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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 137 - Armin releases his Colossal Titan transformation

Shingeki No Kyojin Chapter 137 – Titans: Connected Hearts

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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 137 - Armin releases his Colossal Titan transformation

What is the meaning of life? How do we arrive at an answer? Why do we pursue the path of the question so vehemently? Where does it all lead? When do we know we have an answer? Who in the end gives our life meaning? Such thoughts inherently exist within our minds, desperately seeking the end to the journey across the unknown. And yet, through the void of not knowing, an answer is arrived at. The mind is ever active. Ever processing. Ever searching. The act of not knowing creates possibility. Provides a freedom. Empowers the individual to derive their own answers. So what is the meaning of life? That is an answer one has the freedom to define themselves. A freedom that should not be enslaved by its nature and past but be liberated by the possibilities that exist.

Within the Path Armin now finds himself, an answer to the story of conflict and freedom wrecking the world has been arrived at. Alongside with Zeke, Armin reaches out with the thoughts that life is meaningful because of the moments we define as precious. Not because of our nature or anything grand. But something simple. Something trivial. Something seemingly meaningless. Yet immensely precious nonetheless. And with such a dialogue, the hearts of those present become connected. Expanding its reach and embrace.

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 137 - The will of the Titans grant them freedom

All the past Titan wielders who once felt the same way Armin and Zeke do arrive within the Path to offer their assistance in protecting what they each value and cherish. Despite their lives having ended, their will remains and continues to influence the direction of the present. The Titans they once bonded with, that have been remade by Ymir, answers to their will. In order to protect those they care for and to avoid an end they all wish not to see, their Titans fight. Against the hundreds of other Titans, they rise up to once again fight. Zeke in turn also emerges to provide Levi with an opportunity to end the extermination of the world. To end the Rumbling. In order to stop Eren, he gives his very life.

With the Rumbling stopped, all that remains is Eren and his desire to reduce the world’s hatred and history into the ground. Jean sets off the explosives wrapped around the Titan’s head but once Eren’s head is separated, the organism granting the host its power and path instinctively emerges to reconnect with Eren’s head in order to keep the host alive. Aware of its intentions, Reiner rushes in to keep the organism from reconnecting with Eren and to buy his allies sufficient time to escape as Armin prepares to transform into the Colossal Titan. Armin, now aware of what must be done, farewells Eren and releases his transformation with the intention of using the energy created to destroy the Founding Titan skeleton. Armin’s actions signify his choice to not only save the remaining people in the world but to also save Eren from the suffering that has been tearing away at his essence since being burdened with the responsibility and power of the Founding Titan. What Eren saw in the world beyond the walls was only suffering, hatred and a history dyed in blood. Such experiences broke Eren down and cornered him. Having power that could change the world, Eren saw only one route that would ensure those precious to him survived and lived long “happy” lives. Armin acknowledges the choice Eren made but chooses not to agree with it. The world does not need to be destroyed for it to be saved.

Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 137 - Ymir envisions a Titan body when she first comes into contact with the ancient organism

Historia’s child, could it be Eren’s? The conversation Eren had with Historia in chapter 130 along with the subsequent dialogue in his memories with Zeke was extremely weird and made it appear as if there is a possibility that Historia and Eren had a child. Could Eren have used the Founding Titan’s power to manipulate Historia’s memories of the moment and who the father really is? In the first place, we have only really been given brief information on Historia’s “partner”. There has been no official introduction yet. We don’t even know this characters name yet. For a character who serves such a prominent role within Historia’s story, why has been kept in the shadows all this time? Once the story shifts back to Eren’s point of view, we may get additional information covering this moment and whether Eren used the Founding Titan’s power on Historia.

Now that Levi has fulfilled the promise he made to Erwin four years ago to kill the Beast Titan, is Levi destined to die assisting the others in getting close to the Eren? Levi is considerably injured but such injuries aren’t enough to keep him down and away from fighting. The Colossal Titan transformation blast certainly hasn’t completely taken out Eren but it will have backed Eren into a corner. And based on how Eren reacted in the past when his back was to the corner, he will unleash. All the power Eren has at his disposal, it will be haphazardly released driven by his rage and obsessed desires. Armin may be placed in danger and in order to keep the future alive, Levi sacrifices himself to save the individual he put his belief in four years ago. Levi could even use his life to get close to Eren and either deliver the final blow or provide Mikasa the opportunity to deliver it as she returns the scarf Eren gave her in the past when he saved her back to him. Such an act could symbolize Mikasa saving Eren and reminding Eren that he is not alone, even at the end.

Will we get further focus on the past when Grisha transformed Eren into a Titan and made Eren eat him in order to inherit the Attack and Founding Titan. Was Grisha influenced by Eren in that moment or at that point was Grisha so backed into a corner he had no choice but to continue with the Transference? Curious to also see if the Female Titan’s ability to take in parts of other Titans and inherit part of their abilities will also be used going forward – I assume the Female Titan can inherit some of the other Titan powers without consuming their spine and needing the other Titan wielder to die. Or will the Founding Titan organism be killed, thereby putting an end to the age of Titans and the path connecting the people of Ymir? Given how Eren possesses the ability of the War Hammer Titan, he could surround his body in hardened crystal protecting him from the Colossal Titan blast and normal Titan attacks. This could leave Falco as the only Titan capable of breaking through the hardened crystal casing and reaching the organism within the Founding Titan. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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