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One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato is reminded of his battle with Ace when engaging Luffy

One Piece Chapter 984 – The Daughter Of Kaido

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One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato reveals her face

Wow. Just wow. Even though I expected such a twist, the reality of the twist subjecting its contours and possibility onto my psyche has me electrified at the potential avenues in terms of development this reveal just brought about. The thought (Yamato’s identity) crossed me mind. I entertained it shallowly but cast its existence into the realm of improbability in favour of a flow more coloured in “actuality” but the sheer fantasy of the possibility existed within my mind. How euphoric it feels, that something so delusional and unlikely has manifested itself into substance. I dare hope more possibilities guised under the veil of impossibility be more than what we as the readers are intentionally “misled” to believe.

Yamato’s significance increased immensely not because it had been revealed that Yamato is a female but because Yamato chose to portray herself as a male whom she had respected greatly. Yamato extended herself beyond what the world would have deemed appropriate and made the decision to follow what she has come to believe in – continuing the fight what Oden had started 20 years ago. The concept of “identity” has become a theme relevant to Yamato and to the characters within Wano Kuni. Biological differences exist between the genders but the choices one makes should not be restricted to the gender. Beyond gender and form, we are all living beings with the capacity to live however we decide. Societal norms may have demanded the categorization of behaviour but once the ignorance of form defining substance is relinquished, the freedom of choice exist. The freedom to be inspired by anyone regardless of form exist. There is nothing wrong with Yamato being inspired by Oden, the same way there is nothing wrong with Jinbe/Mjosgard being inspired by Otohime. Does it bother Yamato that she is not a male? Does she believe that in order to be what Kozuki Oden is, she needs to identify herself as a male? There is nothing wrong with Yamato wishing to inherit Oden’s will and being inspired by his actions, as a female, as herself. Yamato does not need to be a ‘male’ in order to be worthy of following that dream.

I find Yamato to be an incredibly fascinating character and have decided to create a separate post to analysis how she could be relevant going forward and her role within this arc. Yamato’s potential.

One Piece chapter 984 - Kaido plans to liven up Momonosuke's execution

Momonosuke’s execution is at hand and with Kaido and the Calamities present along with Orochi and the Oniwabanshu, it is going to be interesting to see how the Straw Hat Pirates and the Samurai present save Momonosuke. Jinbe and Robin are there and are waiting to see how the Samurai react before acting themselves. If Robin did know how to use Busoshoku Haki, she could blossom a pair of arms near Momonosuke and break the chains binding him followed by manifesting a clone to carry Momonosuke away while the Samurai distract the Beast Pirates and Orochi’s forces. Alas, Robin has unfortunately not shown herself as knowing how to use Busoshoku Haki but how thrilling it was seeing her flex her espionage capabilities along with Jinbe – I loved it! If the shadowy figure that followed Jinbe and Robin is still following them, I wonder if their appearance could be what helps save Momonosuke. Could it be the Octopus from the start of the Wano Kuni arc that has followed Robin and Jinbe?

One Piece chapter 984 - Jinbe and Robin undercover as Beast Pirates

Law has finally arrived at the rear of Onigashima Island with the Samurai. What has me curious is the presence of snow. Inuarashi’s reaction to the snow is due to the presence of snow blocking the sight of the moon and the moonlight but what I really wonder is if the snow natural or not? Earlier in the arc, Robin mentioned that she overheard Orochi say that it is winter at the entrance of Onigashima Island which is why it snowed when the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance passed through the entrance to reach the inner part of Onigashima Island but it was not mentioned that Onigashima Island is a Winter Island (even though it was initially portrayed as a Winter Island in chapters 793, 821, 824 and 907). Apart from the snow at the entrance, the only other time in the current time it has been shown to be winter was in this chapter when the Polar Tang resurfaced. Does Onigashima have different seasons in different parts of the Island? Or did it just start snowing? The selective nature of the snow really does have me wondering if the snow is naturally occurring or if an unnatural force is creating it.

Regardless of what is happening, the snow will have to clear in order to create an open sky for the Mink’s to gaze at when transforming into their Sulong forms when the time arrives – they need to be able to see the Full Moon. Would the weather change by then? Could Nami use her Clima-Tact to clear the sky? Or would a third party arrive to clear the snow blocking the sky? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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