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One Piece chapter 979 - The Tobi Roppo and Kaido

One Piece Chapter 979 – The Meritocracy Of The Beast Pirates

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One Piece chapter 979 - The Tobi Roppo and Kaido
Except for Drake, did Kaido end up defeating the other member’s crews prior to them joining?

To think that Pirates crews can become so large that the system of meritocracy has to be implemented in order to motivate its members to continue contributing to the crew. It appears that the Beast Pirates are less a Pirate Crew and more a criminal organisation or even beyond that with the different divisions and number of members, a small nation. Given the power and influence the Yonko wield it does make sense that their operations can grow in size to such levels but to think that it can involve corrupting a nation and twisting it to become a weapons producer for the different factions vying for power around the world. Contrary to Kaido’s introduction where it appeared he wished to kill himself, he is a very ambiguous individual.

Unlike the other Yonko crews we have seen, the Beast Pirate operate differently. Their goals are orientated to a more malicious direction compared to the other Yonko. The Red Hair Pirates have their core members and don’t appear to have extended their influence as far as the other Yonko. From the start of One Piece we were all aware that Shanks is an upstanding man and doesn’t concern himself with power and influence. Rather, Shanks is the adventurous type and is likely currently seeking to path the way for the generation carrying Roger’s will. Big Mom runs her organisation through family members and restricts outside factions or people from having much influence. Sure Linlin wishes to find the One Piece and increase her influence but ultimately her goal is to create a nation and family where every race is represented save Giants. Teach’s goal seems obvious; regardless of the methods and the damage caused, he plans to find One Piece and become the next Pirate King. Kaido on the other hand isn’t driven by such romantic dreams, instead he has reached a point where he wishes to see chaos run rampant in the world. His alliance with the Big Mom Pirates likely arose because he seeks to plunge the world into chaos now. The loss of his trade partners Doflamingo and Caesar seem to have spurred him on. I am not sure if Law had already realised it before but out of all the Yonko, currently Kaido is the most dangerous and the biggest threat to the safety of the world.

One Piece chapter 979 - Bao Huang announces the schedule for the day
That mask with the eye, how Sheikah-like!

Fortunately for the Straw Hat Pirates and the rebels, Kanjuro is unfamiliar with the Onigashima Island terrain and is still recognised as an enemy by the Beast Pirates. This has slowed his progress to Onigashima Castle so as of yet he has not been able to inform Orochi of the rebellions attack. Eventually Kanjuro will reach Orochi but at that time, it will likely be too late. I do wonder though at that time if out of desperation, Orochi will want to kill Momonosuke. Momonosuke eyeing that dagger on the ground when Kanjuro isn’t watching does invoke an ominous feeling – will he require that dagger in the future?

The actions by the Straw Hat Pirate crew as they engage in assaulting Onigashima does express how needed Jinbe is. Apart from Robin, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirate members are largely reactionary and avoid stepping back once the fighting starts to look at what really needs to be done in that moment. Robin recognises that approach and takes comfort in the fact that there is someone else in the crew now who can look at situations from a wider point of view. With them walking towards the Onigashima Castle, it makes me wonder how dire the situation will become before they arrive to lend their support. Although, I suppose with that shadowy figure watching Robin and Jinbe, I wonder if they will be targeted first if that shadow is an enemy – could it be Kaido’s son?

One Piece chapter 979 - Robin and Jinbe head to Onigashima Castle on foot
Who is that suspicious shadow listening to Robin and Jinbe?

On that point, how will Kaido’s son fit into all of this? Does Yamato agree with his father’s methods or is his personality completely opposite from Kaido? Does he support Kaido or go against him? Given that Yamato has wandered off on his own and is referred to by Kaido as his ‘idiot son’, I am leaning towards the latter. I believe that Yamato doesn’t fully agree with Kaido which makes me wonder if Yamato will become an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates in bringing down Kaido. Because Kaido WILL be defeated and there are three scenarios that could play out – Yamato assists the Straw Hat Pirates in defeating Kaido, Yamato is defeated along with Kaido or once Kaido is defeated, Yamato resolves to get revenge and becomes another enemy for the Straw Hat Pirates to face in the future. The most interesting scenario to me is if Yamato disagrees with his fathers methods and seeks to save him by preventing Kaido from causing further harm, especially to Wano Kuni. It would be exciting if Yamato and Momonosuke meet and the two become friends. Or could Yamato and Tama end up encountering each other?

With the Tobi Roppo about to go on the move to locate Yamato, it appears that they may be the first of the Beast Pirates to confront the rebels or at the very least suspect something if they do encounter the rebels in disguise. Given their status and power, it is hard not to see them being matched up against the Straw Hat Pirate members or the other Supernovas present on Onigashima Island. They each have unique designs and were former captains so it will be exciting to see what happens with them in the future and who they will be matched up against. With the Tobi Roppo having two female members, I wonder if this means Robin and Nami will get fights to be showcased in as well. I very much hope so. Looking forward to Kaido revealing his announcement and Luffy unleashing on the Beast Pirates – being unappreciative and wasting food when the rest of the nation is staving is unforgivable.

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