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One Piece chapter 966 - Roger, Whitebeard and Oden

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One Piece Chapter 965-969 – Oden And Roger

One Piece chapter 966 - Roger, Whitebeard and Oden

The meeting that would eventually lead to the age of the Pirates…

Experiencing the world and sharing in an adventure destined to change the fate of an era, Oden clears open a path forward on which the eventual Pirate King would map their journey on. The guide stones of the past left behind by a civilisation erased from history lead the adventurers subject to their voices onto a road toward a destination filled with questions to answers ultimately leaving behind an expectation on those choosing to take up “their” will. With the world against them and the truth buried within the shadows of the past motioned by strings intent on keeping whats hidden sealed away, the story of those fighting to achieve freedom find themselves purposed with the responsibility of carrying the weight of a hidden time. Along with Roger who expressed himself through his legacy, the man known as Kozuki Oden now walks forward to save his nation about to dye history with the expression of his adventure and heart.

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