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One Piece chapter 910 - Octopus summoning the Koi

[Theory] One Piece – Yamato And The Octopus

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One Piece chapter 910 - Octopus summoning the Koi

Important was the Octopus who snuck aboard the Thousand Sunny during the start of the Wano Kuni Arc to assist the Straw Hat Pirates in gaining entry to Wano Kuni by summoning the Koi to carry the Thousand Sunny up the waterfall. Since that moment, nothing else has been revealed about the Octopus which leads me to believe that through another character, we will come to learn of the reasoning behind that particular Octopus’s actions. The Octopus may have well been tasked with locating the Straw Hat Pirates ship and Luffy before helping them carry out the Waterfall-Climbing method to enter Wano Kuni.

I have mentioned my curiosity over the Octopus and the significant role it played several times during the arc across the posts I have made. To have performed such a key role within the arc, it seems inevitable to see that Octopus again or at least have its relation and reasoning mentioned through a character connected to the Octopus. And the character I believe the Octopus is connected with is the one character who expected the Straw Hat Pirates arrivals, Yamato.

No other character in Wano Kuni followed the Straw Hat Pirates as closely as Yamato did. Yamato had Oden’s journal to compare the Straw Hat Pirates journey with. They knew with Nico Robin in the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy having the initial “D” in his name, it was inevitable that the Straw Hat Pirates would eventually come to Wano Kuni for the Road Poneglyph in Kaido’s possession. And based on Oden’s Journal and their conversation with Ace, Yamato also noted similarities between Luffy and Roger. If Yamato was aware the Straw Hat Pirates will enter the New World two years after the Battle of Marineford, it makes sense for Yamato to expect the arrival of Luffy in Wano Kuni. As such, Yamato may have taken measures to assist the Straw Hat Pirates in their entrance to Wano Kuni. Measures that were possible despite Yamato being entrapped on Onigashima Island. Considering how secretive the waterfall-climbing method is, it would have taken someone with prior knowledge to arrange such an entry. Kaido was surprised Big Mom knew of the waterfall-climbing method which implies just how closely guarded this knowledge was. It would make sense for the Straw Hat Pirates to be assisted by someone who was closely connected to Kaido and who better than the one person on Onigashima Island that had been waiting years for Luffy’s arrival i.e. Kaido’s child, Yamato.

One Piece chapter 911 - Luffy is held back by the Octopus

The Octopus itself was strangely interested in Luffy – summoning the Koi after Luffy mentions his name and grabbing ahold of Luffy as he tried to escape the Thousand Sunny when it reached the top of the Wano Kuni waterfall. Additionally, Yamato also knew Luffy and the Samurai were approaching Onigashima Island before any of the other Beast Pirates which is why Yamato disappeared earlier in the day before any of the Samurai and Pirates arrived. Yamato has been keeping their focus closely on the Straw Hat Pirates (Luffy) movements across Wano Kuni which could mean Yamato was receiving their information from somewhere – an Octopus perhaps?

Going back to the moment when the Octopus was holding Luffy back as he attempted to leave the Thousand Sunny once it reached the top of the Wano Kuni waterfall, I can’t help but feel that scene is such a curious one. Why did the Octopus do that? Why did the Octopus not let Luffy escape? I believe rather than holding Luffy back, the Octopus may have been holding onto Luffy to search for something.

One Piece chapter 911 - Luffy realises he lost his vivre card

As for what that something could be? In the very next page, we get Luffy realising that he lost his vivre card. The Octopus could have been searching for Luffy’s vivre card and potentially have broken a piece of it off. When the Octopus returned the vivre card back in Luffy’s hat, it was not secured and as such, it ended up being dislodged from the hat while Luffy was in the water and ended up at the bottom of the sea. Sanji later recovered the vivre card as he searched for Luffy at the bottom of the sea.

One Piece chapter 919 - Sanji reveals he retrieved Luffy's vivre card from the bottom of the sea

I find it strange Oda included the scene of Luffy losing his vivre card, why would he have done that? What had it added to the story if it is to play no additional role going forward? The scene’s omission would not have affected any of the story or so it appears to me. The only character around Luffy before he lost his vivre card is the Octopus. And the Octopus had its tentacles around Luffy.

This could help support Yamato and the Octopus having a connection because Yamato may have been using Luffy’s vivre card (once the Octopus passed it on to Yamato) to check his status and the direction Luffy resided in. Yamato knew about the function of the vivre card as illustrated in chapter 1000 when they constructed a vivre card for Ace and kept a piece. Yamato would have also been aware of Luffy creating the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and may have suspected Luffy to possess a vivre card. In addition to having the Octopus help the Straw Hat Pirates enter Wano, Yamato could have tasked the Octopus to retrieve a piece of Luffy’s vivre card. It would explain why Yamato knew the Straw Hat Pirates and Samurai were sailing to Onigashima before anyone else on the Island which is why Yamato disappeared earlier in the day. If Yamato noticed the direction of the vivre card changing to that of the Wano ports and entrance of Onigashima, they could infer that Luffy was sailing to Onigashima.

One Piece chapter 979 - Kaido task the Tobiroppo to find his "son"

Additionally, it would also explain how Yamato was able to locate Luffy on Onigashima while Luffy was on the move. Luffy entered the Onigashima castle in chapter 982 and encountered Ulti at the end of the chapter. Yamato in chapter 983 was “shown” to be moving through the castle. Yamato moved passed the area Kid was present in and traveled directly to where Luffy was fighting Ulti. Rather than Yamato searching the area, it appeared they were moving through the castle with a destination in mind – the direction the vivre card pointed to which Yamato had in their possession by chance?

If Yamato and the Octopus are connected, it would mean Yamato has been involved in the Wano Kuni arc since the very start (chapter 910). Whether the Octopus is connected to Yamato or not, I am very excited to see it again and to learn about the reasoning behind its actions.

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One thought on “[Theory] One Piece – Yamato And The Octopus

  1. That’s really funny, on my most recent reread of the chapter I immediately tripped out on why the octopus grabbed Luffy like that. Could be just a gag since it seems scared of the whirlpool too, but wondered if it had a deeper meaning..
    Even Artur of the Library of Ohara chapter secrets didn’t mention it

    I would absolutely love it if it was Yamato keeping an eye out for them this whole time, he’s so goddamn awesome, love your theory!

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