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Kaiju No.8 Chapter 19-20 – Kafka VS Hoshino

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Kaiju #8 chapter 20 - Kafka VS Hoshino

Exhilarating. How spectacularly intoxicating. Kafka in his Kaiju #8 form being forced to survive Vice-Commander Hoshino’s assaults was a sight to see. Kafka experienced first-hand the capabilities of Soshiro and how fighting an upper agent of the Defense Force is like. Kafka may have been holding back because Soshiro is his commanding officer but I wonder if Kafka could really have taken on someone of Soshiro’s capabilities if Kafka did not have that relation holding him back. Possibly, but it would have severely exhausted Kafka.What is clear though is that Kafka has a lot to learn and he definitely needs to be more careful around the Defense Force going forward. They are out to get Kaiju #8.

After the hint we got at Soshiro’s fighting specialty a few chapters back we finally get to see him action against an opponent he specialises in destroying. If not for Kafka being aware of Soshiro’s capabilities, he may not have proceeded so cautiously in the fight and may have met his end. Kafka was certainly outclassed in speed and technique but thankfully the analytical abilities Kafka possesses saw him through the situation. Thanks to Kafka anticipating Soshiro’s attack location, he was able to guard against the climatic attack and surprise Soshiro in the process. Which Kafka used to his advantage to escape. It is understandable why Soshiro feels so dejected after going almost maximum but he sadly is ignorant of the truth concerning Kaiju and Humanity. How will Soshiro react once such a reality is made clear to him? That all Kaiju are not evil. Eventually Soshiro will learn the truth but for the moment I’m glad the readers for to see a more serious Soshiro in Kaiju subjugating mode.

Kaiju #8 chapter 20 - Hoshino prepares to attack Kaiju #8

I wonder what state Kafka will be in once he transforms back into his human form. He suffered substantial damage in his battle against Soshiro. Will Kafka be able to act as if nothing happened to him once he reports back to the Defense Force or will his Kaiju injuries be noticeable in his human form which he will have to explain? If the latter, I wonder if the battle against the Kaiju can be used a cover for the injuries suffered. Kikoru would certainly help lend credence to his story what it may be.

As for the Defense Force suit, would utilising a stronger Kaiju for the muscle fibers and cells enhance the capability of the suit? If the suit allows for the wielder to tune into its Kaiju power and release its force, it does appear logically that the stronger the Kaiju material used to make the suit, the stronger the suit will be. Would this become a development thread later in the story? Could defeating stronger Kaiju allow for natural and progressive equipment enhancements for Kafka, Kikoru, Reno and other characters? Will it come to the point where Humanoid Kaiju muscle and cells are used to upgrade equipment?

Kaiju #8 chapter 20 - Kafka disarms Hoshino and escapes

As suspected, with Kafka being distracted by the appearance of the Defense Force, the Humanoid Kaiju was able to escape. With Kaiju #8 now known to the Humanoid Kaiju faction, they will be more prepared going forward and make preparations to combat Kafka in his Kaiju form. Fortunately, what the Humanoid Kaiju is unaware of is that Kaiju #8 was originally a human. Kafka can use that to his advantage. But what this raises is a bigger mystery. If the Humanoid Kaiju aren’t aware of the entity that entered Kafka to grant him his Kaiju form, where exactly did that existence come from? A human lab? Someone associated to Kafka from his past? Very much looking forward to the coming chapters and finding out more about the Kaiju.

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