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One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi

[Timeline] One Piece – Monet

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One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi & Zoro

Given this being the day of Monet, I thought it would be fun and insightful to create a timeline for Monet’s story based on what we know so far. While Monet featured primarily only in the Punk Hazard Arc, he role in certain events were critical for her crew. There are also periods of unknown within Monet’s past that would be interesting to have explored, especially with her taking on the role of an undercover agent once she joined the Donquixote Pirates. Besides Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, did Doflamingo have her infiltrate other factions for him?

  • 30 years prior to the current story time:

    • Monet is born (presumably in North Blue)
  • 24 years ago (Monet age 6):

    • Gol D. Roger is executed

    The reason I included this entry is essentially because the “Pirate King” means something to Monet which is why the thought of her captain being the “Pirate King” was the thought she chose to have before she motioned to activate the self-destruct switch in Lab 3 on Punk Hazard. Not thoughts or memories of her sister (Sugar) but the desire for someone she admires to become the “Pirate King”.

    One Piece chapter 694 - Monet's "final" thought
  • 22 years ago (Monet age 8):

    • Monet’s sister, Sugar (real name unknown) is born;
    • Monet has a fascination for birds
  • 13-22 years ago (Monet age 8-17):

    • Monet and Sugar came to find themselves living in a terrible environment during this time
  • 13 years ago (Monet age 17):

    • Monet and Sugar are “saved” by Doflamingo from their terrible environment;
    • Monet and Sugar decide to give up their former lives and choose to follow the Donquixote Family;
    • Monet and Sugar become members of the Donquixote Pirates
  • 12 years ago (Monet age 18):

    • Monet is given the Yuki Yuki no Mi and Sugar the Hobi Hobi no Mi by Doflamingo;
    • Monet becomes the Yuki-Onna
  • 10-12 years ago (Monet age 18-20):

    • During this period Monet starts working undercover at the Dressrosa Royal Palace as a servant;
    • Monet keeps Doflamingo informed of the Riku family movements and the actions of the country and its army

    One Piece chapter 727 - Kyros notes Monet's presence began the events
  • Dressrosa Invasion – 10 years ago (Monet age 20):

    • Doflamingo becomes a Shichibukai;
    • The invasion of Dressrosa by the Donquixote Pirates takes place;
    • Monet opens the royal palace gates from the inside to let the Donquixote Pirates in;
    • Monet captures Viola;
    • The Donquixote Pirates become the new rulers of Dressrosa

    One Piece chapter 728 - Monet opens the Dressrosa Palace doors
  • Post-Dressrosa Invasion – 3-10 years ago (Monet age 20-27):

    • Monet likely sent off on another [undercover] mission or missions during this time;

    Monet was not publicly known to be part of the Donquixote Pirates which is why she could fool Caesar and Law into believing she was just a secretary/researcher on Punk Hazard. Monet, like Vergo, was an undercover operative of the Donquixote Pirates. Vergo was undercover in the Marines dealing with any information that could negatively affect Doflamingo. Considering that Monet was not a recognised member of the Donquixote Pirates and the undercover role she performs, it seems likely that after the Dressrosa invasion, she was sent away on another mission by Doflamingo. A mission that would assist Doflamingo aka. Joker in procuring deals and attaining information about relevant powers and weapons.

    Doflamingo did enter into a business relationship with Kaido. And wanting to keep himself aware of his partners, I suspect Doflamingo may have sent Monet as an undercover agent with his ranks to spy on the Beast Pirates general movements. Monet’s Harpy form could even be linked to an undercover mission within the Beast Pirates – my Monet Undercover: Beast Pirates Theory.

    Alternatively or additionally, Doflamingo could have sent Monet to work undercover within the Punk Hazard facility prior to Caesar setting his experiment off four years ago that destroyed labs 1 and 2. Having a spy within a government science facility (Vegapunk’s former research lab) would help explain why Doflamingo knew about Kuma’s circumstances and what the World Government did to him. Monet having a connection to Caesar before he escaped the Marines and fled back to Punk Hazard would also help substantiate the casual relationship Caesar shares with Monet. My Monet Undercover: Punk Hazard Theory.

    One Piece chapter 560 - Doflamingo is aware of the experiments done on Kuma
  • 4 years ago (Monet age 26):

    • Caesar working with Vegapunk – experimenting on prisoners for their gigantification research;
    • Caesar set off his mass murder gas weapon which causes an explosion on Punk Hazard that destroys the labs and blankets the Island in a layer of poisonous gas;
    • Caesar is captured but he eventually escapes

    On a side note, I would also add that given the Ancient Giant skull and the Punk Hazard entrance gate symbol on the burning side of Punk Hazard, there likely were experiments done on Ancient Giants in the past. Caesar was most probably aware of the research done on the Ancient Giants and could have incorporated some of that research in his own gigantification experiments – Monet may have become aware of this when she arrived on Punk Hazard and began assisting Caesar as his secretary;

  • Punk Hazard – 3 years ago (Monet age 27):

    One Piece chapter 672 - Vergo reveals Monet's undercover role
    • Caesar returns to Punk Hazard;
    • Doflamingo enters into a partnership with Caesar and Kaido to produce SMILEs;
    • Monet works undercover as Caesar’s secretary
    • Monet is also assigned to protect Caesar and his test subjects;
    • Big Mom commissions Caesar to find a way to change humans into Giants;
    • Child kidnappings by Caesar;
    • Kidnappings covered up by Vergo;
    • Monet becomes the guardian of the children
  • 2 years ago (Monet age 28):

    • Start of One Piece story;
    • Doflamingo abandons the Human/Slave trade in favour of the age of “SMILEs”
  • Post-Marineford War – 0-2 years ago (Monet age 28-30):

    • More child kidnappings occur;
    • Vergo continues to cover up the kidnappings
  • A few months prior to the current time (Monet age 30):

    • Law arrives on Punk Hazard;
    • Monet request Law to heal the injured prisoners who lost the use of their limbs – animal limbs used as replacements;
    • Monet is shown to be conducting research of her own through her studying, writing and recording;
    • Monet’s heart given to Law;
    • Monet’s limbs are replaced with bird wings, talons and a tail

    One Piece chapter 666 - Monet request Law to heal the injured Island prisoners
  • ~Over a month prior to current time (Monet age 30):

    • Kin’emon and Momonosuke arrive on Punk Hazard;
    • Straw Hat Pirates arrive on Punk Hazard;
    • Monet learns of the Straw Hat Pirates revival and deduces their strength to be greater than what the public consider;
    • Law gives Caesar a heart (Monet’s) that Caesar presumes is Smoker’s – Monet is present during this exchange;
    • Monet shadows Law and learns of his alliance with Luffy and their intention to target Kaido;
    • Law acknowledges Monet’s capabilities;

    One Piece chapter 675 - Law acknowledges Monet's capabilities
    • Once Law breaches the SAD production room, Monet realises how Luffy and Law intend to challenge Kaido;
    • Monet successfully ensnares Luffy – although thanks to Momonosuke, Luffy manages to escape;
    • Monet reveals her Yuki-Onna form;
    • Monet overwhelms Tashigi but is defeated by Zoro;

    One Piece chapter 687 - Monet overwhelms Tashigi
    • Monet plans to keep her captain’s arrangements unhindered by destroying the Punk Hazard Island – Monet is interrupted before she can activate the lab weapon;
    • Monet’s heart is injured by Caesar;
    • The Donquixote Pirates are defeated once the Straw Hat Pirates make their way to Dressrosa;
    • Except Monet, Vergo and Baby 5, the rest of the Donquixote Pirates are captured by the Marines – including Sugar

If Oda does plan to bring back Monet at some point, he has left himself a lot of versatility in where it could be considering Monet’s past is unknown at this point and she has been working as an undercover agent for the Donquixote Pirates for the past 12-13 years. Monet could have at one time during her past after the Dressrosa Invasion, worked with the Marines, the Yonko, the Shichibukai, the World Government science division, the Germa 66 or other lesser known factions. Oda-sensei can even utilise the learned nature of Monet if he wishes to incorporate components of Astronomy, Biology and/or Ornithology into the story of One Piece. If Space/Celestial bodies and the presence of birds is set to become significant threads of the One Piece adventure, Monet exists and can help by filtering such elements through her story which is still a mystery. Whatever the case, I am a fan of Monet’s character and would love to see more of her in the story of One Piece.

Happy birthday Monet!

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