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One Piece chapter 932 - Orochi's Yamata no Orochi form

[Analysis] One Piece – Kurozumi Orochi

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One Piece chapter 932 - Orochi's Yamata no Orochi form

With the revelation taking place in the most recent One Piece chapter (985) that featured the severance of a two and a half decade old partnership, how will the reality of that weight affect the state of mind of the current Shogun of Wano Kuni?

Contrary to how Oda-sensei portrayed the scene, Orochi is not dead. The flow of the Wano Kuni story demands Orochi to be alive. And if we follow all that Oda-sensei has set up, the development now serves as an awakening moment of clarity for Orochi and a catalyst for his ultimate intentions.

Kaido has ended his partnership with Orochi by betraying him and seemingly decapitating him. All in favour of pursuing his new partnership with Linlin to locate the Ancient Weapons and bring the world to the precipice of chaos and plunge it directly into destruction. Unbeknownst to Kaido, Orochi did not die and is now aware of where he stands. It seems all but inevitable that the base desires of Orochi will arise and seek to satisfy the darkness consuming his heart. There is nothing holding Orochi back from fully delving into his anarchy.

One Piece chapter 971 - The reason for Orochi's desire to bring Wano Kuni to ruin

Kurozumi Orochi was already unhinged as it was towards the residents of Wano Kuni holding nothing but contempt for all of them due to Wano Kuni’s part in hunting down his family and eroding the name “Kurozumi”. This is the reason why he had no issue with poisoning the Kuri residents with fake SMILEs knowing that consuming the fruit would strip away part of their emotions. The only reason he had to keep a sense of “normality” present in the country is to manipulate the people and exploit them to develop weaponry and wealth for his partnership with Kaido. With Kaido’s betrayal, Orochi is now free from any limiters. Orochi has always wanted Wano Kuni to be driven into ruin as its destruction has been his ultimate goal. Given that desire and his ability to scheme, what measures has he taken to arise in such an eventuality? With Kaido forsaking him, how will Orochi now forsake the rest of Wano Kuni?

Orochi has the warships he received from the World Government Cipher Pol Aigis Zero sourced from the deal entered into two weeks prior to the current time. Orochi also has the weapons factories across Wano Kuni. Could he use the World Government warships to lay Wano Kuni in ruin and destroy anything that could benefit Kaido by launching a pseudo Buster Call? Will any of Orochi’s subordinates continue to follow him and help him destroy Wano Kuni? Furthermore, how will Orochi utilise the Devil Fruit powers he has access to? The scene of Orochi going full Yamata no Orochi seems to good to pass up especially when Orochi spawning his eight heads would allow for multiple characters to assist in bringing him down i.e. Zoro, Hiyori, Momonosuke, Luffy, the Akazaya Nine and possibly some other New World Rookies. Through Orochi, Oda-sensei may finally convey exactly how powerful a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit is. With Orochi’s “safety blanket” Kaido gone, it is about time he takes power into his own hands.

Will Orochi hold any relevance in uncovering the mystery with Onigashima and the what the remains of the creature that the skull once belonged too? Will Orochi be the cause for the Giant in Onigashima Island to awaken (if there is one)? Surely the skull is representative of a larger story thread in play, especially when you consider that on Onigashima, there is a giant blade embedded in the ground near the entrance of Onigashima. Will that blade come in any use – surely it will! And who exactly will end up using that blade? Kaido? One of the Numbers? Or a Giant that is currently not present in Wano Kuni?

On the topic of Giants, Wano Kuni itself seems constructed from different Islands (with different seasons) that were pulled together by Giants. Oars, an Ancient Giant, was labelled the Continent Puller so the feat of pulling continents together to form a larger Island is completely possible. Onigashima Island may have been the Island granted to the Giant(s) for helping them create Wano Kuni. The skull on Onigashima has the shape of an Ancient Giant that Oars and Little Oars Jr belong to (albeit larger). And even though Rock and Scotch didn’t look like Oars or Little Oars Jr, they could also be relevant given their connection as a sub-category of Ancient Giants. Over the course of this Wano Kuni arc, we may finally get additional information on those Ancient Giants and where exactly they fit in the overall story of One Piece. Little Oars Jr. liking the kasa Ace made him could be due to the Ancient Giants having some connection with Wano Kuni in the past. The Poneglyph that Brook found in the basement of Orochi’s Castle may detail the history of this. I can’t help but feel that there is a purpose for the skull of the Ancient Giant and the massive blade being present on Onigashima.

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