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One Piece chapter 988 - Franky rides over Big Mom and Brook slashes Zeus

One Piece Chapter 988 – Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom

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One Piece chapter 988 - Franky rides over Big Mom and Brook slashes Zeus

As the full moon envelops the night sky with its radiant embrace amidst the flakes of snow blanketing the land, the winds of freedom echo across the halls of destruction unhindered by the chaos erupting before it. The Soul King and the Freedom Rider have arrived! And beneath their platform of announcement lies the concussed Big Mom interrupted partway through her act of annihilating the target of her ire. Now injured on top of being enraged, will the Straw Hats have to engage to prevent further devastation? Or will disorientation take hold of Big Mom and dissipate her memories once again?

It might sound insane to the world to challenge a Yonko but despite the catastrophic nature of that notion, the Straw Hat Pirates along with Trafalgar Law have now managed to corner two Yonko! Defeating the cornered Yonko will be a different matter altogether though. Rather than conform to the whims of a Yonko, the rookies of the New World have made continuous efforts to stand against them and defy their reign and terror, save a few. As the war continues to build up, how will Supernovas currently on the fence decide to act? Will Hawkins and Apoo decide to fully break their allegiance to Kaido and stand against him? Apoo did betray Kid and Hawkins yet why exactly did Apoo in the first place align himself with Kaido? Did Apoo see no way for Kaido to be defeated? And if the possibility of Kaido being defeated arises, will Apoo join in on the fight against him? As for Hawkins, now that he is aware that X Drake saved Law and freed him, how will he act? Will Hawkins help the Straw Hat Pirates? With two overwhelming opponents allying and standing before the Straw Hat Pirates, they will need any help they can get.

If Big Mom’s suffers from another case of amnesia as a result of that head wound, Luffy will have his moment to ascend Onigashima Castle and reach the top of the Skulldome where Kaido and Jack are facing off against the Akazaya Nine and the Sulong awakened Minks. Luffy will need every bit of energy he has when facing off against Kaido especially when considering Kaido’s seemingly ‘unkillable’ body. Luffy cannot afford to exhaust anymore energy on Big Mom and the Beast Pirate All Stars. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates will need to rise up and take on the Beast Pirates and Tobiroppo. And with Nami, Sanji, Franky, Brook, Jinbe and Robin there, they should be enough to handle the Beast Pirates present (before Orochi reappears that is).

One Piece chapter 988 - Sulong Awakened Mink VS Beast Pirates

As for Nangi, I can’t help but be reminded of the Yeti Cool brothers – those yeti features. Could there be some connection between Nangi and the Yeti Cool Brothers? The Yeti Cool Brothers were bigger than normal giants and while not similar in design to Oars and Oars Jr, they may exist as a sub-category of Ancient Giants. Are the Numbers experiments? And could the Yeti Cool Brothers make a reappearance within the Wano Kuni Arc? I certainly would love that (especially if it led to Monet’s reappearance).

With Zeus unable to defy Big Mom and now sliced in two by Brook, I wonder if Brook is able to sever the soul connection Zeus and Big Mom share. Zeus did receive part of Big Mom’s soul but with Brook’s Yomi Yomi no Mi acting as a counter to Big Mom’s Soru Soru no Mi, there may be a way for Nami to keep Zeus and for Zeus to become independent from Big Mom. It would definitely be cool if Zeus were to become a permanent addition to Nami’s weaponry as it suits her perfectly.

I’m glad Sanji is putting his Raid Suit to good use. Despite him initially whining about how he didn’t need it due to being a ‘gift’ from his family, he has grown to rely on it during the Wano Kuni Arc. The ability to become invisible is definitely one of its main strengths and the vehicle for one of Sanji’s dreams. Additionally, with the suit being specifically designed for Sanji, I am very curious to find out how it exactly enhances Sanji’s abilities as a Vinsmoke. With King as Sanji’s opponent, it is about time he proves himself worthy of the bounty he holds. Make sure to aim for the head Sanji! I want that mask gone from King so that we can finally see what he looks like and what race he belongs to.

One Piece chapter 988 - Luffy leaves Momonosuke's safety to Yamato

As for Yamato, Luffy acknowledges her intentions and strength and has left the protection of Momonosuke to her. Yamato seems unsure of how to react to such a situation most likely given her life of loneliness and not having many people to believe in her. The Kozuki Oden identity that Yamato uses, does it also exist as a mask for Yamato to hide behind? Is there a more vulnerable side to Yamato that we have not seen yet which she has been hiding? Based on how Yamato has been using the Kozuki Oden identity, part of me is beginning to feel that along with admiring Oden, she has also been using the idea of ‘being Oden’ as a mantra of strength. There does seems to be a hint of conflict between personalities in Yamato – her own and that of Oden. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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