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One Piece chapter 980 - Luffy and Zoro assaulting Onigashima Castle

One Piece Chapter 980 – Assault On Onigashima Castle

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One Piece chapter 980 - Luffy and Zoro assaulting Onigashima Castle

Unable to bear the ire welling up inside at the sight of precious food being wasted that is desperately needed by the residents of Okobore Town and those like them, Luffy has expressed his abhor for the actions of the Beast Pirates by unleashing on them. Expectantly, Luffy’s actions has drawn attention to himself including the curiosity of Zoro who amusingly liberated himself from his restrictions and consequently sliced a building apart that was blocking his straight-line path to the source of the chaos. Luffy and Zoro’s behaviour in turn have attracted the perception of Scratchmen Apoo, who after having identified the two proceeds to attempt to capture them. Unaware of how Apoo’s abilities work, Luffy and Zoro fall prey to his sound attacks and as a result of fighting too much uncertainty the two decide to avoid direct confrontations and instead opt to force their way through to the Castle. What this chapter has demonstrated wholly is how unprepared Luffy and Zoro are and why the inclusion of Jinbe, someone who educates himself on the knowledge of the situation and his opponents, was such a necessary development.

Evident from Luffy and Zoro’s lack of knowledge surrounding Apoo, they have shown how vulnerable they are to opponents who hold the advantage of ambiguity. At current with the focus on saving energy and making their way to Kaido, Luffy and Zoro are unable to endure the attacks until they are able to figure out how they operate. The encounter would drain them too heavily and leave them open to being defeated before they even reach Kaido. With such a massive vulnerability in the Straw Hat Pirates, it becomes apparent just how badly Jinbe was needed. With the Straw Hat Pirates now facing off against the Yonko crews, not being aware of their opponents abilities or opponents in general can mean defeat. The knowledge and experience Jinbe holds can turn an impossible situation into a winnable one. Even though Jinbe is not with Luffy and Zoro currently, they are with Kid who has knowledge of Apoo’s abilities and as such is more able to battle Apoo. Any uncertainty Apoo was able to exploit when attacking Luffy and Zoro may not work when attacking Kid.

One Piece chapter 980 - Kid VS Apoo

Queen’s comment about eliminating one of the Tobi Roppo confused me somewhat. Does he have a grudge with one of the Tobi Roppo members or was that statement merely an expression of motivation to those hungry to fill the seat. Whatever the reason, it did inspire the Beast Pirates in trying to capture Luffy and Zoro. I am very curious to find out which of the Tobi Roppo member Queen was referring to – could it be X Drake? Or does another member have history with Queen?

With Luffy, Zoro and Kid’s presence now known to the Beast Pirates, how exactly will the Tobi Roppo, All Stars and Kaido react? Will Kaido come out personally or will he have his subordinates deal with those three? And will Orochi realise what is going on once he learns of the Straw Hat Pirates proximity? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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