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One Piece chapter 975 - The Samurai forces number 5400

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One Piece Chapter 975 – Kin’emon’s Foresight

One Piece chapter 975 - Kin'emon's plan

In order to fool the traitor, Kin’emon had to first fool the allies closest to him

What prudence, what anticipation, what prescience. The betrayal of an ally that led to the death of the Lord of Wano Kuni and the fall of the nation, such wounds and the everlasting seemingly non-fading pain has created within Kine’mon a trauma so significant that he took it upon himself to doubt an ally and corner the traitor within their own web. Because of such foresight, he has saved his allies and solidified their rebellion against the captors of Wano Kuni. The stage has been set and now the actors have entered, all that is left is for Orochi and the Kaido and Big Mom alliance to fall.

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One Piece Chapter 971-974 – The Heart Of A Samurai


In face of the inevitable end, the choice one has is whether they go out with a whimper or a bang and in the case of the Legendary Samurai, Kozuki Oden, the end was met with a blaze so radiant that the flames of his spirit burned within those witness to his end memories of a moment unforgettable. His actions, that were performed for the people of Wano Kuni, had their image perverted by narrations of malice through the schemes and hatred of Orochi Kurozumi. The will of his spirit didn’t end with his apparent physical death, instead it was carried through space and time in the hearts of many right through to the moment in the current time. The Kozuki will has been inherited and the wishes of Oden has been heard. The time has come for the country of Wano to be liberated from the chains of Orochi and for the Yonko, Kaido, to be defeated.

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