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One Piece chapter 977 - The Straw Hat Pirates take out the Gate Guardians

One Piece Chapter 976-977 – The Helmsman Of The Straw Hat Pirates


One Piece chapter 977 - The Straw Hat Pirates take out the Gate Guardians

Well those Gate Guardians were steamrolled…lol

How unreal, how thrilling, how satisfying, how joyous, how exhilarating – it is about time that the Knight of the Sea, Jinbe, joins the Straw Hat Pirates. For over a decade many have been waiting for Boss Jinbe to join being teased on several occasions by almost circumstances but finally, it is official! The Straw Hat Pirates have their helmsman and onward to Onigashima Island to take down Kaido and Big Mom. If Oda-sensei has any other plans for introducing any future Straw Hat Pirate members or developing them, this is the moment to do it in with at least one Yonko about to be defeated.

Initially, I wasn’t excited about Jinbe or his design when he was introduced but through the Marineford War Arc I fell in love with his character and the possibility of him becoming a Straw Hat, especially after what he did to help Luffy after the incident with Ace. Luffy was alone and in a broken state and it was Jinbe who helped Luffy out from that darkness. Luffy and Jinbe share something none of the other characters in One Piece have and it is one massive moment in Luffy’s life. Once Jinbe was featured in the Fishman Island Arc among other Fishman, I fell in love with his design and how strikingly unique and memorable he looked. When Jinbe exchanged his blood with Luffy at the conclusion of the Arc to save him and to erase the boundaries between races, it became only a matter of time before Jinbe officially joined evidenced by the fact that he was invited to join by Luffy. Right from that moment, the expectancy and excitement for Jinbe’s introduction into the crew kept building up and now after years of waiting it has come about and what a reintroduction it was. I was shaking with excitement and joy when he attacked the Beast Pirate ship and let loose his monologue about who he is to the Wano Kuni rebellion army. Law and Kid’s reaction to the news about Jinbe being the new Straw Hat Pirate recruit were priceless. Lets see them top that!

One Piece chapter 976 - Jinbe joins the Straw Hat Pirates

It is about time!

Also I guess I was wrong about Kin’emon in how he planned everything where in actuality, Kin’emon lucked out and fortunately had his ignorance trick Kanjuro into believing incorrect information. Ah well, as they say, ‘a broken clock can still be right twice a day’. And as things are Kin’emon was right in trusting the Straw Hat Pirates as well. Denjiro though really does have a high opinion of Kin’emon, I wonder if events will continue to work in Kin’emon’s favour so to keep Denjiro’s high impression of Kin’emon intact. With the Straw Hat Pirates supporting Kin’emon chances are good that they will. The current Straw Hat team bounties belie their abilities and capabilities (save Luffy who has a deservedly high bounty) and this I believe is giving the Beast Pirates, Orochi and even Big Mom a false impression of who they are truly up against. Zoro is easily worth more than his current bounty and so to are many of the Straw Hat Pirates. The ‘Guardians of Gate’ being stomped effortlessly by the Straw Hat Pirates serve to illustrate exactly how misrepresented they are in others eyes. And its that misrepresentation that also serves to build up the new Beast Pirate faction highlighted at the end – The Flying Six (although it was hinted at before when Page One was introduced). Given that Kaido wants to introduce them to Linlin shows how important he believes they are in his army. I am excited to see the other members of the Flying Six beyond Page One and X Drake as they could serve as opponents for the Straw Hat Pirates, especially the ones who desperately need the 1 VS 1 battle focus (I’m looking at you Robin – I also wouldn’t mind if Robin gets to face off against some Oniwabanshu members).

One Piece chapter 977 - Save the banquet for later

Oh, how interesting. What else could this Banquet be celebrating? And could Teach end up crashing it?

Momonosuke being kept alive is interesting considering that in the past Kaido was happy for him to burn along with the Kozuki Castle. Why now has Kanjuro not been given orders to kill Momonosuke? What does Orochi require Momonosuke for? Does it have something to do with his Dragon Devil fruit that he ate on Punk Hazard? So many questions that have to be put on hold until the focus of the story gets deeper into Onigashima Island. At the very least Momonosuke has sucked up his fears and quieted them putting on a brave and speaking courageous words to mask his terror. What also will Tama’s role be going forward? If Tama were able to control her powers she could easily pacify the Beast Pirates and turn their members against each other. Also, I still believe Kuzan will show up eventually – he went to Punk Hazard for a reason and it could tie into Kaido and what he had Caesar doing there. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 976-977 – The Helmsman Of The Straw Hat Pirates

  1. i hate to be that guy, but i got this gut feeling jinbe is lying about what happened to the sun pirates, i mean since big mom is there, i wouldn’t be surprised if she rubs in his face what happened. as for momo, kaido and orochi will likely hold him hostage if he doesn’t escape, and hiyori will more than likely be brought to onigashima, and hopefully Onimaru as well. and i would enjoy seeing Hiyori being protected by her beloved Ronin. also fun fact: oda revealed some info on Kozaburo (the man who made enma and wado ichimonji), 55 years ago he left wano He eventually ended up in a village in the East Blue and helped save it from bandits. He fell in love with a woman while training the villagers in swordsmanship, and decided to stay in the village. 51 years ago, he fathered a son named Koushirou (zoro’s sensei). He was still living in the village around a decade before the present day, as Roronoa Zoro once overheard him use the cry “Sunacchi” while training. he also teased zoro may have a connection to the shimotsuki clan (note: if possibly he’s a blood member, that would mean, given Kuina is a member, zoro and her could be distant relatives).

    • Ah, I didn’t know that about Kozaburo. Thanks for the information! The fact that there is a connection between Zoro and the creator of Enma gives more weight to Zoro replacing Shusui with Enma which makes me sad. I really want Zoro to continue using Shusui as it was Ryuma who gifted it to him in recognition of his abilities and worth as a Samurai. Also in regards to Jinbe, I too am curious to learn about what happened to the Fishman Pirates and the Germa 66. Big Mom is too calm to not have dealt with some of them.

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