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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 28 - Soshiro takes on the Humanoid Kaiju attacking the Defense Force base

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 28 – Soshiro VS Humanoid Kaiju

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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 28 - Soshiro takes on the Humanoid Kaiju attacking the Defense Force base

Unleashing all against the Humanoid Kaiju attacking the Defense Force base, Soshiro finds himself reaching his suit limit unable to completely eliminate the enemy commander. Despite having attacked the Kaiju core, Soshiro was unable to fully destroy it with it shifting its position within the Kaiju. As a result, the Humanoid Kaiju has now expanded its form and leveled up its power in order to combat Soshiro. The sheer size of the Humanoid Kaiju after its transformation has rendered Soshiro’s attacks ineffective in dismembering the Kaiju to reach the core. Even with Soshiro attempting one final attack using his speed to increase his power, the ability of the Humanoid Kaiju to display multiple cores within its body caused hesitation within Soshiro that the Humanoid Kaiju exploited to land an attack. With Soshiro’s suit driver limit having been reach and him unable to continue fighting, the Defense Force base and unit are now at the mercy of the Humanoid Kaiju’s destruction. Kafka may need to transform and combat the Humanoid Kaiju.

Contrary to its appearance, the The Humanoid Kaiju has displayed a high level of intelligence. It could be a sense inherit to the individual Kaiju or something more engineered where multiple Kaiju makeup the one. Whatever the constitution of the Kaiju, it was able to immediately discern who the strongest opponent on the base was and during combat, it was accurately able to predict the attack pattern of Soshiro and adjust its own defenses to protect its core from being fully destroyed. And in addition, with the Humanoid Kaiju having enlarged its form and empowered itself, it still retains the tactical mind it had before as illustrated when it displayed its multiple cores to Soshiro while he was about to execute his finishing move. Such an act succeeded in disrupting Soshiro’s attack which the Humanoid Kaiju subsequently used to its advantage in landing a blow on Soshiro. The act of empowering itself was also a calculated move on the Kaiju’s part to respond to the overwhelming force Soshiro displayed and to counter it.

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 28 - Kaiju No.10 Transforms

Now that Soshiro is unable to continue fighting, someone else will need to rise up to challenge the Humanoid Kaiju about to go wild on the Defense Force base. And the one character who does have the ability to challenge such a foe is Kafka in his Kaiju form. Leno did request Kafka not to transform but with the situation as dire as it is, there is little choice left in the matter unless another character as powerful as Soshiro appears. In absence of such a salvation, Kafka will need to take on the burden of dealing with the Humanoid Kaiju. Kafka’s Kaiju form resilience may be lower than that of the Humanoid Kaiju’s but Kafka has yet to fully access his full capabilities and has much room for growth. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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