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Edens Zero chapter 125 - The Founder of the Magimech Arts appears

Edens Zero Chapter 125 – The Founder Of Magimech

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Edens Zero chapter 125 - The Founder of the Magimech Arts appears

And the master appears. Not even death can stop the weight of the existence that mastered gravity and founded the magimech school of gravity martial arts. Despite their apparent death (as a living being?), Xenolith appears in front of Shiki in the form of a robot. Aware of the power contained within gravity and of its possibilities, Xenolith realises the potential within Shiki and appears to have the intention of educating Shiki on the infinite force defining the heart of gravity. And as a teaser to the realm the power of gravity exist in, Xenolith brings all on the planet of Foresta to a standstill as well as affecting those within the space around the Foresta.

Considering Xenolith is Ziggy’s mentor and that he has located Shiki, I am curious to learn if there is any connection between Xenolith and Shura. Was Xenolith also Shura’s mentor or did Shura develop his power through his own efforts and violence? As Xenolith mentioned, the force behind gravity is seemingly infinite and that in turn makes it a very powerful ability. And in the hands of an aggressive mind, it makes it a dangerous one.

Rebecca’s Cat Leaper ability could very well be affected by those possessing the power of gravity which creates a concerning issue of Rebecca’s Cat Leaper ability being used in a manner she doesn’t intend. Or is there a certain force in play that attracts Rebecca’s Cat Leaper ability to a particular Gravitational Force, such as the feelings the two parties accessing the ability share? Would Rebecca and Shiki’s connection to each other trump other gravitational forces that attempt to attract Rebecca when she is using her Cat Leaper ability? If that is the case, it would be imperative for Shiki to learn to control his gravity abilities in order to prevent anyone else i.e. Evil Ziggy or Shura, from exploiting Rebecca’s Cat Leaper ability when she does access it. Shiki only instinctively attracting Rebecca to his time wouldn’t cut it when against users who have more mastery over the power of gravity. Does Xenolith realise this and seek to assist Shiki in mastering his gravity Ether Gear? Shiki’s battle against Shura appears to be sooner rather than later and having a master train him would be extremely beneficial.

Edens Zero chapter 125 - The power of gravity

I am curious about the statement Xenolith made when mentioning the weight of the heart “will sometimes allow you to make others’ hearts fall inside you…” Does this mean Shiki being able to connect to others on a deeper level? Or have another persons “heart”/memory “fall” inside him? Is this how Shiki was able to recall the events from a different time and reality? Because he had Rebecca’s “heart” connect with his own? How else can this ability be utilised? Will time, space, life and death eventually become subservient to the weight of gravity? Is that how Xenolith is currently present in front of Shiki? How incredibly fascinating.

Kleene’s reaction to a certain presence is very unsettling. I doubt she is reacting to Dr. Muller. And I don’t think the reaction is because of Xenolith. The terror she is overwhelmed by suggest an individual who has dyed their heart in darkness and violence. Could this presence be Shura? His character aligns with the type of person Kleene would be afraid of and it would explain the “somebody bad” Kleene has mentioned. If it is Shura though, I don’t believe Shiki is ready to face him just yet. Would Xenolith face Shura in order to give Shiki the opportunity to escape or would Rebecca need to use her Cat Leaper ability again? Whoever this character is, Justice and Elsie are being exhausted so neither can challenge this character which illustrates the possibility of this new character being someone possessing abilities close to the level of Justice or Elsie.

Edens Zero chapter 125 - Kleene sense a terrifying presence nearby

Turning to the space station, even with Weisz still maturing, he is naturally gifted in viewing the situation as a whole and identifying paths forward. Thanks to his awareness and quick thinking, Weisz was able to break free from Dr. Muller’s hold and free Hermit from her bindings. In addition, Weisz was able to calm Hermit down and give her a constant (the presence of a friend) to hold onto despite being overwhelmed by fear and trauma. Hermit may not have been able to proceeded alone but she is there together with Weisz and Laguna appears to also be on their way.

With the Robots on Foresta forced to kill the humans they subjugated, will Rebecca eventually go back to an earlier time once events become too hopeless? Or will time continue moving forward and the actions the robots took against the human will be something they have to live with once their control and senses are returned to them. Or would the robots eventually sacrifice themselves to ensure Shiki, Rebecca and Co. escape the terror about to make their presence known once the robots gain control over their bodies again?

Edens Zero chapter 125 - Elsie and Justice continue to fight

However events play out, it doesn’t seem Justice or Elsie would be able to assist Shiki from whatever bad is approaching considering they are exhausting themselves and have already sustained serious injuries. Ironically, this new “bad” about to appear could be what forces Justice’s attention away from Elsie and onto it. Justice may end up realising the presence approaching is worse than anything else present on Foresta and consequently an entity that needs to be dealt with before it threatens the other Cosmos’s peace and order. Kleene’s comments really do give me a foreboding feeling about the coming events. But still, very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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