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Edens Zero chapter 132 - Shiki VS Ziggy Illusion

Edens Zero Chapter 132 – Ether Training

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Edens Zero chapter 132 - Shiki VS Ziggy Illusion

The path to Mother is one filled with danger, obstacles, time, unknowns and powerful foes. In order for the Edens Zero crew to stand a chance against any impediments obstructing them through their journey, power and the wisdom to use it are necessary. By nature of casting themselves into the cosmos, the crew will inevitable be caught up in events dyed in chaos. And in order to navigate through such conflict, they will have to battle numerous existences – human, alien and robot alike. The training performed now is integral to their growth and survival as adventurers. Training that will help identify their abilities and put them past their limits.

Xenolith did take full advantage of the VR-setting to corner Shiki mentally, physically and emotionally until all Shiki could do was force the release of power and activate his Ether Gear even when bound. The thought of losing a precious friend to Ziggy as he was powerless to do anything manifested a desperation inside Shiki which inflamed his soul and caused his desire to protect Rebecca to erupt. It may have been a misrepresentation by Xenolith but the feelings Shiki experienced within that illusion were real. When Shiki’s friends are in danger, he will do whatever he can to protect them, even if it means surpasses his limits. Such strength and use of Ziggy’s gravity power makes Xenolith wonder if Shiki will able to handle Magimech’s Ultimate Secret Technique – Black Sky. It seems likely Shiki will learn this secret technique but only master it at a later point against a future antagonist. On a side note, I love how Shiki immediately hugged Rebecca after he saw she was safe once the illusion of her being injured was broken by Xenolith. What an endearing scene.

Edens Zero chapter 132 - Xenolith surprised at Shiki's training progress

In regards to the other characters training and overcoming their weakness of being powerless when bound, considering there is limited time left for their training, will each of them undergo similar scenarios as Shiki where they are cornered and have to force their power beyond its current limits? Or can control over their Ether Gear be achieved through more practical means? Xenolith plans for the groups “real” training to begin tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how training evolves beyond what the crew experienced in the past two chapters. Will they be strung up and bound again? At the very least, what I expect to happen during their training sessions is for the Edens Zero crew to identify their weaknesses and understand what needs to be done to reduce those weakness or get rid of them completely.

Rebecca in particular needs to understand her abilities more intimately. She possesses power that can change the world and create miracles. It is not just a mere speed or foresight ability. Rebecca is able to dance along with time and space. Having control over how and when she can activate those abilities will allow her to defend the crew when all hope is lost. And whenever a future antagonistic character is introduced with a power similar to Rebecca’s, she won’t be just a victim to its effect but rather a defender against its power as it clashes with her own. Xenolith is completely right in that she is the most special member of the crew. Rebecca to some extent realises the power behind her abilities and has slowly reached a point where she is now ready to devote herself completely to powering up. Witch becomes a party to Rebecca’s display of conviction and responds in kind by making Rebecca her student and resolving to train her within the Ether-rich Bath everyday. Witch even goes on to mention that with her help, Rebecca will be a Chrono Witch.

Edens Zero chapter 132 - Witch agrees to train Rebecca and help her become a Chrono Witch

The Edens Zero bath is a very interesting location on the ship. Not only will it allow the characters who bath in it to improve their Ether but training within its waters will also amplify the effect of that training. There is likely a limit to how much training can be done within the waters or how far it effects ones Ether but in the present moment, such a design will benefit the crew immensely. Will Shiki, Weisz, Homura, Kleene and Jinn also start training within the bath waters? Whatever happens, very much looking forward to Witch training Rebecca and passing on some of the Ether knowledge and techniques she knows to Rebecca.

The artifacts containing Mother’s Ether present on Foresta has been identified by Xenolith. It is a bottle cap to a Robo Cola bottle. With such common place items used by humans containing Mother’s Ether, Sister, Hermit and Witch surmise that it is possible Humans live on or used to live on Mother at some point in the past. Mother may not have been as isolated as she is now in the past. And similar to how civilisations existed on massive Titans/Dragons in other fictional stories (Xenoblade and Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest), it appears Mother also served such a role. If civilisation did exist on Mother at some point, what happened to make them leave? Or where they destroyed? If so, what could have destroyed them or made them leave? Was it Mother herself or an existence that stands as a threat to Mother? Very excited to learn more about the story of Mother in the future. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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