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One Piece chapter 999 - Yamato talking about Luffy to Momonosuke

[Theory] One Piece – The Adventures Yamato Followed Through The News

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One Piece chapter 999 - Ace tell Yamato the story about his little brother, Luffy

I have compiled a list of images that details the news Yamato could have come across when following the Straw Hat Pirates journey from Luffy’s presence in Marineford to the events that saw Luffy releasing Yamato from their bindings imprisoning them for twenty years.

Edit note: it has been confirmed after chapter 1000 that Yamato began following the newspapers surrounding Luffy’s adventure after the Battle of Marineford (post Summit War). The disappearance of Ace’s vivre card led Yamato to inspecting the following days newspaper. Yamato learned that Ace was Roger’s son at that time and of Luffy being a pirate that was making a name for themselves. Post has been updated to remove the irrelevant points.

  • Post Summit War:

    • Ace’s death is headlined in the newspaper circulated throughout the world:

    One Piece chapter 794 - Sabo begins to remember Ace after reading the article about his death
    • Luffy’s relation to Ace, Dragon and Garp are revealed to the world:

    One Piece chapter 594 - The Marines get a debrief on the threat of Luffy
    • Luffy, Jinbe and Rayleigh head to Marineford again while the Marine forces are stretched thin to steal a Marine ship to perform the “rite of burial”, to ring the Ox bell 16 times signaling the coming of a new age, to scatter flowers upon the scars of Marineford and to have the media take a photo of Luffy in silent prayer with his arm containing a secret message (3D2Y) for his crew exposed:

    One Piece chapter 594 - Luffy rings and the Ox Bell in Marineford
    One Piece chapter 594 - Kid reads the article about Luffy and bringing in the new age
    One Piece chapter 593 - Vivi notices the message Luffy left
    One Piece chapter 594 - The Straw Hat Pirates receive Luffy's message

    • While the Straw Hat Pirates are inactive for two years, certain events around the world continue to make news including Sakazuki becoming the new Fleet Admiral, the Marines moving their HQ from Marineford to the New World’s G-1 base (New Marineford), the Whitebeard Pirate remnants engaging in the Payback War with the Blackbeard Pirates and losing, Blackbeard being regarded as one of the four Yonko:

    One Piece chapter 650 - Jinbe tells Luffy that Sakazuki is the new Marine Admiral
    One Piece chapter 820 - Robin mentions the Payback War to the crew
    One Piece chapter 650 - Jinbe tells the Straw Hat Pirates that Blackbeard has been labeled one of the four Yonko
  • Dressrosa Saga:

    • After the Straw Hat Pirates reunited on Sabaody Archipelago and after the Fish-Man Island Arc, news of the Straw Hat Pirates revival circulated throughout the world – Monet notes what the information she deduced from the newspaper articles conveys about the Straw Hat Pirates:

    One Piece chapter 662 - Monet recognises the pirates who arrived in Punk Hazard as the Straw Hat Pirates
    One Piece chapter 662 - Monet acknowledges that the Straw Hat Pirates strength would have increased over the past two years
    • Monet also notes what other information the news mentioned about the Straw Hat Pirates including Laws involvement with them two years ago:

    One Piece chapter 666 - Monet reveals Law's connection to Luffy in the presence of Caesar
    • News on the alliance formed between the Straw Hat Pirates and Law when he was still acting as a Shichibukai member are covered in the newspapers. News of Doflamingo stepping down from the Shichibukai was also covered in the newspaper although it was to be amended by another newspaper later that day:

    One Piece chapter 699 - The news reveals the alliance between Luffy and Law
    • Absalom as the freelance writer and reporter “Absa” leaked information on the alliance between Kid, Hawkins and Apoo to the press:

    One Piece chapter 699 - The news reveals the alliance between Kid, Hawkins and Apoo
    • News of Doflamingo’s defeat to the Straw Hat Pirates and Law makes headlines throughout the world. The Straw Hat Pirates and Law also all get a bounty increase:

    One Piece chapter 793 - Drake reacts to Doflamingo's defeat
    One Piece chapter 801 - The Straw Hat Pirates new bounties after taking down the Donquixote Pirates
  • Yonko Saga:


    • The Beast Pirates failure to rescue Doflamingo is mentioned in the news and so to is Jack’s “death”:

    One Piece chapter 817 - Jack reads the newspaper stating he had died

    Whole Cake Island:

    • The discovery and fall of the Revolutionary Army HQ, Baltigo, makes front page of the newspaper. Dragon’s photo is included and Blackbeard’s involvement in crushing the Revolutionary Army base and clashing with the Cipher Pol before fleeing are mentioned:

    One Piece chapter 823 - The Revolutionary Army HQ base falls
    One Piece chapter 824 - Luffy sees a photo of his father for the first time
    One Piece chapter 824 - News of the Blackbeard Pirates attacking the Revolutionary Army secret hideout
    • Yamato is also likely aware how their father reacted to the news of Doflamingo’s defeat and the end to the supply of SMILEs:

    One Piece chapter 824 - Kaido sad and angry his supply of SMILEs stopped
    • Sora, Warrior of the Sea comic strip published in the World Economic Journal:

    One Piece chapter 825 - the WEJ comic strip based on the Germa 66
    • After entering Totto Land, defeating two of the Sweet Commanders – Cracker and Katakuri, crashing Big Mom’s tea party, stopping the wedding between Sanji and Pudding, instigating the betrayal of Jinbe and Bege, allying with the Germa Kingdom, destroying Whole Cake Chateau and escaping Big Mom’s territory alive, the president of the World Economy News Paper and one of the emperors of the Underworld dubs Luffy the “Fifth Yonko”.
    • As a result of those accomplishments and attaining victory over the Big Mom Pirates, the World Government increased Luffy and Sanji’s bounties. Luffy’s bounty was increased from 500 million belly to 1.5 billion belly:

    One Piece chapter 903 - The Fifth Yonko
    One Piece chapter 903 - Luffy's bounty after the Whole Cake Island Arc
    • The newspaper reveals Gecko Moria is alive and active:

    One Piece chapter 925 - Perona finds out Moria is alive


    • The newspaper reveals on the fourth day of the Levely, the Captains of the Revolutionary Army ‘busted into Mary Geoise’ to rescue Kuma. The Revolutionary clashed with the Marine Admirals Issho and Ryokugyu:

    One Piece chapter 925 - Blackbeard mentions the "powers" moving around the New World
    • After the Levely, the newspaper reports on all the incidents and events arising out of it – including the dissolution of the Shichibukai, news of a fatality, an attempted murder, and news surrounding the Kingdom of Alabasta and on Sabo:

    One Piece chapter 956 - Garp mentions an incident involving Alabasta
    One Piece chapter 956 - Morgans hints at the events of the Reverie
    One Piece chapter 956 - The events of the Reverie
    One Piece chapter 956 - The dissolution of the Shichibukai

    Wano Kuni:

    • News of Luffy’s battle with Kaido and Luffy’s defeat spread through Wano:

    One Piece chapter 924 - News of Luffy's fight with Kaido and Luffy's defeat is spread throughout Wano
    • Yamato overhears their father talk about the events ongoing around the world, his alliance with Big Mom and their intention to seize the worlds greatest power, the Ancient Weapons, in order to claim One Piece:

Yamato already has knowledge and interest in the current age embracing the world because of their relations to Ace, Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, Kaido and Oden’s journal. With the information existing within the newspapers, Yamato would have been able to follow the Straw Hat Pirates journey and through the use of Oden’s journal fill in the blanks for the parts of their adventure which weren’t featured in the news – Skypiea and their mission to locate and decode the Poneglyphs scattered throughout the world.

Ultimately, there is much relevance in someone like Yamato having followed the Straw Hat Pirates adventure since their inception two years ago. And the potential for that relevance to develop into something deeper and more meaningful is very real. Excited to see where Oda-sensei is taking Yamato’s story and role!

>>Yamato: The Bonds Of Sea And Adventure (Nakama Theory)

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