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Edens Zero chapter 123 - Elsie arrives to save Shiki from Justice

Edens Zero Chapter 123 – Shiki VS Justice

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Edens Zero chapter 123 - Elsie arrives to save Shiki from Justice

The power to absorb a planet’s ether. The power to control the stars. The power to pass judgement. Justice driven by a pain sourced from his past with Elsie and a twisted view of righteousness, delivers his “heavenly body magic” onto Shiki. And with it he pronounces Shiki’s sentence – death. At having known Elsie, possessing the demon king’s power and the fear Justice has in Shiki’s potential, he embodies the role of the adjudicator and smites Shiki with his Meteor and Grand Chariot abilities. Fortunately, before Justice can deliver his final act of justice, Elsie arrives to save Shiki and combat Justice.

Justice has existed within the background of the story for a prolonged period having slowly been developed into a character that shares an intimate and hostile connection with Elsie. We learn early on that capturing Elsie is what drives Justice forward. Even Justice’s colleagues within the Oración Seis Interstellar comment (and tease him) on his obsession with Elsie. What exactly happened between the two in the past? What caused such a darkened obsession within Justice that he now considers Elsie an evil no other villain can match? The reader’s have come to know Elsie even with her story being largely left mysterious at this point in time but regardless, Elsie has been portrayed as a compassionate individual that values family, friendship, freedom, mercy and adventure. What pain did Justice suffer or perceive to suffer from Elsie? Hopefully with Elsie now standing against Justice in order to protect Shiki we will get further focus on the events that led the two being caught within such a conflicted fate.

Edens Zero chapter 123 - Justice VS Shiki

Considering Elsie and Justice share the same Ether Gear abilities in addition to their past connection, I have to wonder if the two trained under the same master. Was the “heavenly body magic” passed onto them from another individual, one that ultimately met a tragic end which Justice now blames Elsie for? If Justice was close to this individual and he sees Elsie as the reason for that person’s end, it could help establish why Justice is so passionate toward hunting Elsie down and delivering his judgement onto her. As for Elsie, if such a scenario did play out, was their justification in the act? Was it performed in order to save Justice? The irony in that development would be both tragic and liberating, especially to Justice whose life has been defined by killing Elsie. If he comes to realise, what Elsie did that made him hate her was to protect him all along, how would he react? Such a reversal in mental and spiritual states could overwhelm him and ultimately break him. But once his identity as an agent of the Oración Seis Interstellar is stripped away, would the character left be able to accept Elsie and move forward? Would Justice be able to redefine himself with the new found freedom he has? If Justice is to eventually become an ally of Elsie’s and have a romantic interest in her (oh Jellal), there will be a development in place that liberates him from his current narrow-minded perspective. The battle about to take place may very well allude that moment.

Turning to the events in Space Satellite Server, I feel immensely concerned about Hermit. She had suffered such a betrayal in the past and now with Muller back, those scars which she thought memories relegated to the past are now being forcefully stripped open by the insanity Muller continues to express. All that healing Hermit went through to mend her broken heart, mind and soul, it is melting away in the face of the wickedness looking to continue their torment and torture of Hermit.

Edens Zero chapter 123 - Muller intends to torture Hermit

On top of that, Muller now realises who Weisz is and having envy at the current times Professor Steiner’s accomplishments, Muller seeks to extirpate the scientist mind before him. Even with Weisz being the younger version, Muller realises the mind is the same and hopes to extract valuable information concerning any future scientific progress to be made. The greed, inhumanity and psychosis on display by Muller is disturbing. To think he actually considers himself to be the in right and wrongfully imprisoned. Behind that flesh, blood and beating heart, there exist a heartless individual. One who is less human than the victims of his that he considers pieces of junk.

I hope Hermit is able to grasp onto the feelings of true friendship and belonging she has found with Edens Zero to help empower her through this moment of darkness. Hermit is not the same as she was in the past. She has friends who genuinely care for her now. She has a family who now rely on her. She has an ally in need of her help now. Feel your heart Hermit and prove to Muller how short-sighted he is regarding his conception of the world, its denizens and himself. You are not the “little piece of junk” Muller believes you be. Trust yourself Hermit! Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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