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One Piece Chapter 964 – The World Beyond The Borders

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One Piece Chapter 964 - Oden's desperation to see the world beyond Wano Kuni

The desire for the unknown

Oden’s desperation for adventure borderlines Luffy’s excitement for it. Despite the price of its admission, their obsession towards such an unfiltered experience overwhelms any sort of rationale surrounding the decision. Unconcerned of any consequence, the path forward for such individuals is one solely focused on the sight before them. If experiencing the world meant leaving the nation illegally, stowing aboard a ship uninterested in taking you and holding onto a chain dragged across the ocean for three days, an individual like Oden would wholeheartedly throw himself at such an opportunity which is exactly what Oden did. That is just how much the desire to adventure means to individuals like Oden.

Even with Oden’s durability, holding onto a chain while being dragged across the ocean for three days straight is beyond insane. How exactly did Oden manage to sleep in such a state and with those sea monsters targeting him, it is shocking to see that he is still in…one piece. If Oden had a bounty, I am curious to learn what amount it would have been as he is not normal. Oden’s strength is Yonko-level.

Oden ultimately didn’t pass Newgate’s challenge but rather than due to exhaustion, the reason for letting go was to assist the cries for help he heard. They belonged to Amatsuki Toki, whom he saved and would eventually marry. Ironically it was this very decision that caused him to fail Whitebeard’s test which led him to being invited onto the crew by Whitebeard. It is also most likely the decision that will cause Wano Kuni to now be liberated from the schemes of Orochi which had likely began from the moment he met Oden. If not for meeting Toki, their children, Momonosuki and Hiyori would not be there to help save the nation from the darkness that it now exist in.

One Piece Chapter 964 - Amatauki Toki's introduction

A resident from the Void Century in search of Wano Kuni

Lady Toki is an interesting case as she at that time sought to go to Wano Kuni but from the outfit she had on and weapon she wielded, it appears that she had association with Wano Kuni before. Which begs the question, why was she not in Wano Kuni? Did she leave at some point? But isn’t that a crime? If she did leave though, what reason was it for? From the way she spoke, it appears that she had not been to Wano Kuni before and was instead making her way there with her travelling forward through time when met with a situation filled with unavoidable danger. My guess is that 800 years ago from the time Toki is from, Wano Kuni culture existed in both Wano Kuni and the Ancient Civilisation. Or at the very least, Wano Kuni culture originated from the Ancient Civilisation before having the nation of Wano Kuni founded. Toki was part of the Wano Kuni culture in the Ancient Civilisation and when it was in the state of falling, she had no choice but to travel forward in time to a time where the Ancient Civilisation did not exist. Wano Kuni on the other hand was still active which is where Toki decided to travel to. Which means when Toki traveled to the future, she was in the ruins of the Ancient Civilisation. Given that a character so central to the mystery of Wano Kuni exist or at least 20 years.ago, what relevance will her story carry. Surely, some secrets concerning the events from 800 years ago would have been shared with Oden or Hiyori. With Oden about to meet Roger, will Toki reveal something to him and will Toki be the reason Oden left Whitebeard to join Roger because it would assist Toki in what happened 800 years ago? Personally, I find Toki such a fascinating character given her origins in the void century and with her death 20 years ago, it makes me sad to find out that we won’t get real time information about the Void century from an individual who existed in that time. How interesting it would be to get information about the Void century from a person opposed to a record on a stone. Hopefully Toki shared some information with Hiyori and through her we find out more about the Void Century.

During Oden’s adventures with the Whitebeard Pirates, they came across a giant with horns that wielded a club. Could this be the race Kaido belongs to with him being an abnormal variant given his non-Giant level size yet still large body? Those horns and club beckon me to think so. Whatever the case, we will eventually get to find out. Looking forward to the next chapter and the meeting between Roger and Oden + Toki.

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