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Edens Zero chapter 131 - The Edens Zero crew train in the VR-synC system

Edens Zero Chapter 131 – VR Training


Edens Zero chapter 131 - The Edens Zero crew train in the VR-synC system

How spectacular, the Edens Zero is equipped with a training room, one situated in virtual reality – VR-synC. Among reflecting physical training done in the world, the VR-synC also has a space time setting that can be adjusted to increase the strain on the body so that multiple days can interpreted as many times more whether it be through gravity adjustment, the compression of training done or other settings. Such training is desperately needed by the Edens Zero crew given the extent to which they struggled against one of the average to weaker groups of Poseidon’s forces. The crew will inevitable get stronger but what unexpected dangers await them during such a vulnerable time?

The Ziggy that appeared during the cliff hanger of the chapter seems too convenient to be the real Ziggy. Could Xenolith be tricking the Edens Crew into believing Ziggy is present so that their survival instincts kick in and their minds and body are forced to activate their Ether Gear powers even if bound. Or is the Ziggy that appeared the real one who ended up hacking into Xenolith’s system and corrupting it? Considering Hermit noted an illegal VR access, it could very well be the real Ziggy but the moment seems too premature for such an encounter again. Ziggy may just be present to reveal more about Shura to Shiki. If Ziggy does plan to attack the crew, he may indirectly contribute to their growth as fighters and help them advance their Ether Gear control to the next level before being locked out by Hermit and/or Xenolith. Or is that what Ziggy is actually after? To help the Edens Zero crew.

Edens Zero chapter 131 - an illegal VR access

The Edens Zero training room reminds me of the X-Men danger room, just in VR and with less traps. The benefit of having the training room situated in VR means the environment can be adapted to specify the type of training sought and advance throughout the story as power levels and techniques increase. The space time setting being able to be adjusted also opens up a great potential for the type of training that can be done. I would also suspect that gravity and climate can be manipulated in that space as well. Outfit manipulation is fantastic – Witch dressed as a Witch was perfect.

Loved how Hermit compared it to Digitalis. It signifies that Hermit benefited from being in Digitalis for so long. It uses the same concept of Digitalis to create an separate space for the Edens Zero crew. Although with Hermits comment at the end, access doesn’t seem to be limited to just the Edens Zero ship and connections external to ship can access the VR-synC too. As Hermit spends more time working on the VR-synC, will the programs capabilities and design become more defined and fleshed out? Will the Edens Zero VR-synC eventually link to Digitalis where the crew find themselves in that world again?

Kleene was fantastic in this chapter. I’m loving her character. She definitely has a cute smile and her presence within the crew is such a breath of fresh air. It allows the focus to remain on the human element of the story where the little things we do to help others can create ripples that effect massive changes in someone. Kleene also provides an additional character for the crew to interact with allowing these character to reveals parts of their personality we have not seen before. Sister and Rebecca are in particularly fond of Kleene. Jinn obviously cares about his sister but the extent to which he does is amusing. Jinn definitely has a sister complex. The way Jinn react when Kleene expressed her resolve to get out of her bindings herself without his help was great. Jinn is starting to appreciate how Kleene is maturing in front of his eyes and Kleene herself is starting to see Jinn afford her more freedom. For so long those two have only had each other but now, within Edens Zero, they have the opportunity to truly make friends and be part of a family again.

Edens Zero chapter 131 - Kleene opens up to the crew and wishes to be part of it

Shura’s actions was disconcerting in this chapter. I understand his feelings for robots but to have such arrogance and disdain for machinery, such a narrow-minded perspective will eventually come back to haunt him at some point. Cyca was just introduced in the previous chapter and now in this chapter, Shura seemingly destroys him. Considering Cyca was a robot, could his programing still exist in the remaining parts of his body or did his data upload elsewhere – potentially to the server that houses Xenolith’s backups? Rather than Ziggy accessing the Edens Zero VR-synC, could that in fact be Cyca under the guise of Ziggy? Could Shura’s actions to Cyca have caused Cyca to become an unexpected ally to the Edens Zero crew? Cyca was introduced as part of the Oceans 6 and having such an important presence, I don’t expect his role to have ended just yet. Shura may have caused that which he wanted to avoid by destroying Cyca.

Additionally, Shura’s lack of training with Ziggy and advancing his abilities through his own direction may just provide a vulnerability Shiki can exploit when the two inevitable encounter each other and battle. Shura’s perspective of being the “King of Gravity” may have indirectly misled Shura into only focusing on techniques centered around power and damage. The defensive, movement and counter-focused abilities may have been overlooked by Shura during his training. Shura himself may also be susceptible to pro-longed battles. With a focus on power moves, Shura may not have trained with endurance in mind. If Shiki can outlast Shura and defend or counter any ability Shura throws his way, an opportunity may present itself to Shiki as Shura grows gradually weaker during the battle.

Edens Zero chapter 131 - Shura crushes Cyca's head

If the coexistence between humans and robots still features as a main theme within this arc, I can see Cyca becoming an ally to the Edens Zero crew. Shura obviously doesn’t care for him but the Edens Zero crew have a totally different perspective on robots and their relationship with humans/living being. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the crew as a whole progress their training and capabilities.

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  1. Did you know that Hiro Mashima has also been making a Fairy Tail sequel manga subtitled 100 Years Quest?

    • Yeah, I have been reading that as well. I am not up to date on the latest chapter but I am around volume 4 chapter 29 – where the team encounter the Wood Dragon and meet their guild mates under the Touka’s control.

      Very excited to see how the story progresses and if what I believe may happen does in fact come about.

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