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Edens Zero chapter 124 - Elsie VS Justice

Edens Zero Chapter 124 – Elsie VS Justice

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Edens Zero chapter 124 - Elsie VS Justice

The differing winds of ideology guide two friends bound to each other into a conflict where they now stand opposed to one another. The belief in ones righteousness. The conviction behind ones actions. The perspective of ones truth. Within the subjective realm of reality, the concepts of right and wrong become hollow descriptors forming the judgement binding ones outlook. Having followed and fought for different ideas, the two can do naught but continue to struggle on the path before them. Yet, fated are their destinies. Bound in space, time, ether, heart and…blood.

The history shared between Elsie and James is one entrenched deeply in sorrow and misunderstanding. The views attached to the nation meant to bring them together instead became a point of divergence. Elsie believed she had to go against the government abusing the nation in order to prevent further loss. Immediate action was required, which meant abandoning her affiliation with the government and taking up arms against their corruption. A rebellion was raised, by sharing the truth, to combat this enemy. To Elsie, real justice meant putting an end to such darkness and abuse. Within the process of trying to save as much as she could, Elsie lost her parents, siblings, friends and her eye.

Whereas with Justice, the betrayal of Elsie became the catalyst for the nations downfall that led to him “losing everything”. From his viewpoint, if not for Elsie’s betrayal, none of the losses he now has to carry within his heart would have resulted. Justice believed if they worked together, they could have changed the government. That with his faith in justice, he could have made the nation better. For having that opportunity robbed from him, Justice blames Elsie. And with such blame, the need to seek justice arose. James assigned himself as Elsie’s executioner. He abandoned the name “James” that once loved Elsie Crimson in order to silence the emotions binding him to her. To remove the love he feels toward her. To end the association. To prevent his own heart from hesitating. All so when he confronted her, he could do what he believes needs to be done. To deliver justice onto the traitor that caused him and others so much pain. And in order to become such an agent, the name “Justice” became his identity.

Edens Zero chapter 124 - Elsie expresses why action needed to be taken against the government within the Kaede Cosmos

It is a tragic tale the two share. Once bound by life now haunted by the death the two seek from the other. Based on what has been revealed about the Elsie and Justice’s past, it does appear that Justice may have had an overwhelming penchant for optimism. He was not wrong to believe people, government’s and nation’s can change but he is also not right to disregard the notion that he could be wrong. Government’s can be corrupt. They have no heart. They have no soul. They feel no pain. It is the people who make up the institution that corrupts it not the rules and laws that appear to structure it. One voice within that storm may not have been enough. It may not have been soon enough. Elsie acted against the government to prevent further loss to the Kaede Cosmos. In order to save as many lives as she could, Elsie couldn’t stand by. Justice may not understand this now but once he gazes into the true void existing within institutions that hold no life, he may come to understand why Elsie did what she did. Why such actions were necessary. And at that time, it may give rise to forgiveness in James’s heart which may open the door to these two friends restarting their friendship.

With both Elsie and Justice injured. Now seems like a good time for Shiki to step in and escape with Elsie and regroup with Gowen and Hyoga who may have saved Homura already. Shiki does not have to defeat the Interstellar Union Army, all he needs to do is gather up his allies an escape Foresta. The conflict shared between Elsie and Justice may be resolved when the story begins to focus on the Kaede Cosmos.

Edens Zero chapter 124 - A mysterious robot with knowledge of the Gravity Ether Gear appears in front of Shiki

In regards to the robot that showed up in front of Shiki explaining the nature of “Gravity”, I wonder if the robot contains the memories or spirit of a former Gravity Ether Gear user. In particular, I wonder if Xenolith survived after their death and now exist within a robot form. With Xenolith’s name being dropped earlier in the arc, it did appear to me that further story would be featured on the founder of the Gravity Ether Gear especially with Shiki only hitting the surface of what is possible with his Ether Gear. When used in conjunction with Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, real miracles can arise. And there is the fight Shiki has coming up against Shura that will see two Gravity Ether Gear users battle. At the moment, Shiki doesn’t appear to be as powerful as Shura but if Shiki were to meet the master of Magitech Arts before that battle and learn more about what is possible through his Ether Gear, that knowledge and training can be what enables Shiki to ultimately overcome Shura. Very much looking forward to the next chapter!

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