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Edens Zero chapter 126 - Jinn pleads Sister to help save Kleene

Edens Zero Chapter 126 – Twisted Terror

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Edens Zero chapter 126 - Jinn pleads Sister to help save Kleene

How unnerving. How disconcerting. How frightening. How tragic. The terror that is Dr. Muller continues to darken the minds of his victims by the sheer insanity of his obduracy. Muller is completely oblivious to the unethical nature of acts. Rather, in his mind, he believes what he is inflicting on those he damages is a necessary undertaking for the pursuit of the justice he seeks. Reality has become so twisted for Muller, he genuinely believes what he is doing is consistent with the disposition of the world. Not only has he terrorized Hermit in the past but his victims also extends to Jinn and Kleene who have suffered because of his hunger for “superiority”.

The “bad person” Kleene was reacting to in the past few chapters was Dr. Muller and it now becomes clear why. Both Jinn and Kleene were subjects of Muller when he was researching O-Tech and how to integrate such technology along with a human body. Muller sought to create a form that would match the superior image he had of himself. But rather than experiment on himself, he used other humans as guinea pigs for his research. Among them were the Rutherford siblings, Jinn and Kleene. Along with cutting Jinn’s body up and replacing his limbs and organs with O-Tech, Muller made sure to sate his perverted nature and had Kleene watch him cut her older brother up. All so Muller could relish in the screams of despair and hopelessness. It’s distorted and sick. Muller has a disconnect with empathy and unfortunately holds a hearts devoid of love and compassion. As a reader, even I feel uneasy witnessing Muller’s acts and attempting to rationalise Muller. I cannot begin to know what Hermit must be feeling now. But she probably wonders how she could have originally been fooled by such a twisted and sinister existence.

Edens Zero chapter 126 - Dr Muller reveals he experimented on Jinn and Kleene in the past

Hopefully, with Hermit and Weisz face to face with Muller, they are able to ultimately defeat him and end the path the of despair Muller has left behind him. Sadly, I can see Muller’s story continuing which would mean a path of escape exist for him. Considering Jinn and Kleene haven’t encountered Muller again after their childhood trauma as lab experiments, I suspect, Muller will escape so that in the future, Jinn, Kleene and Hermit are able to face Muller together and ultimately put the trauma of their past behind them with the defeat and death of Muller. The concerning aspect with this possibility though is who else will Muller destroy before he is ultimately stopped? I fear the damage Muller has caused will end up with this arc. I hope I am wrong…

Xenolith confirms that he did die a thousand years ago when his human body died but Xenolith was able to migrate his mind into a mechanical body. Does this mean there existed robots a thousand years ago or was Xenolith’s mind frozen and kept alive until it was able to be successfully transferred into a mechanical body that could sustain him? Whatever the case, we get another mention of The Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura whom Xenolith was a part of. The group was first mentioned in chapter 26. They existed as a group who served as Blue Garden’s guardians during the Dark Ages. A group that consisted of 12 members. With that story currently untold and time travel being a thing, I wonder if Rebecca at some point in the future will link her consciousness to one of her ancestors in the past whom existed during the Dark Ages and was potentially a member of the Heavenly Knights of the Dancing Sakura. Could Shiki in turn also amplify that power to force his (and other) consciousness into the past. Or would there be a simpler development i.e. time travel. Xiaomei already stated that “time” doesn’t hold much meaning within this story, so I strongly suspect the Dark Ages story to become the focus within a future arc and the whole Edens Zero team will be relevant. There are currently 12 members in the Edens Zero crew – Shiki, Rebecca, Happy, Weisz, Pino, Homura, Witch, Sister, Hermit, Jinn, Kleene and Laguna.

Edens Zero chapter 126 - Xenolith reveals the existence of Dark Gravity

The revelation of “Dark Gravity” being a concept in play is quite exciting. It establishes the Gravity Ether Gear as a tremendous power with a darker side. The user of the Gravity Arts cannot just utilise their powers without concern, careful practice and mindfulness is needed. Ziggy unfortunately ended up succumbing to the power and falling into the dark gravity. Events in the original timeline that avoided the existence of evil Ziggy were unfortunately rewritten when the reality was changed. It is implied the cause was Rebecca but it is also implied that the cause could have been another user of the Leaper power who change the reality to affect Ziggy (and potentially other things). With the Dark Gravity being a state Shiki needs to avoid, it has become imperative for Shiki to become a student to Xenolith and learn the proper Magimech Arts with its founder. Only with proper training will Shiki be able to combat the power that wishes to consume him. The current world’s Ziggy has already fallen and Shura seems destined to fall as well once he suffers a defeat to Shiki. Shura’s journey and descent into darkness will serve a lesson to Shiki in how not to become subservient to the Gravity power. A balance is required and Xenolith will potentially teach Shiki about the balance.

Turning to Elsie, I love how she is still chill about the her relationship with James/Justice and even teasing him about it. Out of the two of them, Elsie is clearly the party that wishes to extend the olive branch but due to Justice’s obsession with revenge, any diplomatic options have become fruitless. Elsie even farewells Justice by calling him “Justice” instead of James seemingly out of respect for his wishes. Considering Justice and Elsie will continue to cross paths again in the future, I wonder if slowly over time, Justice’s heart lightens and softens. When Justice is exposed to the darker side of the justice he seeks, will he start to re-evaluate how certain he is in his perception of reality, justice and what he is fighting for? Will James come to accept Elsie as a friend again? If Elsie continues to keep that olive branch extended, this possibility does still exist.

Edens Zero chapter 126 - Elsie VS Justice

Homura’s escape was amusing. Thankfully, Creed realised the danger Homura was in and released her from his Ether Lock so that she could escape being crushed by Victory. Unfortunately for the the Interstellar Union Army, Homura took advantage of the situation to escape with Rebecca and the little girl. I am curious what Rebecca is going to tell the little girl about Miimi who was killed by Poseidon’s subordinates earlier. None of the Edens Zero members appear to want to crush the little girls hope and heart. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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