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One Piece chapter 1000 - colour spread

One Piece Chapter 1000 – Straw Hat Luffy

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One Piece chapter 1000 - colour spread

The winds of change began blowing on that day two years ago. And as it journeyed across the Grandline Big Mom ignored it. Kaido ignored it. And all the other opponents whom faced and lost to Straw Hat Luffy ignored it. Now the threat carried along with the wind arrives at the doorstep the Yonko and oblivious to their own arrogance, Big Mom and Kaido at the chapter 1,000 mark now understand how narrow-minded they may have been. The age in which they go unchallenged has ended. The titles they used to cast the shadow of terror are just that in the face of these new generation of pirates, titles. Sea and adventure have embraced a new generation of pirates. And the one at the front leading the new era is Straw Hat Luffy, the man who declares to surpass the Yonko and become the King of Pirates. Congratulations on 1,000 chapters One Piece!

How fitting it is to have the 1,000th chapter of One Piece centered around the Pirates who will be the main players in helping define the new era. Within the Eleven Supernovas, the pirates that stand above the others are obviously Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer. In terms of relevance, these five are the most connected to the story of becoming the King of Pirates. The rest of the Supernovas will get moments to shine (such as when Drake, Apoo and Hawkins challenge Kaido) but to have these five members of the Worst Generation at the front representing the new era, it feels so right and so natural.

I wonder if the blow from Luffy will activate certain memories of an individual in Big Mom and Kaido. Of the memories when Rocks fells in God Valley 38 years ago to Roger and Garp, when they may have been silenced by the same declaration Luffy just made. Words uttered from the mouth of the future Pirate King, Gol D. Roger as he challenge the captain they thought would be King of the World (Rocks). Will Big Mom and Kaido recall Roger after hearing what Luffy expressed? Well regardless, Luffy (and Ace) give their regards to Kaido. Challenge accepted!

One Piece chapter 1000 - With regards from Ace, Luffy punches Kaido in the face

I’m glad we finally get confirmation that Yamato is aware of Sabo’s existence and his relation to Ace and Luffy. While mentioning Luffy’s dream to Yamato, Ace brought up Sabo’s name. Even if Yamato is not knowledgeable of the complete story surrounding Sabo, they are aware of Sabo’s name. Potentially, after Ace dropped Sabo’s name and how connected Sabo is to Luffy and him, Yamato may have enquired who Sabo was and learned of the story between the three brothers. Yamato may have also found out the meaning behind the crossed out “S” on Ace’s tattoo and how Sabo relates to it. Whether Yamato is aware of Sabo’s survival is unknown and even if Yamato is aware of the Sabo in the Revolutionary Army, they may not be aware of the connection that Sabo shares with Luffy and Ace. Whatever the case, it would incredibly moving to see Luffy, Sabo and Yamato meet and reunite with Ace at his grave to share a drink. The sake that was brewed for Ace may finally get to serve its purpose after Yamato leaves Wano with Luffy, meets up with Sabo and visits Ace’s grave along with the brothers.

I was not expecting Yamato to be the one who gave Ace the vivre card, I always assumed that he got the vivre card paper from the Whitebeard Pirates. But Yamato being the one to give Ace the vivre card which served a significant role during the Summit War Saga does relate harmoniously to Yamato’s story. Not only has Yamato become relevant to the events that occurred during the Paradise portion of the Grandline (indirectly) but the vivre card’s disappearance also gave Yamato a reason to check the newspapers which brought the Straw Hat Pirates to Yamato’s attention. This could in turn tie into Yamato’s 3D2Y moment when they find out about Ace’s death. Yamato would have been crushed upon learning of Ace’s execution but at the same time as despair washed over Yamato they recalled their conversation with Ace concerning Luffy and his dream. A dream that shared the same form as the words the Pirate King spoke. A dream Yamato told Ace that they would never laugh at. “Hope” appeared in the darkness of loss and grief. The newspapers Yamato read conveyed the level of infamy Luffy had established for himself and reminded Yamato of how connected Luffy was to the “Pirate King” Oden wrote about in his journal.

One Piece chapter 1000 - Yamato gives Ace a vivre card

If Yamato was aware of the relevance the crossed out “S” in Ace’s tattoo had, they could have been able to deduce what the message Luffy conveyed to his crew was upon noticing the image of Luffy with the 3D2Y tattoo that featured in the newspaper. When Yamato mentioned to Luffy that they were waiting a very long time for him, Yamato may have really been waiting those two years for Luffy. Based on the content of chapter 1,000, we can say with certainty that Yamato did not start following the Straw Hat Pirates journey until they read the newspaper concerning Ace’s death. Only after Ace died when Yamato also read about Luffy’s involvement in the war did Yamato recall the conversation he had with Ace 1-2 years prior to that moment. From that moment forward, Yamato became interested in Luffy who reminded them of the Pirate King Oden wrote about in his journal. Yamato believes the Straw Hat Pirates represents the figures Oden foretold would appear in Wano 20 years in the future to defeat Kaido and his Beast Pirates. And using that information along with their knowledge of Ace’s tattoo (if the conversation Yamato and Ace had did extend to the tattoo), Yamato could have been able to decode the message Luffy left for his crew – we won’t meet up in 3 days but in 2 years. Yamato consequently would have expected Luffy to arrive in Wano Kuni two years after the Straw Hat Pirates went silent which could help clarify a few unexplained developments in the Wano Kuni Arc (the Octopus that summoned the Koi at the start of the arc and Yamato knowing about the Samurai’s + Pirates arrival on Onigashima before any other Beast Pirate which prompted Yamato to go into hiding).

Additionally, upon understanding the 3D2Y message, Yamato may have made a promise to themselves concerning the Straw Hat Pirates – ‘when you arrive in Wano Kuni, Luffy, I will be ready to help fight alongside you to stop Kaido and open Wano’s borders. And I will set sail with you to experience the world beyond Wano.’

One Piece chapter 1000 - Yamato notes Luffy's dream is the same one Roger mentioned to Oden

As for Luffy’s dream which Ace mentioned, I wonder if it has anything to do with the dreams Sabo and Ace mentioned before Luffy expressed his. Sabo talks about preferring the “trash heap” the nobles scorned and despised over the elite district he was born in. And Ace talks about becoming a great pirate even if the whole world refuses to accept him and hates him. Luffy in order to substantiate his brothers dreams and establish his own could have declared “I’m going to captain the most derided pirates in the world”. I would match what Roger said to Oden and Whitebeard – “That’s right! And then I’ll be…the captain of the most derided pirates in the world”. Every single Straw Hat Pirate has been mocked and scorned. Yet they continue forward, pursuing their dream. I am very curious if this is what caused Whitebeard, Oden, Sabo and Ace to laugh when they heard those words uttered. To turn something so negative into a dream and achievement.

Regarding the journal, I believe the person who did initially save the journal twenty years ago from the burning Kuri Castle was Hiyori. The journal was the only physical recollection she had of her family, all of whom disappeared on that day twenty years ago, so it would make sense for her to take it with her. When Kawamatsu jumped into the water with Hiyori at the foot of Oden’s castle, the journal could have slipped out of Hiyori’s possession and ended up in a place where Yamato eventually found it. Now, twenty years later, the journal finds its way back to the Kozuki family with Yamato handing it over to Momonosuke. The contents of the journal may help reveal to Momonosuke the role he plays within the coming events that will engulf the whole world. And even beyond the journal, Momonosuke having Vegapunk’s artificial Devil Fruit which appears to be a copy of Kaido’s Devil Fruit will come into play going forward. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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