Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 8-11 – Hiding In Plain Sight

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 8 - Kafka charges up a punch

Apart from the Defense Force being aware of an increase in activity by the Kaiju, they appear oblivious to the extent of the Kaiju’s true capabilities. Furthermore, would the Kaiju have lulled the human race into such a frozen state that challenging the concept of Kaiju having higher intelligence seems implausible to the Defense Force? And lets not forget the mini-dragonmosquitofly that had itself consumed by Kafka after intentionally choosing and locating him. Something doesn’t add up and I suspect deeper involvement between the Kaiju and the human race or at least a faction of the Kaiju. But answers to those mysteries will have to wait as the focus has now shifted to Kaiju integrating themselves directly into human society via the Kaiju Cleaning Company, Monster Sweepers Inc.

Considering the evolved Kaiju whom appeared during the training exam is the first glimpse of the deeper Kaiju we have seen, we can surmise the later evolved Kaiju to appear would be far more powerful and devastating in what they are capable of. The current evolved Kaiju was able to revive the deceased training facility Yoju and Honju and even empower them. The Defense Force were unaware of Kaiju possessing such an ability and also weren’t able to analysis the resilience reading of the evolved Kaiju before it dissipated away. Hoshino considers the 6.4 resilience reading of the revived Honju to be great enough to require a whole squadron to defeat unless the individuals facing it were Mina or himself. Additionally, the 9.8 resilience reading assigned to Kaiju No. 8 (was this meant to be a play on Kyu and 8?) was regarded as impossible by Hoshino on the basis of it embodying the highest reading levels the Defense Force has ever recorded. What Hoshino’s reactions convey is the lack of evolved Kaiju involvement in the general Kaiju attacks on human society so far. Up until recently, the Kaiju were content sending their lower rank Kaiju against humanity’s forces. Something changed/happened/took place recently that motioned the Kaiju (all factions) into action. Would it have anything to do with the mini-dragonmosquitofly that sought out Kafka?

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 8 - the Defense Force arrive after the Kaiju has been dealt with

The evolved Kaiju clearly is more powerful than the revived Honju with a resilience reading of 6.4 and potentially is currently even more powerful than Kaiju No. 8 with its 9.8 resilience reading. As interesting as the resilience ranking is, the manner in how it defines the Kaiju is grossly limited. The Defense Force has only been classifying the lower rank Kaiju and unfortunately with the Defense Force succumbing to the tendency of familiarity, they are unable to currently grasp the extent of how ignorant they are. Without knowledge of there existing evolved Kaiju that possess higher intelligence, the Defense Force will continue to be vulnerable to the eventual Kaiju assaults. Whenever the evolved Kaiju does make an appearance with the intent to wield destruction in its own hands, the Defense Force better hope they have Mina, Kikoru or Kafka on the scene. All three would be preferable. The damage and devastation could be catastrophic otherwise. Only once the Defense Force have knowledge of the true capabilities of the Kaiju can they begin to truly prepare themselves for their future battles against the Kaiju upper rank.

As for the evolved Kaiju’s mission, was it assigned to integrate into human society to locate the mini-dragonmosquitofly creature that climbed into Kafka’s mouth? The power Kafka now possesses, is this something the Kaiju are seeking? The timing of the Kaiju movement months after Kafka’s transformation, it does seem suspicious. There definitely is some connection there and after the evolved Kaiju incites further chaos within human society with zero causalities will it realise something amiss? At that time, it will likely decide to investigate the Defense Force directly. I can imagine this being the climatic moment of the arc where the evolved Kaiju and Kaiju No. 8 come face to face. It will be during this moment that answers to the some of the questions the readers have will be given. Looking forward to that moment.

Kaiju No. 8 chapter 11 - the magnificance of a 1% increase

Turning to Kafka, I am enjoying the interactions he has with Mina. Despite the subtle and minimalistic nature of it, the bond they share is being rekindled and excitement has begun to stir in both their hearts. Hopefully, the road towards their dreams continues unhindered. The casual relationship Kafka shares with Kikoru is great as well. Even though Kafka is not a father, he is indirectly helping Kikoru deal with the emotional walls she has built up within herself. All the feelings she had to keep frozen while forcing herself to focus on her father’s commands are finally starting to slowly thaw and flow again. Looking forward to further casual fun and humourous reactions from Kafka.

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