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Edens Zero chapter 127 - Sister resolves to not let anyone die on Edens Zero

Edens Zero Chapter 127 – Weisz VS Müller

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Edens Zero chapter 127 - Weisz continues to attack Muller

Madness is but a word ill-equipped to define the depths of horror represented by Müller. A mind so nescient in its state, the recognition of the universe has become warped to the point of twisting the characterisation of its actions into an apparition of righteousness. Human the scientist may be but devoid of a “heart” he is. With the assistance of his allies, Weisz extends himself passed his limits in order to cleanse this stain of unconscionability that deems himself integral to the progress of humanity from the association of science.

The suffering Jinn and Kleene have endured that have led them to exist in such tragic states is directly the result of Müller’s inhumanity. Not only were their parents killed by Müller for his petty and unjustified revenge but they were experimented on to sate his unhinged insanity. Never once did Müller share any shred of concern or remorse for his actions. The subjects of his obsession were as inconsequential as the machines he derides so vehemently. With Jinn and Kleene completely disconnected from the current defeat of Müller in the Foresta Space Station, I wonder if the mind of Müller will survive this encounter with Weisz to be remade again in a new form with a return scheduled for a future moment when Jinn and Kleene are more readily available to confront and challenge him. Such a moment will once stoke their trauma’s but through their growing belief in the crew of Edens, a constant will be established to help liberate them from the darkness currently gripping their heart and minds. Free will they be from the nightmare haunting their emotions.

Edens Zero chapter 127 - Sister resolves to not let anyone die on Edens Zero

With Sister now aware of the source behind Kleene (and Jinn’s) trauma, she will be able to help characterise their emotional anchors and potentially compose methods to help ease the pull such darkness has on their psyche. Ultimately though, with the issue entrenched mainly in a mind, it falls on Kleene and Jinn to work through their darkness. Until they are able to confront Müller physically again, the two siblings may never be free from the shadow Müller’s terror had cast over them. Jinn and Kleene are not the same as they were in the past, they now exist within a group who are accepting of them as they are, a family so to speak. With them in a stable state mentally, confronting Müller again may clarify to them that the terror Müller holds over them is nothing more than a construct of their own minds. Such a darkness is nothing more than the crazed insecurities of a man hoping to be something he is not. A visage of a demon that is empowered by not the power Müller holds but by their own thoughts.

Weisz should really proceed to crush Müller’s head but considering the relevance Müller holds to Jinn and Kleene, I doubt that will happen. Müller’s head will be left intact with the Edens Zero crew leaving the space station to attempt to save Foresta. Or could Müller’s head be destroyed but as a result a time-jump Rebecca performs in the future, the next timeline’s Weisz omits to crush Müller’s head. Rebecca is being saved for some big moment and the knowledge she acquired concerning the functionality of her Cat Leaper ability weren’t for nothing. Be it to save Foresta or prevent Poseidon or Shura from killing someone Rebecca cares for, she will perform a time-jump within the Aoi Cosmos.

Edens Zero chapter 127 - Shiki carries Xenolith to safety

Turning to Xenolith, did he shut down to avoid the “Doomsday System” from affecting his robotics? Or was that state tied to his abilities? Can a Gravity Ether Gear user travel through time without the support of the Cat Leaper ability? I am very curious. I expect the former or some form of action Xenolith is performing to attempt to save Foresta or to prevent the “Doomsday System”. With Shiki carrying Xenolith’s body with him, it seems apparent at this point that Shiki will become the next student of Xenolith. Shiki will be trained in the Gravity Gear Arts while in the Aoi Cosmos aboard the Edens Zero. Once the Aoi Cosmos story is dealt with though, I expect Xenolith to remain in the cosmos and not travel further with the crew. Xenolith’s presence within the saga may be to keep the incredibly powerful Ziggy at bay as Shiki takes on Shura/Poseidon. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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