becoming Titans again? In the past, over 600 years ago, the King at the time used the power of the Founding Titan to rewrite the body structure of the Subjects of Ymir so that they could overcome a pandemic sweeping the world. Even the euthanasia plan Zeke and Ksaver had involved using the Founding Titan’s power to rewrite the body structure of the Eldians. In theory, if a user wanted to use the Founding Titan’s power to remove the ability to transform into Titans from all the Subjects of Ymir, such a change should be possible. According to Ksaver, the Subjects of Ymir are a part of the Founding Titan’s body, no matter where or how many there are. Such a description implies complete control over its subjects. Be it their memories, their body composition or even their forms, the Founding Titan has sovereignty over it all.

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 122 - Can Ymir be saved?

If removing the ability to transform into Titans from the Subjects of Ymir were possible, such an act would have prevented the need for destruction and genocide. It would have even been a more humane plan than the euthanasia of the Eldians. If the Subjects of Ymir cannot transform into Titans anymore, there would be no way left for the power of the Titans to be inherited and as such, the fear of Titans would diminish over time allowing the world to eventually accept the people of Eldia as part of them. Sure, this solution wouldn’t be as dramatic as the answer arrived at by Eren but it certainly would have been an answer free from the need of killing or forsaking a certain group of people. The only reason for such an option to not be possible is for the Founding Titan’s power to be limited in how it can be exercised over its subjects. Ksaver’s findings were only based on historical documentation and limited information. There was a lot about the Founding Titan that he was unaware of and the extents of its power could be one of them. Still, no limitations have been expressly mentioned in the story and neither has this option. For all intents and purposes, it should be entirely possible for the Founding Titan to remove the ability to transform into Titans from each Subject of Ymir.

The fates of those burdened by such a responsibility when free from their desires of power and greed is a heavy one. They each realise the future they wish to manifest but fail to see a path forward on which they can thread to reach it despite the immense power they possess. Eren was faced with an impossible choice and made a decision based on who he valued more. In the end, with the Subjects of Ymir feared across the world because of their capacity to transform into Titans, how will the world come to reconcile with them even after the current events taking place? Will killing the Founding Titan organism put an end to the age of Titans or will the process of suffering continue to repeat. Can Eren find a solution in the Path Ymir exist in?

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 133 - Will Eren and Ymir end the age of Titan by destroying the path of Titans?

The Founder, Ymir, essentially exist as a Genie within a Lamp. The Lamp in this case being the Path that connects all the Eldians. She possesses immense power but ultimately she is a slave to the masters of the Founding Titan. And rather than three wishes, the Founding Titan allows the user control over all the Titans and influence over all Eldians. Eren’s life may have ended but as the current Founding Titan he could still have a part to play within the Path. Ymir, the progenitor of it all, could very well be the solution. With a liberated perspective and lifetimes of regret, she may be able to perform that which no other Founding Titan user could. The end of an era of fear and hatred. The end to the age of Titans. Ymir may be able to end it all and save those that remain in the process, including the transformed Eldians. By forsaking the world she created, she could be establishing a path forward for the rest of her people to traverse on. A path leading into a future where freedom for her people awaits.

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