[Analysis] One Piece – Yamato

One Piece - Yamato

Through the span of two chapters, Yamato has become an immensely fascinating character whose entrance beckons curiosity. Not only did Yamato arrive with a memorable and glorious entrance but the potential capacity Yamato has for development and story has left a marked impression on her as a character.

Part of Yamato’s story and development could be coming to terms with being the daughter of Kaido and not the son Kaido had hoped for. As a result of the expectations Kaido had, Yamato may have come to fight for her acceptance by portraying herself as all that Kaido had wished for – a son strong enough to match/surpass him. There may be a sense of inadequacy Yamato feels by being a daughter of Kaido and not a son. Kaido could be stressing those feelings by revealing that he intends to have Yamato marry one of Linlin’s children which would stress those dark feelings in Yamato. Further introspection on these feelings could make Yamato into a very fascinating character. At this point in time I do not believe the Tobi Roppo (save Black Maria probably) and the Beast Pirates are aware that Yamato is a female illustrated by how against Yamato was in revealing her identity when the focus of others were on them. Yamato waited until she was alone with Luffy before revealing her appearance to him. Such a choice emphasis’s how aware Yamato is of being female and believing that she would be treated differently if the Beast Pirates knew she was Kaido’s daughter and not his son.

One Piece chapter 979 - Kaido request the Tobi Roppo to bring his son to him

There is also the possibility that Kaido is not aware that Yamato is a female. Kaido doesn’t seem like the most responsible father and unlike a mother whom gives birth to their child, Kaido may not have been present during Yamato’s birth (he is a Yonko Pirate captain and has been captured and tortured many times before plus his hobby is suicide as his introduction highlighted). Yamato’s mother may have lied to Kaido that Yamato is his son in fear that Kaido would not like a daughter. Yamato later on could have conveyed herself to Kaido as being his son. Why would Kaido question that? Yamato does mention that Kaido beat her up when she mentioned she wanted to be Kozuki Oden. This experience would not have inspired Yamato to be open and honest to her father. Part of why Kaido drinks so much could be to drown his despair of not having a ‘son’ who listens to him. There is a real possibility that none of the Beast Pirates are aware that Yamato is a female and in order to keep that secret from being revealed, Yamato wears a mask and speaks as if she is a male. It could be though that Black Maria and/or King are aware of Yamato’s identity.

One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato does not want to reveal her identity in public

Much like the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, Yamato has been revealed to be a romantic like them. In her core, Yamato is moved by the heroic life of Oden and could not do anything but be moved by such a story despite not having personally known Oden. Yamato saw his legendary hour long execution and read his logbook but had not met him. Now, I am not saying that Yamato will become a Straw Hat nakama but the potential is there. Yamato’s story has become so deeply integrated with Oden’s story where an end was not reached relative to Oden’s desires that Yamato’s role within this arc at the very least has substantial relevance. The potential for Yamato to desire what Oden did once the events in Wano Kuni are dealt with is also very much a possibility. That desire being to see the world beyond Wano Kuni which we can presume has been what Yamato has not been allowed to see given Yamato’s age, the closed border of Wano Kuni, the chains (if not an accessory) and her romantic outlook on Oden’s story represented through the logbook which she considers deeply valuable to her. The existence of the logbook is interesting, especially the entries that may relate to the latter part of the New World and the secrets found on Laugh Tale. Would those entries exist in Oden’s logbook or would those pages have been burned out by the time Yamato found it at Kuri? If this is the case, Yamato curious to learn more about the contents of the missing story of Oden may decide to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates in order to fill in the gaps by having her own adventure to the places Oden journeyed to with the Roger Pirates. It is also possible that Blackbeard shows up and steals the Devil Fruit from Kaido once Luffy defeats him and potentially also steals Oden’s logbook. If Kaido is killed by Blackbeard it could manifest a reason for Yamato to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates. There could also be relevance behind the race Yamato belongs to (if not a subset of human) and their connection to the Ancient Civilisation/Void Century – it would be exciting to get some more information on Kaido and their mother (I don’t believe Black Maria is Yamato’s mother). Are Kaido and Yamato Ogres? Alternatively, Yamato’s story could be to act as a defender of Wano Kuni and be their Guardian once the Wano Kuni arc is over.

One Piece chapter 984 - Yamato reveals her admiration for Oden

I am very curious to see the past Yamato and Ace shared as I have no doubt that Ace mentioned his little brother Luffy which is likely how Yamato has come to know about Luffy and his tendencies. Yamato’s connection with Ace creates a connection with Luffy and as shown in the past, Luffy is interested in those that have a shared experience with his beloved brother. Yamato, like is was with Tama, may not be aware that Ace has been executed. If upon finding this out, Yamato could be driven to holding a grudge with the World Government and those that enable them to taint the world with their “divisions” and “justice”. Given Blackbeard’s hand in Ace’s death, Yamato may also come to feel the need to fight the Blackbeard Pirates. Yamato may also not be aware that Ace is the son of Gol D Roger, the son of the man whom Oden respected and followed. Inherited will is very central to Yamato’s character and I look forward to Oda-sensei unpacking her story because I believe she will be very important to the future story of One Piece.

One Piece chapter 911 - The Octopus really was interested in Luffy

Another connection I have been wondering about since the start of the Wano Kuni Arc is who the Octopus that showed up to lead the Straw Hat Pirates into Wano Kuni is and how it is connected to the arc. The Octopus stealthy boarded the Thousand Sunny and casually integrated with the background of the crew that Luffy and Co. only noticed it when it voiced its greeting and summoned the Koi fish that led the Straw Hat Pirates up the waterfall and into Wano Kuni. The Octopus seemed strangely interested in Luffy – grabbing Luffy before he could jump off the Thousand Sunny and onto land. I wonder if the Octopus and Yamato are connected. Yamato knew about Luffy from Ace and likely also knew a bit about Luffy’s personality from how Ace would have described him. Expecting Luffy’s arrival, Yamato could have sent the Octopus to wait near the waterfall and to inconspicuously board any pirate ship that came near to Wano Kuni until it found the ship Luffy was on board (Straw Hat pirate flag) and when it did, it was to assist them. The Octopus only revealed itself and began to summon the Koi Fish after Luffy mentioned his name on the transponder snail (chapter 910). I also did mention before that the Octopus didn’t look like a ninja but could very well be a master ninja given its expert concealing skills. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Octopus learned its stealth skills from Yamato as Yamato is also well versed in avoiding the attention of others and evading pursuers. The relationship Yamato has with the Octopus could have been born from the lack of support and connection Yamato has within Wano Kuni. If Yamato couldn’t befriend any of the Beast Pirates, she may have opened up to the animals within Wano Kuni. Very excited to see what Oda-sensei has planned for Yamato going forward.

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