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One Piece Chapter 985 – Kaido’s Endgame


One Piece chapter 985 - Luffy and Yamato rush to save Momonosuke

Blinded by the lust for chaos. Drunk from the feeling of invincibility. And oblivious to the reverberations of the human heart. Kaido along with Linlin set their plan into motion. A plan marked to change the very fibers of piracy. An age of piracy designed to engulf the world in fear. A world in which the reality of order submits to the violence of chaos. A reality in which the Ancient Weapons are used as the tool to reign supreme over all where war becomes the lifestyle humanity will be plunged into. One Piece has become their goal. The Ancient Weapons their pillars. And the world on fire their path. The New Onigashima Project begins.

So it begins, the Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates Alliance plan. With the Yonko having decided the course of action by themselves will their subordinates follow or will it create a rift in their crews between members who support and oppose the path set out for them? Perospero certainly doesn’t intend to ally with the Beast Pirates but in the face of two Yonko in support of each other’s madness, what could Perospero do? Any challenge or contradiction to Kaido’s intent will result in his unrestrained disapproval. Orochi questioned Kaido and that ended up with Kaido using King’s blade to seemingly behead Orochi. I would assume Big Mom would suck the life right out of anyone who questions her decision.

One Piece chapter 985 - Kaido "decapitates" Orochi

Orochi may have appeared to have died but Orochi ain’t dead. Oda-sensei did not spend numerous chapters developing Orochi’s story along with Oden’s to discard it all at this point without fulling closing it. Orochi still has a purpose to serve and he will serve that purpose. There will be a payoff after all the build up. Wano Kuni itself represented through the citizens, the Kozuki, the other clans and even Zoro will deal with Orochi. As for how Orochi could survive, that most likely way could be tied to a stand-in clone he had (one of his ninja’s disguised as him?) or through his Devil Fruit powers. Orochi has the Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit. All Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruits have special abilities. The fact that it allows Orochi to manifest eight snake heads could indicate how Orochi may survive. If ‘eight-heads’ are always active (just not manifested) it potentially could mean that only ‘one’ of Orochi’s heads was beheaded leaving seven more.

The mythology the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruits are based off do hold some relevance. Marco’s Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix grants him abilities of the Phoenix where he is able to use his flames to heal himself and others. Sengoku’s Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu allows Sengoku to transform into a giant Buddha allowing him the use of majestic shock waves akin to the shock waves produced from giant bells. Catarina Devon’s Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune allows her to transform into other people much like how the East Asian folklore depicts Kitsune. Kaido’s Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows him to transform into a massive Eastern Dragon capable of moving of through the air (use clouds) and breathing fire. Orochi was able to manifest eight-snake heads which his Devil Fruit but I wonder if like the Yamata no Orochi mythology, he would need to be completely chopped up to fully kill him i.e. not die from just one beheading. However the case though, Orochi is not dying here. He will return and be pissed at Kaido’s betrayal. And at that point in time, Orochi will be aware that his alliance with Kaido is over. Orochi will know that he has no reason to keep Wano Kuni active. He can burn it all now as he desires and take all those that betrayed and hunted his family down along with it. Orochi could may very well pull a Vander Decken IX/Hody and attempt to destroy the Island – he did get warships from the CP0. And with those Warships he could lauch a pseudo-Buster Call on Wano Kuni.

One Piece chapter 985 - Kaido and Big Mom's plan

With Kaido and Big Mom now targeting the Ancient Weapons, Nico Robin, now more than ever, has become an important element in the New World. Robin is the only person in the world able to translate the Poneglyphs and locate all the Ancient Weapons. If a faction seeks to decode the Poneglyphs and uncover the secrets contained within such as the locations of the Ancient Weapons and the path to One Piece, they require someone able to interpret the text. Kaido sought to find those answers in Wano Kuni but has yet to reach any results. Nico Robin is their only option. With Robin on Onigashima Island, she is at risk of being captured. Thankfully though, Jinbe is there. Both Robin and Jinbe should be aware of what is going on after Kaido’s speech and know to act accordingly i.e. not make Robin’s presence known. Although I suppose, if Robin is captured, Kaido could take her to the Poneglyphs in his possession to decode and Robin may come to learn the information recorded on the Road Poneglyph. Luffy and Co. could save her then. Or if Robin’s clone could last an extended period, she could have her clone be captured and use that opportunity to find the location of the Poneglyphs in the Beast Pirates possession.

Turning to Yamato, in fear of the cuffs around her arms exploding, she remained on Wano Kuni for the past 20 years (she is 28 years old now). Even when Ace appeared during the last 3-4 years, Yamato was unable to go to sea with them as she was crippled from the terror of her shackles actually exploding when she leaves the Island. With such a traumatic weight currently afflicting Yamato, I wonder if through the actions of Luffy, Yamato can come to alleviate the dread suffocating her desires and reach a state where she is able to be liberated from the imprisoning thoughts haunting her for the past 20 years. Yamato has wanted to be free from Kaido yet has felt entrapped throughout the past 20 years. I am curious about what price Kaido made Yamato pay each time she challenged him. What did Kaido take or inflict each of those times? Did Kaido kill Yamato’s mother? And how has the consequences of Yamato’s actions affected her current state of mind towards Kaido and freedom in general?

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and witnessing the partnership between Luffy and Yamato. I am also curious to learn where Law went and what will happen to Zeus now that he has been retrieved by Linlin.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 985 – Kaido’s Endgame

  1. just like with the legendary Hydra:
    Cut off 1 head, 2 more shall take its place.

    • Hail Hydra!

      But yeah, Orochi hasn’t had much of an opportunity to solidify himself as a proper villain beyond the weak, manipulative individual who abused the fortuitous opportunity he was lucky to find himself in – in the absence of Oden, the Kurozumi Family remnants reached out to him.

      With Orochi now aware that Kaido is not his ally, it would be beneficial to his role as an antagonist to see him embrace his madness and completely forsake Wano Kuni and the Beast Pirates. Orochi using all his resources to actively destroy everything would raise the stakes and level him up as a villain so that when his eventual defeat is ushered in, it would be all the more satisfying. I also wouldn’t mind Orochi begging the CP0 for help to get into the mix.

      Also thinking about Orochi’s death scene more, it could very well be that Kanjuro created a clone of Orochi and acted as him during the presentation (Kanjuro does like to act out a role). Kanjuro’s drawing clone was decapitated before so Oda could have had the same happen to Orochi. Kanjuro’s drawing clone of Orochi being killed may have affected Kanjuro during his fight against Kiku and given him pause. This may have resulted in Kiku attacking during the opportunity and drawing blood – would explain why Oda cut back to the scene of Kiku and his blade bloodied in the final page of the chapter.

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