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One Piece chapter 300 - Ace's adventure

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[Timeline] One Piece – Ace’s Adventure

One Piece chapter 300 - Ace's adventure

Edit note: Timeline updated with content featured up to chapter 1000.

Ace has become an extremely relevant character to the story of One Piece even with his death. It could be said that because of his death, Ace’s role in the story has transformed into an even more prominent one. Ace inspired both Luffy and Sabo and has become the driving force for both their adventures in the New World. Additionally, with the current events in Wano Kuni (as at chapter 987), Ace’s journey there 3-4 years ago is holding importance to the characters featured and the developments unraveling now.

Ace desired to help Tama and Wano Kuni when he was last there but presumably aware of his current strength at that time and his inability to take on Kaido, he departed Wano Kuni ensuring Tama that when he returns, Wano Kuni will be a country where she can eat all she wants. With that will unfulfilled, it now falls onto Luffy who has promised Tama that by the time the Straw Hat Pirates leave Wano Kuni, it will be a place she can eat as much as she wants, every single day. Considering how Ace’s adventure holds such an impact on the current events, it makes me wonder what exactly was Ace’s adventure like when he set sail 5 years ago?

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