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One Piece chapter 991 - Inuarashi and Nekomamushi's Sulong form

One Piece Chapter 991 – Akazaya Nine VS Kaido

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One Piece chapter 991 - Inuarashi and Nekomamushi's Sulong form

Their conviction, regret and swords have been carried across twenty years, all with the hopes of culminating into such a moment where they are able to bear their very hearts through the blades they now direct against the existence responsible for the suffering of their people and the creature who killed their Master. Jack has been overwhelmed and now the Akazaya Nine turn to face the architect behind all the lands suffering, the captain of the Beast Pirates, Hundred Beast Kaido.

Even after Jinbe’s consultation, Franky’s doubt and Zoro’s suspicion of X Drake, Luffy continues being Luffy and accepts Drake as an ally. I guess that is what Koby meant when he instructed Drake that Luffy is the type of person who feels very close if he considers you an ally. Luffy would rarely doubt you if he genuinely feels you are a wholesome individual. Jinbe, Franky and Zoro’s resulting reactions at Luffy’s decision was hilarious. I know Zoro has been with Luffy the longest but it still hilarious seeing the man who trust his captain the most be so annoyed with his decisions.

Did Usopp really challenge one of the Tobi Roppo and use Nami as his “mask” to taunt both Page One AND Ulti? Ah, as to be expected of the captain of the Straw Hat Pirat-I mean as to be expected for the bravest warrior on the se-I mean as to be expected from God Usopp – ah, that’s not right. Nami and Usopp luring Page One and Ulti away from Luffy while taunting them is such a surprising yet expectant development. I don’t know if the two of them will defeat Page One and/or Ulti but it is going to be a blast seeing Usopp and Nami totally frustrate and annoy the reptiles out of Page One and Ulti. I don’t think the Beast Pirates have ever encountered such pirates like Usopp or Nami in the New World – brave cowardly warriors. I would have like a rematch between Sanji and Page One but I don’t mind Sanji being matched up against a higher level opponent. It would definitely help substantiate Sanji’s capabilities and his current bounty level. Also, Nami was really cute when staring Ulti down and running from them all the while inciting them to follow Usopp and her.

One Piece chapter 991 - Luffy accepts Drake as an ally

The Numbers, are they really that powerful when sober? They seem so simple-minded and reliant on their strength that if someone able to overpower them appears, they is nothing much the Numbers could do. I understand the Numbers are destructive and would be devastation to the area if they go on a rampage but its not like they were taken out by no name pirates. Franky (Vegapunk’s laser technology), Luffy and Drake were the ones they sought to challenge and they lost. Was Apoo just disappointed at the lack of destruction? Its interesting that he can sober up the Numbers. Now we know the reason why Apoo was the one sent to retrieve the Numbers when they were first highlighted – because he is able to control them through his music. It will be exciting to see Drake and Apoo’s battle. And yeah, Apoo will eat his words concerning his statement directed to the Straw Hat Pirate crew. Little does he know how terrifying and underrated the members within are.

Regarding Jinbe, I love how he noticed the childish fascination Hatcha had with Franky’s General Franky and almost immediately used that as a way to separate Hatcha from the rest of the chaos in order to reduce collateral damage. How frightening. What else would Jinbe be able to do with more information? How far could he weaken the enemies ranks by merely aligning information and tactics? Divide and conquer, huh. With Franky now attracting the attention of Hatcha who is also carrying Goki, he may very well be able to defeat a second Number. Curious to see if Numbers 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9 are stronger than the current Numbers we have seen (in Nangi’s case, we barely seen much of him).

One Piece chapter 991 - Hatcha is summoned by Apoo

Queen has shown up with his poison bullets, which means Chopper will have his opportunity to showcase his talents as a doctor soon. Chopper already countered Queen’s previous virus from the Udon prison and I have complete faith that Chopper will be able to do the same here on Onigashima against whatever virus or poison Queen is using – if the virus is different than the one used by the Beast Pirates in the Udon prisons. Will Zoro match-up against Queen or will he face off against King? Very curious to find out.

Jack being taken out off-screen is amusing. Will he really get a fight? Kaido did step in before Jack was completely defeated so I wonder if after healing, Jack will have the opportunity to face off against another character in this arc – Luffy? Sanji? Well at the very least, Jack did tank the rest of the Minks and cornered them to the point of only leaving the Akazaya Nine for Kaido to face off against. Kaido calling Inuarashi and Nekomamushi strong illustrates exactly how strong they are in their Sulong forms. Not to mention Kaido’s surprise at Kin’emon splitting his Blast Breath. He seems to have grossly underestimated the Akazaya Nine and has now come to a point where you can see the respect Kaido is beginning to have for the warriors now challenging him. Considering how significant this moment is for the Akazaya Nine, will any of them die during this battle against Kaido? They may wound and severely injure Kaido but ultimately and tragically, they will not defeat Kaido in this moment. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and the count down to chapter 1,000. I sense something major will take place in chapter 999, something I will very much love (new nakama?).

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