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Edens Zero chapter 129 - Kleene free of her traumatic memories casts a smile once again

Edens Zero Chapter 129 – The Sun Beyond The Darkness

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Edens Zero chapter 129 - Kleene free of her traumatic memories casts a smile once again

Radiant is its glow. Warm is its embrace. Liberating is its weight. The heart of ones self beats beyond the physical. Its rhythm echoes into the metaphysical resonating with shapeless emotions and characterisations devoid of form. It provides the basis for connections and the avenue for change. Whether illuminated by the shadow of light or the clarity of darkness, its pulse endures, recording the voice of the life defined. The “heart” of one, resilient in its nature, truly conjures up miraculous moments. Whether it be the burden carried by Elsie, the perplexity felt by Laguna, the tears shed by Aruna or the smiles expressed by Kleene and Jinn, each of their hearts continue to beat with the intent to see the sun rise within their heart.

Kleene has finally been liberated from her stasis within the darkness. A darkness that had barred her mind and emotions within a cage. A cage made from terror, torment and pain. A pain derived from the memories of their youth when captured by Müller. In order to restore balance within Kleene’s mind and spirit, Sister had to remove the memories sourcing the pain and as a result, the subsequent darkness imprisoning Kleene was purged from her mind. Now with space to process her emotions, Kleene has once again gained the ability to smile. But beyond that liberating feeling of freedom still resides the underlying emotions that once tormented Kleene. The memories may have been erased but the feelings that formed her trauma still exist deep down within Kleene’s self. All that is required to reawaken such a pain is a stimulus. A moment that reminds Kleene of the pain reverberating around the borders of her psyche.

Edens Zero chapter 129 - Witch comforts and supports Aruna

Weisz may have stated that Müller was ‘blown to bits’ but I wouldn’t put it past Müller from backing up his “self” and putting in a place a scenario that saw him “revived”. Similar to what Xenolith did in uploading his personality data to the cloud storage and downloading it back into his body, Müller may implement a similar strategy. If Müller did back-up his personality data on a cloud storage he owned, I expect he also scripted a program to see his personality data downloaded into a body he has stationed in one of his facilities. If this is the case, Kleene and Jinn may end up encountering Müller in the future. Such a meeting may be the moment that reminds Kleene of the trauma she has now forgotten. But with Kleene in likely a more stable state at that time, such an encounter may be what Jinn and her needs to truly overcome the suffering afflicting them. There is certainly more to Kleene and Jinn’s story when abducted by Müller and researched on before being saved by Drakken’s debt collectors.

I’m surprised Aruna wasn’t left on Foresta but if her parents are dead, it makes sense for the Edens Zero crew to temporarily become her guardians after saving her. Aruna lost the only family she had on Foresta – the robot MiiMii, which has now left her in a very vulnerable state. Fortunately, the crew of the Edens Zero are awesome and Witch is able to comfort Aruna and support her as she now comes to terms with the loss of a close friend. The tears she sheds now will water the life of her heart enabling her to smile brighter later on. It really is a magical moment seeing an Android and a Human embrace as if the divide present on Foresta and around much of the cosmos between the two life forms is a non-existent concern in that moment. I also curious to see if Aruna remains with Xenolith after the end of the Aoi Cosmos saga when the Edens Zero crew leave for the next cosmos.

Edens Zero chapter 129 - Xenolith downloads the personality data he uploaded earlier to a cloud server

With Xenolith restoring his personality data back into his Avatar, he has revealed his interest in Shiki and a task only Shiki can perform. Does this task relate to defeating Ziggy or saving him from the dark gravity state he may currently exist in? Whatever the request is, Xenolith definitely singled Shiki out because of his ability to use the Gravity Ether Gear. I expect Xenolith to begin training Shiki and advising him on how far his Gravity Manipulation abilities can extend. It would also be interesting to see if Xenolith recognised the Cat Leaper ability in Rebecca and reveals more about the connection the Cat Leaper and Magimech Gravity Martial Arts share. Shiki definitely needs a power-up before he engages in his battle again Shura which I anticipate would take place before his reunion with Ziggy.

Elsie is such an understanding individual. For someone of her status to be so kind and supportive, one can’t help but admire that. At the moment Elsie has an army behind her with many powerful subordinates who add to her fleets strength. Embodying such a supreme force, I wonder if Mashima-sensei is planning to eventually dismantle Elsie’s Pirate Crew in order to leave Elsie in a more exposed state. In order to continue Elsie’s character development and role within the story, especially if the role is to continue being a substantial once, Elsie definitely needs to have her self be separated from her crew. Rather than operate as a Pirate Captain standing against the tyranny of the Galactic Legislature, it would be fascinating to have Elsie focused on as a vagrant helping where she can by herself as she attempts to return to her crew. Elsie can gain insight into how other cultures around the cosmos view the Interstellar Union Army and the Skull Fairy Pirates. By personally engaging with the people on the planets she visits, Elsie could develop the embers of a rebellion that will eventually form into a force ready to stand against the Galactic Powers that seek to rule over the people as opposed to governing the structure they exist within. Such a journey could be a very inspiring and exciting one. Until the major powers come more into focus, I don’t expect Elsie’s pirate crew to be dismantled just yet.

Edens Zero chapter 129 - Elsie discusses the Oración Seis Interestelar with the Edens Zero crew

Hopefully, with Elsie still present within the Aoi Cosmos and Ziggy playing a part, we will get to see more of Elsie. Poseidon Nero rules over the Aoi Cosmos but we don’t have an image of how the relations between the members of the Oración Seis Galáctica are like so at this point it is impossible to say with certainty if Elsie will be relevant in the fight against Poseidon Nero. What we can assume with some certainty is Elsie’s relevance to the Oración Seis Interstellar. If they are featured more in this arc, Elsie too will have a deeper role. I found this chapter to be extremely beautiful. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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