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Edens Zero chapter 134 - Ziggy seeks the All-Link system from the Aoi Cosmos

Edens Zero Chapter 134 – The Chaos Within The Aoi Cosmos

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As the inevitable clash between the players relevant to the arising conflict edges ever closer, the unfortunate reality of innocence getting caught between the fighting manifests. The chaos on Foresta wrapped every single inhabitant in its agony and now as a response to Ziggy’s move, Shura has spread disinformation about the threat the robots pose and declared them a danger to the humans living within the Aoi Cosmos that needs to be removed. In an attempt to rally support behind his madness, Shura has constructed a deceptive narrative in which those humans seeking freedom and survival have no choice but to cast their support behind him. And in a hollow attempt to substantiate his claims, he arbitrarily judged innocent androids as rebels and had them killed. With the chaos from Foresta expanding, the whole of the Aoi Cosmos looks set to be consumed by such a darkness.

Ziggy had anticipated Shura to behave in such a manner and expected him to turn to a system called the “All-Link” to achieve his desire of getting rid of all Androids within the Aoi Cosmos. The All-Link system appears to be a system that commands all the robots within the Aoi Cosmos. Ziggy has been waiting for Shura to activate such a system so that he can locate where it is and procure it for himself. Likewise, Shura expects Ziggy to come after the All-Link system and has used it as bait to lure Ziggy into his trap. A trap which Shura is confident will bring about Ziggy’s demise.

The specifics of the All-Link system has been left unclear. What we do know is that all the robots in the Aoi Cosmos are commanded by it. Does this mean ALL the robots are connected to it or just those who registered to the system? Could the All-Link system also work another way where it transmits a signal across the Aoi Cosmos which activates some form of self-destruct function within each robot? If this is the case, could the Edens Zero team negate such a frequency by creating their own which cancels out the order(s) being conveyed to the robots to self-destruct? It could be possible but what I see happening if the Edens Zero team does involve themselves within the chaos of the Aoi Cosmos is targeting the All-Link system and destroying it. Both Shura and Ziggy want to use the system for contrasting purposes but regardless of how it is used, it binds each robot within the Aoi Cosmos to its commands depriving each of their freedom. Such a binding would be something Shiki and the Edens Zero crew won’t stand for.

Witch did suggest for crew to leave the Aoi Cosmos to get away from the multiple dangers present but at this point after learning abount the termination of the androids residing within the Aoi Cosmos, turning their backs and leaving the space isn’t something they can do at all. Hermit’s tears conveys exactly how unjust the actions being carried out on the innocent androids are. Some humans may see the androids as lifeless inanimate objects but after such advancement and autonomy, the androids have become substantive reflection of life. Physically they may be different but the emotion and spirit behind such matter is the same as any other living being.

Shiki likely understands his irrelevance to the Aoi Cosmos, especially with no more Mother Artifacts being detected but with the threat of innocent robot lives on the line, Shiki won’t sit idle by and merely be a witness to the horrors about to be unfold. Rather, Shiki will force himself to be a party to the chaos and champion life itself. In order to save those they have met in the Aoi Cosmos and to protect all the other innocent lives, the Edens Zero crew will remain in the Aoi Cosmos and make themselves a player within this conflict. They will be the wild cards that upset the prepared plans set in motion by the current relevant parties.

Once the All-Link system is activated, the Edens Zero crew will likely be racing against time to reach the device. I suspect during the climatic moment where Shiki, Shura and Ziggy are engaged in a fight, the All-Link system will be destroyed/shut down. This could force Ziggy to retreat if he is too injured to continue fighting and leave Shiki and Shura to conclude the fight they had begun.

The Mother artifact on Mud Roll being a concrete building that looks like a hotel/apartment/office is very curious. Considering that building appears to be the only one like it on Mud Roll makes its presence there even more intriguing. Rather than the building being built there, did it once reside on Mother and at some point was removed? Could Mother be the first sentient machine built on Earth by humans? Because everything that has been currently shown to have Mother’s Ether appears to be items that are located on Earth. Was Mother meant to be some form of sentient Ark/Island/ship? Is she meant to represent the Noah’s Ark for Earth as it was on the brink of collapse? Interested to learn more about the past of Mother and what led to her creation (if she was created).

With Shura’s lies being recognised by Hermit, is there anything she can do to gather sufficient evidence against him so that when he is defeated, she can reveal the deceptive nature of his speech and help resolve (to an extent) the antagonistic feelings humans and robots have against one another. The truth currently driving the humans to hate the robots is one based on complete lies and ignorance. Can each human reconcile with their feelings once they become aware of how narrow-minded they were to be led down such a dark path? Hopefully, such a liberation is possible for both existences at the end of this arc. Just as how Rebecca and the Edens Zero crew have come to appreciate the different life forms existing in the cosmos, hopefully the rest of the universes’ inhabitants begin to recognise the collaborative existences they all lead. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

And yeah, I like the Terminator reference. Machine uprising on the horizon and it being titled “Judgment Day”. The All-Link system is probably also a reflection of “Skynet” in a sense.

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