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Kaiju No.8 chapter 24-27 - Kikoru unleashing on the base Kaiju

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 23-27 – Kikoru Rising

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Kaiju No.8 chapter 24-27 - Kikoru unleashing on the base Kaiju

Destruction. That is the objective sought by the Kaiju currently in the process of assaulting the Defense Force base. More than one Humanoid Kaiju determining such a tactic, the planned attack appears scripted by a larger force heading the Kaiju terrorizing the denizens of the world. Whether that goal be the extermination of humanity or a distraction for a more overt mission or the desire to draw out Monster #8 or something else entirely, the Kaiju faction behind this attack are committed. The Kaiju prepared countermeasures for the attack patterns utilised by the Defense Force and even singled out the strongest member on the base to keep them away from the Kaiju infantry. With Soshiro occupied by the Humanoid Kaiju, it has been left to Kikoru to lead the others troop members against the Base Kaiju.

After reading chapter 23, when Soshiro was expressing the need for him to be the one to handle Kaiju as strong as Monster #8 and Monster #9, I couldn’t help but see the shadow of death cast itself over him. It may not be this arc but eventually Soshiro will become the mentor-figure to Kafka whose death will motivate Kafka to a new level of power. Regret, sadness, grief, responsibility, duty and love; such emotions will become the maelstrom within Kafka that will inspire him toward a higher state of power as a defender of Japan and potentially the world. At the moment it is too early for Soshiro to be killed as another character hasn’t exactly been set-up to replace him and what he represents. With his battle against “Monster #10” and the apparent edge Soshiro appears to have, I do suspect something terrible to happen. Soshiro has been overwhelming Monster #10 with his speed and precision but that may be an expected outcome by Monster #10 who clearly has a counter to Soshiro. Whether that be a new form or a volatile state that could leave Soshiro injured if he proceeds to attack, Monster #10 is planning something.

Kaiju No.8 chapter 27 - Soshiro attacks the Humanoid Kaiju

The timing of Monster #10’s appearance is too convenient to not believe it was intentional. Monster #9 was unable to continue its mission and as such had to retreat into hiding to recover. If Monster #9 is part of a larger force of Kaiju, that group aware of Monster #9’s inability to proceed, could have dispatched a new Humanoid Kaiju to proceed with the plans that have already been set in motion. A Humanoid Kaiju with destruction and devastation in mind, such a Kaiju would have been chosen for a specific purpose. The Kaiju faction behind the scenes seem very cognizant of the Defense Force’s strength and may even suspect a connection to Monster #8 who has wrecked their plans once before. Could the Kaiju Faction behind the Humanoid Kaiju movements seek the end of part of the force that can rival them? Or is the attack meant to serve as a different purpose? Removing Defense Force members from another location that may also be targeted? Would the Kaiju want information or the research/data the Defense Force has on them and/or Monster #8? It may not have been specified yet but I believe the Kaiju Faction responsible for the current Kaiju movements are very interested in Monster #8 and wish to learn more about it.

Kikoru has been absolutely exhilarating during this battle. When the Defense Force members reached a wall against the base Kaiju who began cooperating with one another, Kikoru appeared to forcefully open a path force. Along with Leno, who is now providing Kikoru with support, the Defense Force group are now able to proceed with their usual attack operations against the Pterosaur Kaiju. Kikoru may say the battle-axe doesn’t suit her but its perfect. A tool fitting for someone possessing overwhelming power. Considering the battle-axe is a prototype, I eagerly await Kikoru’s next weapon when higher level Kaiju are defeated and utilised as materials for weapons. The battle-axe will eventually grow on Kikoru the more she uses it, so her selection as her next weapon could be something equally as destructive and overwhelming.

Kaiju No.8 chapter 26 - Kikoru and Leno become the vanguards for the defense

With the Humanoid Kaiju facing off against Soshiro, I can’t help but feel the Kaiju is intentionally baiting Soshiro. The Kaiju may not have expected the strength Soshiro possesses but its actions have been too direct to not appear somewhat intentional and that includes continuing to attack after being made aware that Soshiro was capable of slicing him. Could the Kaiju progressively grow stronger the more it regenerates? Could the Humanoid Kaiju be evolving during battle? Something will happen that requires Kafka to transform. Soshiro may or may not be conscious to see that but Kafka will likely face off against a weakened Monster #10. Whatever happens, I’m excited to see it play out. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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