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One Piece chapter 963 - Oden and Edward's meeting

One Piece Chapter 963 – Oden And Whitebeard

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One Piece chapter 963 - Oden and Edward's meeting

And so the two meet and share an electrifying greeting

And so the wheels of fate turn on the path called life towards a destination intertwined with adventure, realisation, misery, sorrow and death. The meeting that set in motion the events leading up to the current events where legends were created and the hungering arms of greed motioned towards its endless desire for what it perceives as satisfaction. A meeting longed for by Oden whom sought a bridge towards the world outside of Wano Kuni. And with his overwhelming joy conveyed through his welcoming strike, he proposes his intention to join the crew of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Even someone of Whitebeard’s strength near his prime was shaken by the sheer ferocity and piercing intent of Oden. From the moment Whitebeard identified the presence of Oden, he knew that he had to be the one to engage and when the two shared a strike with their blades, Whitebeard was visually strained. From the looks of things, if events played out in different ways, I am certain that Kozuki Oden would have been strong enough to be labelled a Yonko calibre entity himself. Oden’s strength is just significant, it is overwhelming to the point where he may exist within the same realms as Whitebeard, Roger, Kaido and Linlin which makes me wonder, how exactly was he defeated in the past. Did Kaido really overpower Oden or were they contributing factors that hampered Oden’s ability to unleashed unconcerned?

One Piece chapter 963 - The Whitebeard Pirates

I miss Whitebeard, he was such an inspiring character

Yasuie may have intended it or even realised it but what he inspired in the hearts of Kin’emon and Co. on that day wasn’t just the desire to be better but the desire to want to protect their nation with all their might which is now driving the current events of liberating Wano Kuni from the Orochi and Kaido who are twisting what was once great and honourable about Wano Kuni. Yasuie’s belief in them coupled with Oden’s forced them to look deeply at themselves and realise how they can best serve Wano Kuni. They changed how they dressed, they changed how they spoke, they changed what they spoke, they changed how they acted but most importantly, they all changed how they viewed themselves. They accepted who they were and who they are.

The more I see of Denjiro, the more I can’t help but think of Koushirou aka. Zoro’s sensei. If Koushirou is not Denjiro at the very least he is closely related to Denjiro as the similarities between the two are too uncanny to be mere coincidence. Additionally, there is Koushirou’s connection to the Shimotsuki Family. I mean the village Zoro met Koushirou in is called the Shimotsuki Village. I still believe that through Zoro, Koushirou will have assisted in liberating his homeland. Once Zoro finds out about this connection, I’m sure he won’t be able to keep himself from getting involved, more so than what he has already. I have to also add this in but Zoro is not leaving Wano Kuni without Shisui, that sword deserves to be wielded by such a phenomenal swordsman and I don’t care what the rest of the Wano Kuni residents say.

One Piece chapter 963 - Oden's retainers

So Kawamatsu really is a Fishman

Hopefully at some point within this arc we get additional history on the Kozuki Clan and the Mink because their relationship has been built on something so deeply connected that it hasn’t even eroded away after centuries. The Zou Island arc established just how strong the bond between the Mink and the Samurai were when they refused to reveal Raizo’s location despite Jack assaulting their nation. Time and distance did nothing to weaken such a relationship. I very much look forward to seeing Robin and Co. learn more about that history and the connection to the Void Century. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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