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One Piece chapter 966 - Roger, Whitebeard and Oden

One Piece Chapter 965-969 – Oden And Roger

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One Piece chapter 966 - Roger, Whitebeard and Oden

The meeting that would eventually lead to the age of the Pirates…

Experiencing the world and sharing in an adventure destined to change the fate of an era, Oden clears open a path forward on which the eventual Pirate King would map their journey on. The guide stones of the past left behind by a civilisation erased from history lead the adventurers subject to their voices onto a road toward a destination filled with questions to answers ultimately leaving behind an expectation on those choosing to take up “their” will. With the world against them and the truth buried within the shadows of the past motioned by strings intent on keeping whats hidden sealed away, the story of those fighting to achieve freedom find themselves purposed with the responsibility of carrying the weight of a hidden time. Along with Roger who expressed himself through his legacy, the man known as Kozuki Oden now walks forward to save his nation about to dye history with the expression of his adventure and heart.

For a character to maintain their relevance alongside Gol D Roger, one of the most important characters within the One Piece story, it serves to convey just how deeply Oda-sensei has built up Oden. It was only together that the age of Pirate was able to be reached and the legacy left behind by their stories was able to be picked up by a future generation looking to accomplish an end both Oden and Roger sought. These adventurers seek to express the voices of those muted by the terrified who forced the world down a path caged in selfish desires. The liberation derived from the truth is a consequential effect of their journey and the walls broken down through which the journey leads.

One Piece chapter 968 - The destined adventurers to carry on the will of the past

The destined adventurers to carry on the will of the past

Indirectly, the past of Roger and Oden expresses just how important a character Robin is and how critical her dream in uncovering the past of the Void Century is to the legacy left  behind by the ancient civilisation and those who sought to carry on the will of those forgotten. Unlike with Roger and Oden, Robin’s journey began with the knowledge that their were secrets hidden in the past with an enemy behind the erasing of the Void Century. Robin understood from the moment Ohara became an enemy of the world just how corrupt the world was and overtime learned how perverse the world had become through the powers manipulating the age. In contrast to Roger and Oden’s intentions for finding One Piece which stemmed primarily from adventure, Robin’s actions are sourced from the desire to reveal the truth to the world in order to liberate the people from obliviously being led by lies and manufactured “truths”. Robin’s intentions aligns with those of the Revolutionary Army’s whom as an organisation seek to expose the World Government for what they are, an organisation desperate to control the world.

One Piece chapter 969 - Oden's rebellion against Orochi

It may not have ultimately succeeded in the past but right now there are those willing to fight for the same heart behind those tears…

Turning back to Oden, after all that he has experienced and suffered and once he had realised how twisted Orochi had made Wano Kuni, he has subsequently also come to realise that there are times where action needs to be taken not for oneself but in order to ensure that the world left behind is one worth living in. The reason for Oden’s lack of action after confronting Orochi when he returned to Wano Kuni likely stems from a lie by Orochi who used Orochi’s father’s life as a manipulative tool. Orochi may have forced Oden to act like a fool in exchange for not killing Oden’s father. After hearing about Wano Kuni’s suffering through the actions of Orochi, Oden couldn’t hold it any more and took action to take back the nation. The overwhelming tragic feeling deafening any joy of knowing Oden’s eventually fights back again Orochi and Kaido is knowing that ultimately Oden is overcome and executed and that despite Oden’s actions, heart and tears, the nation of Wano Kuni has since continued to suffer for a further 20 years since Oden’s death. The only semblance of light left behind to the people who suffered was Toko’s prophecy.

Wano Kuni has been through so much and with where the story had left us at before focusing on the flashback, I wonder just how exactly the people can move on even after Orochi and Kaido are dealt with given all the suffering, grief and pain they had to endure for so long. And with the side effects of the failed SMILES, the are lasting effects affecting the people of Wano Kuni. It is all so tragic and to think that when Oden died, he was not able to fulfil his wish of leaving behind a peaceful united Wano Kuni with its borders open. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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