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One Piece chapter 1001 - The new generation stands against the two Yonko

One Piece Chapter 1001 – The Path To Be King Of The Pirates

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One Piece chapter 1001 - The new generation stands against the two Yonko

The new generation of Pirates who dared challenge the powers of the New World sea have now come face to face with the existences embodying such power. Rejecting the expectation of fear and refusing to bend under the strain of hopelessness, the five warriors choose a path of freedom. Even with the awareness of the enemies strength central in their mind, their belief in their own capabilities and the desire to fight for their dreams overwhelms any doubt weighing them down. The battle to decide the fate of Wano Kuni has begun. And the path leading the way to becoming King of the Pirates has started to be constructed. How will Kaido be defeated? And who else will join in on the battle against the Yonko?

Kaido has been built up as too much of a beast to be defeated in a One vs One battle. The gap in power between Kaido any other opposing characters present in Wano Kuni is too great. If Kaido is to be defeated in the arc, it will be through the efforts of many who will slowly exhaust Kaido down until Luffy is able to deliver the final blow using a new form or attained power. Kaido is incredibly durable but even he too has a limit and people he fears. Kaido has been defeated before and may once again be defeated during the Wano Kuni Arc. What Kaido suspected about Luffy may eventually come to pass. Luffy will convey to Kaido just how high his ceiling is and how influential he is in regards to empowering and attracting others to his cause.

Big Mom may not fully come around after the Wano Kuni Arc but her moment will arrive sooner rather than later in a future arc when she challenges the Straw Hat Pirates again. Just as Kaido will realise at the end of the Wano Kuni Arc, Big Mom will also come to acknowledge Luffy as a serious contender to the title of the King of the Pirates.

One Piece chapter 1001 - Zoro uses the Foxfire style to cut Big Mom's flames

We finally have Zoro learning to cut fire. After he initially expressed interest during the Punk Hazard Arc, it was only a matter of time until he learned the Foxfire style. The question now becomes, how far can Zoro take that technique to enhance his future abilities? Zoro has expressed desire early in the story to wanting a flaming sword and now that he has a style capable of imbuing him with an element, will he begin combining flames with his attacks more often? Is that how Kaido’s Devil Fruit form can be countered – by using Fire which Fish are weak to?

Luffy, Law and Kid’s quarreling while amusing was extremely concerning. Do they not realise that their pride could ultimately negatively affect their chances in defeating Kaido? The fate and future of Wano Kuni is at stake. Let’s hope going forward, the three put aside such children games and focus on the matter in hand i.e. the two Yonko in front of them. Fortunately, Zoro is there and ready to fully unleash. The synergy between all fighters present standing against the Yonko will be needed if they hope to defeat Kaido and Big Mom.

One Piece chapter 1001 - Kaido acknowledges Luffy's potential

The Beast Pirates organisation is based on a meritocracy system which means those that earn the right to possess the power or rank receive such power. The Tobiroppo are members of that division because of their abilities and in order for one of them to rise above to the next rank of All Star, they need to be able to defeat a member of the All Star establishing their might and worth to possess such a rank. The same would apply to Yamato who Kaido wishes to place as Shogun of New Onigashima. Despite Yamato being Kaido’s child, I highly doubt Kaido would have assigned Yamato such a position solely because of the blood that runs in Yamato. Kaido respects power and having enough confidence in Yamato to make them the Shogun of New Onigashima suggest that Kaido believes Yamato is strong and capable of being a leader to the pirate nation that he envisions will arise from the ashes of Wano Kuni’s destruction. If Kaido did not believe in Yamato’s abilities and capabilities, there would be little reason for Kaido to hold such passion for making Yamato the Shogun.

Through the many battles Yamato has had with Kaido and the beatings they received, I wonder if at some point Kaido came to acknowledge the growth in Yamato. Both in terms of their endurance and determination to continue challenging Kaido despite understanding the gap in strength that exist between the two. Kaido’s current impression of Yamato also suggest that he noticed Yamato closing the gap in power little by little. Kaido’s awareness of progress being made would explain why Kaido believes in Yamato so strongly. Kaido realised eventually Yamato may come to surpass him. And when Kaido witnesses Yamato finally playing a major part in defeating him, how will Kaido react? Will Kaido be proud of their child? Will Kaido be happy that their child had chosen to stand by a Pirate whose path leads in the same direction as the great Pirates Kaido had known before? Very much looking forward to the next chapter and the eventual confrontation between Kaido and Yamato.

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