Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 13-14 – Beyond The Threshold

kaiju no. 8 chapter 13 - Mina prepares to attack the Kaiju

What a captivating display of power. Unleashed overwhelming power. Ashiro Mina has expressed to all those present just what is capable from one person when the force of their will exceeds the boundaries of rational limitation. And beyond just taking down the Kaiju, Mina ensured it was completely annihilated. Any unexpected surprise the Kaiju may have held due to a lack of information could be removed through destroying it completely. One could say that Kaiju was eli-Mina-ted O.o.

In additional to preventing any further surprises, destroying the Kaiju completely may also prevent human scientist from perverting any samples they may find of the Kaiju once silenced. When the Monster Sweepers perform their clean up role, the carcasses of the Kaiju also get collected and are likely researched by the government’s scientist looking to plunder the secrets contained within their corpses. The fact that certain Kaiju organs from defeated Kaiju are already being imbued into bullets to provide an elemental effect illustrates the research currently being conducted on the Kaiju bodies. With such a reality, it seems inevitable that science would be abused by someone looking to twist their discoveries into a power able to subject others under their whims and desires. If this has not occurred yet in the Kaiju No. 8 world, it will eventually result at some point in the story. I’m sure the government may not approve of Mina’s actions in over attacking a defeated Kaiju but Mina doing so regardless makes her even more badass.

kaiju no. 8 chapter 13 - Kikoru after eliminating a Kaiju

My interest in Shinomiya Kikoru continues to grow. Even with her possessing overwhelming power, she is such a compelling character. As a result of her upbringing, status and blood, the shadows of expectation has cast a freezing darkness over her heart but through her interactions with Kafka, that darkness enveloping her within an isolated realm from others has slowly begun to dissipate. Her desire to connect to others has now begun to express itself through her actions, especially when it comes to Kafka. Every time Kafka evokes an uncomfortable reaction in Kikoru, you can notice her heart slowly warming towards connecting to others. Kikoru taking issue with the seniors perception of the new recruits and her proceeding actions conveys how she values the efforts her teammates and herself have put in to improving their skills. Kikoru is now seeing her power as more than what she can do.

Alongside Kafka and Kikoru, I am glad Leno is also getting focus through his rise in abilities and the attraction of Soshiro’s attention. Beyond just improving himself to defeat the Kaiju, Leno instead seeks to enhance his abiltiies to help Kakfa not need to transform into his Kaiju form. As such Leno has committed himself to doing everything he can to do so and the results of his efforts have been noticed by his teammates and his superior. With such a bond existing between Kafka and Leno, this leaves Leno’s encounter with the evolve Kaiju in such a curious state. Will Leno become a fatality that will motivate Kafka to target this Kaiju faction or will such an encounter help provide Leno with additional reasons to train alongside Kafka? Personally, I don’t see Leno dying yet which leads to believe that this encounter is to help Leno start to realise the true conflict taking place behind the Humanity VS Kaiju battlefield. Leno’s realisation of being aware of such information will lead to him working his way into positions where he can start to piece together the truth of what is happening with humanity and the Kaiju.

kaiju no. 8 chapter 14 - Leno and Iharu encounter the evolved Kaiju

And as for the evolved Kaiju being agitated at the proliferative organ he put inside the Kaiju being discovered, I doubt he will find any answers from Leno. Iharu may mention Kafka but I doubt that would happen. But if the evolved Kaiju does find out that it was Kafka who dissected the Kaiju and ascertained the structure of it, the evolved Kaiju will inevitably target him going forward. The power to determine the weaknesses of your opponent on the battlefield is an incredible valuable skill and one any enemy would like to remove first. Eventually the evolved Kaiju will find out the exact nature of Kafka and the power residing within him. And this time hopefully, the readers come to learn more about the creature that entered Kafka and the some truths behind the Kaiju faction. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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