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One Piece chapter 1007 - Chopper transforms into his Beast Point and attacks Queen

One Piece Chapter 1007 – Chopper VS Queen

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One Piece chapter 1007 - Chopper transforms into his Beast Point and attacks Queen

Unknown to Queen, there exist a Doctor sailing the seas with the dream to cure any illness they come across. With medical knowledge and skill instilled onto him by the greatest doctors in the world, Chopper becomes pirate able to actualise his dream. Alongside his kind heart and advocation for life, the treatment he can provide does not discriminate against any in front of him. Instead, if a person needs saving, Chopper will make it his duty to help treat that person, be they friend or foe. Such a dedication to life has allowed Chopper to triumph over the Ice Oni Virus and win over the hearts of those afflicted by it, even his enemies. Now with Queen revealing the true face of the Beast Pirates and playing with the lives of those he considers insignificant, the Pleasures and Waiters have opened their eyes to the reality laid before them and as a result turned against the Beast Pirates who viewed them as worthless beyond dying for the organisation. Rather, the Pleasures and Waiters have cast their support behind the one who took it upon himself to save them. Their hero. Doctor Chopper.

Despite Queen having facilitated such an outcome by gifting the vaccine to the enemy, he had no way of knowing that there existed a doctor within the enemy ranks that could reverse engineer his virus and counter his genius. Chopper outside of those who know him is an unknown to everyone else around the world. Which is why Queen had become completely confounded when trying to grasp exactly what had happened as his masterpiece virus was dismantled in front of him. Queen in disbelief sought to rationalise the events taking place but beyond trying to question where Chopper got his medical expertise, all he could do was attempt to kill Chopper. Ultimately such an act failed, the Pleasures who were saved by Chopper, turned on Queen and used their bodies to shield their savior. In response to Queen’s misguided application of medical knowledge and being mislabeled as Tanuki, Chopper transforms into his Beast Point and slaps Queen across the face. The cute tanuki doctor everyone else had known up to that point had now become a towering beast possessing significant power. Inside all the hearts of those present, an apology was made for confusing Chopper with a tanuki.

One Piece chapter 1007 - Chopper creates his own good virus to stop the bad virus

Thanks to Chopper’s efforts everyone affected by the Ice Oni virus was saved, including Hyogoro who was on the precipice of turning at the end of the previous chapter. Just before the blade came down on Hyogoro’s neck, Chopper arrived to block it with his helmet and administer a solution for Hyogoro to ingest. The cure appears to heat up ones body which then burns out the Ice Oni virus from the subject. Chopper used the antibodies Queen had developed as a base to create his own virus, one which attacks the Ice Oni virus and destroys it. Chopper had developed a good virus to stop a bad virus. And in order to administer the cure to everyone present on the Performance Floor, Chopper with the assistance of Miyagi and Tristan turned the cure into a mist which they could release throughout the floor.

Momonosuke has begun to question his role within this war and how insignificant he feels. Despite his desire to be the future Shogun of Wano and to carry the weight of the nation on his shoulders, he knows that he has done nothing to assist in its liberation. All he has done is be protected and be someone who needs saving. Those constant moments of inability have led to the feelings of being a burden and weak to slowly build up inside Momonosuke. And now as Momonosuke begins to reflect on himself, all he can feel is disgust with himself. The expectations others have of him has made him aware of his weaknesses and he can’t help but cry out in frustration. Such an expression of pain resonated throughout Momonosuke and forced him to transform into his eel dragon form.

One Piece chapter 1007 - Momonosuke transforms into his Dragon form

As Yamato grasps exactly what happened and begins to realise that the creature in front and around him isn’t an eel but Momonosuke in his dragon form, how will Yamato then react? Yamato will learn of the Artificial Devil Fruit Momonosuke consumed on Punk Hazard and make the connection between the Devil Fruit his father possesses and the Artificial Devil Fruit Momonosuke ate. Once such a connection is made, will Yamato then be able to assist Momonosuke is revealing something only Momonosuke can do to counter Kaido? On top of shedding further insight into Kaido’s Devil Fruit and capabilities, we could even get additional focus on the events that transpired when Kaido was captured by the Marines and had his Lineage Factor/Bloodline Element extracted. Clarification may even be provided on the source materials for the Number and Dragon experiments the Marine Scientist and Vegapunk conducted. The similarities the Numbers and Dragons share with Kaido may not be coincidence. Kaido’s Lineage Factor/Bloodline Element could very well have been applied to the Numbers and Dragons when they were being created.

With the Artificial Devil Fruit Vegapunk created, was it really a failure or did Vegapunk realise he was about to open Pandora’s Box if he continued with his research and provided such a Devil Fruit to the Government? Did Vegapunk’s ethics come into play? Or was the Artificial Devil Fruit really a failure? If so, what could be the side-effects and when the side-effects reveal themselves, will this require a trip to Vegapunk in order to save Momonosuke? In such a case, Yamato would likely also tag along with the Straw Hat Pirates in order to save Momonosuke. Somehow, it seems as if Vegapunk may have been lying to the Government. If the Artificial Devil Fruit was a failure and abandoned, wouldn’t Vegapunk try again in order to perfect it? Vegapunk doesn’t strike me as a scientist who would stop in the face of failure. Even the research on Giants is likely still being conducted by Vegapunk and other scientist within the Marines. The Marines may have failed with their experiments on Punk Hazard but I don’t see the Marines research on gigantification stopping when it has been ongoing for centuries. This is why Vegapunk stopping his research on Artificial Devil Fruits after a failure is suspicious. It would be quite something if Vegapunk not only replicated a Devil Fruit but improved on it. The CP0 will likely learn of Momonosuke having consumed the Artifical Devil Fruit from Punk Hazard and relay such information to the World Government. Consequently, Wano Kuni will be targeted by the World Government.

The Oden that appeared at the end of the chapter is so suspicious. I don’t believe he is the real Oden but a fake one, whether through an illusion, clone, transformation or double. Shinobi can create both illusions (through genjutsu) and clones (through ninjustu) and the one shinobi currently left accounted for on Onigashima is Fukurokuju. Being the former captain of the Orochi Oniwabanshu means it is well within his ability to use advanced shinobi techniques. Is the fake Oden being used to catch the Akazaya Samurai off guard which the enemy can then take advantage of to attack the Samurai? The other possibility is Onimaru, but why would he transform into Oden? Was it to raise the spirits of the Akazaya Samurai? Or is it to confuse the enemy once he regroups with the Akazaya Samurai? The Beast Pirates would definitely react if they see someone resembling Oden. Resources will most certainly be committed to investigate such an impossibility. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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