Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 12 – First Mission

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 12 - The new recruits defend the city

Circumstances aren’t going to unravel the way the Defense Force envisions. The wall has already begun crumbling and the hands of the evolved Kaiju have started manipulating lesser Kaiju toward an intention yet to be revealed. Events precipitating destruction only seem to serve as a precursor toward a larger narrative behind Kaiju and Humanity. The new recruits face their first mission but are they truly aware of what they are fighting for? And who?

The inclusion of new characters on top of what Soshiro mentioned to Kafka in the previous chapter concerning not getting too attached to fellow colleagues carries with it such a foreboding atmosphere. After-beast have been sourced from the main Kaiju body and are currently encountering the platoons featuring the new recruits. With those groups consisting of several unnamed members, it is hard not to suppose that several of those unnamed members may meet an unfortunate end to help dye into the minds of the surviving new recruits that the job they have enlisted into is one which requires them to walk alongside the shadow of death. To put their very lives on the line in order to protect the rest of humanity.

Considering how this mission serves as the introductory operation for both the new recruits and the viewers to the world of Kaiju hunting, events representing its actual form seem inevitable to occur. The new recruits we have been introduced to over the past few chapters have now being split across three different platoons (two members in each team). Reno, Aoi, Iharu and Haruichi are part of different group for this mission, meaning that apart from Kikoru, the rest are away from Kafka. Could this separation signal an upcoming death to one of those four? The set-up seems too intentional to not proceed in such a manner. At the very least, one of the above four will sustain a serious injury and Kafka will be unable to arrive in time to prevent it.

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 12 - The new recruits encounter an after-beast

An evolved Kaiju may or may not be present. It will depend on how their story is set to develop. But if one of Kafka’s friends were seriously injured or killed because of an evolved Kaiju, it would provide him with a more immediate goal to train toward – in order to prevent anyone else form dying, he needs further control over his Kaiju form. It would also introduce Kaiju No. 8 to the evolved Kaiju. Such a realisation could help kick-start the story into the underlying actions of the Kaiju and what their intentions are or if they are varying/conflicting Kaiju divisions, what a specific part of the Kaiju seek. The story is still in its early stages with internal elements in the process of being introduced so deeper coverage into the Kaiju story isn’t required at this point in time but it would help substantiate the Kaiju and provide a deeper meaning behind their presence beyond ‘big monster terrorizing city that needs to be eliminated’.

As for Kafka entertaining the thought of telling the Defense Force his secret, Kikoru is completely correct; “humanity” will stop seeing him as a person and lock him up instead with the intent of pillaging the secrets hidden away within his unique state. That moment is likely foreshadowing the darker aspects of the Defense Force and their motives. Seeing as Kafka is now at the heart of that organisation, he probably wouldn’t have to worry about the Defense Force until later into the story when the reader learns the Kaiju aren’t as antagonistic as is currently being portrayed. Humanity themselves will as well embody such darkness and deteriorate the view points Kafka now holds of who is just and who deserves judgement. On top of that Kikoru had mentioned that Kaiju with code names are supposedly used as part of special weapons. Once Kafka’s secret is exposed to the Defense Force, he will likely be targeted (by Mina?) for such an end but what has me more curious is who were the previous subjects that the Defense Force had experimented on? Will those characters come into play if still alive and could a future antagonist incarnate the rage felt against humanity for such treatment?

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 12 - Kikoru hopes Kafka never loses control of his Kaiju form

Kikoru expressing her resolve to Kafka regarding his state as a Kaiju and how he uses that power was a great moment. Within that conviction we also get to see how deep within her heart Kikoru hopes such a scenario never arises. Kikoru has begun caring for Kafka and approaching life based on what she wants opposed to the expectations sought from her. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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