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One Piece Chapter 986 – The Courage To Face Your Fear

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One Piece chapter 986 - Momonosuke recalls asking his father the meaning of his name

Say it! Shout it out loud for the whole world to hear. The resolve of your heart. The echoes of your suffering. The demons of your mind. Consolidate your courage and pierce through the shroud of terror crippling the conviction of yourself. In the face of the end, look straight ahead and express the unwavering will you hold. Kaido and the verisimilitude of death be damned. Who are you? Embrace your blood and burn your presence within the minds of those in attendance for your end. You are the man able to pull a country cast into ruin out from the hell it now exist in and into a reality outside exploitation, sadism and inhumanity. You are, what you believe you are!

One Piece chapter 986 - Momonosuke tells Kaido his name

Those present may laugh. They may mock you. They may ridicule your state. But ultimately, it is not them who decides what you choose to do. That power and that freedom resides only with you. The suffering you have endured Momonosuke was not for nothing. The powerlessness you have felt in your inability to stop the pain afflicting Wano Kuni, those emotions are not insignificant. The retainers of Oden have felt the same in their inability to protect that which they swore their lives they would protect. For twenty years, the hopes of Wano Kuni have endured. All for now when their Shogun would return and lead them into the fight to retake their nation from those it does not belong to.

This glorious overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. What a rush of reverberating epicness. My senses are electrified! Take hold of that regret Akazaya Nine; sharpen it and direct it all toward the architect of the country’s continued suffering over the past two and half decades so that the feeling of your conviction is unmistakable. Perform an act so shocking, the taste of defeat in their expectations is unforgettable. Express it boldly that the sight of your desires is unequivocal. Follow your Shogun’s lead and shout it out undeniably for all to hear. SUNACCHI!!!!! The raid on Onigashima Island HAS COMMENCED and now the fight to save a nation begins.

One Piece chapter 986 - The raid on Onigashima begins!

I cant help but be taken back to the moment when Kyros returned back to human form and unleashed his fury, rage and unshackled will on Doflamingo. With that assault frozen in time for ten years when he was first initially turned into a toy. A moment endured for ten unforgettable years. An existence lost to the manipulation of memories. And a country exploited, abused and deceived for ten long years. After having the curse constricting him lifted, the belief and convictions held in place for all those years were finally able to be unleashed without restriction. The Akazaya Nine may not have taken out Kaido by that assault but there is meaning in this moment and what it signifies for all of Wano Kuni and those holding onto hope. This moment that has been building up for the past 8 years and 6 months since Kin’emon’s introduction. The performers are on stage. The audience has been waiting. And the story has entered a climax. It is time for Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe, Yamato, the Samurai, the Ninja, the Mink, and the rest of the alliance to go wild.

Turning to Orochi and Kanjuro. They are not dead. Too much has been set-up for their characters to prematurely end right there. The defeat of Kanjuro taking place right after Orochi was seemingly beheaded by Kaido seems to coincidental. If Kanjuro did create an Orochi clone with his drawing and if that Orochi was the one which was cut down, it makes sense for Kanjuro to be affected when Kaido betrayed Orochi. With Orochi’s partnership with Kaido ended, it makes sense for Kanjuro to stop fighting and instead pretend to be cut down so that Orochi and himself can decide what to do going forward. The main reasons Orochi and Kanjuro wanted the Akazaya Nine dead was to prevent them from stopping the alliance between Kaido and himself and retaking Wano Kuni. With Kaido having ended the partnership and taking Wano Kuni for himself, there is no reason for Kanjuro (and Orochi) to stop the Akazaya Nine from reaching Kaido. Rather they can proceed to their next goal of bringing Wano Kuni to complete ruin. The Kanjuro bleeding at the rear entrance of Wano Kuni could either be a clone or a Kanjuro pretending to be dead. I am certain neither Orochi nor Kanjuro is currently dead.

Yamato has finally been freed after twenty years of anxiety. All that time wondering whether the shackles around her arms were explosive bindings or not. The distress caused by the suspicion that her father was willing to kill her created a constricting mental prison within her mind. But now, finally, thanks to Luffy, she has been liberated from Kaido and the apprehension featured in all of her decisions. And even though expected, Yamato was shocked to learn the bindings that chained her to Wano Kuni were explosive. Yamato has declared Kaido to be no father to her and plans to assist the Straw Hat Pirates and their alliance in taking down the Beast Pirates. Additionally, Yamato now knows that Momonosuke and the Akazaya Nine are still alive.

One Piece chapter 986 - Yamato realises the shackles were explosive bindings and declares Kaido is no father of hers

With such momentum behind Yamato, it seems unquestionable that her role within the coming events will be critical and substantial. If the story unravels in a specific way, Yamato may very well feel the need to board the Thousand Sunny and journey with the Straw Hat Pirates. The relationship Yamato is forming with Luffy is immensely curious and not insignificant. The potential existing and the developments that could take place are worth exploring.

We finally get a glimpse of Law who separated from the Samurai before Kanjuro showed up. Law appears to be inside Onigashima Castle with his crew in battle against some enemies. I am curious to learn what Law is exactly planning because the idea to take down Kaido was initially his idea when he made the proposition to Luffy. Although Law did intend at the start for Kaido and Doflamingo to conflict with one another once Caesar and the SMILE factory were gone. Law is completely aware of the power Kaido holds and is likely moving to further cripple the Beast Pirates. Seeing as Law went through the lower entrance at the rear of Onigashima Island, he could be heading towards some sort of store room or treasure room – Kairoseki cuffs perhaps. He could be alternatively heading for the Road Poneglyph in Kaido’s possession. Personally, I would prefer Brook to find the Road Poneglyph. It would be fitting for the Straw Hat Poneglyph locator to find another Road Poneglyph possessed by the Yonko. Brook has a reputation to maintain! And speaking of Brook, the last time we saw him was when he boarded the Black Rhino driven by Franky. Given their lack of focus in the current events, Franky is most likely driving to the rear of Onigashima Island with Brook using his soul to search for the Poneglyph(s) while the rest of the Beast Pirates are distracted.

Usopp and Chopper were heading for the rear side of Onigashima Island in the Brachio Tank V to meet up with Franky and Brook so that they can dock into General Franky but given Momonosuke’s circumstances, they have changed course to assist in saving him. The comment Chopper made is immensely intriguing – “Are these giants…?” What does that mean? What did Chopper mean? What did Chopper see? Are there Giants on Onigashima Island? Could what Chopper saw be the Numbers? If so, than it may be time for another of Usopp’s lies to manifest itself into reality. Isn’t that great Usopp? Chopper is there to witness the legend become an actuality

One Piece - Usopp tells Chopper he defeated 10 giants monsters before

Usopp did mention to Chopper before after they saw the Shadows from Skypeia cast onto the Blue Sea that he can take out monsters like that no problem. As is Usopp’s fate to meet the truth of his lies, the moment for him to make real his fantasy has come again. This time in the form of the Numbers. Ten of them (experiments?). Usopp may not engage and defeat the “Giants” in a battle but he is a resourceful individual and may end spiking their drinks with sleep seeds. Alternatively, given Haccha’s nature of not concerning himself with the rest of the Beast Pirates when attacking, it could indicate a lack of loyalty to the Beast Pirates for the Numbers as a whole. Their presence as an division within the Beast Pirates could primarily be for their size, power and monstrosity. If Usopp were able to exploit that and win the Numbers over to his side (similar to his actions during Enies Lobby), it would be quite devastating for the Beast Pirates. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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