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One Piece chapter 962 - Oden defeats Ashura Doji

One Piece Chapter 962 – Oden’s Journey Across Wano Kuni

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One Piece chapter 962 - Oden VS Ashura Douji

What an overwhelming presence…

We all need a little crazy and in our blood and it looks like Kozuki Oden has that pumping throughout his body. To not only see a solution where others see impossibility, he has a natural charisma elevated by his strength to inspire others to want to believe in something different from their boxed perspective. Despite his obvious overbearing personality and lack of ability to conform to societal standards, when one truly looks at him, they can’t help but react to the overwhelming conviction exuding from him.

That Logbook Oden kept, does that still exist or was it destroyed by Orochi? Hopefully not as it serves as a valuable piece of Wano Kuni history given the work Oden has done to transform the country into its form before being stolen by Orochi and Kaido. It would be fascinating to see what other journey’s Oden has been on as well as why he joined the Whitebeard Pirates and why he left them for the Roger Pirates. When Oden met Roger did he realise the relevance Wano Kuni had to Roger’s intentions? Roger was indirectly learning about the past as he sailed through the Grand Line and Oden being the son of the Shogun may have had some knowledge of the connection Wano Kuni shared to the past that has now been forgotten. I am not sure if Oden believed in something like destiny or fate but when he met Roger did feelings of such concepts overwhelm him beckoning him to leave the Whitebeard Pirates and join the Roger Pirates?

I’m glad we see how the majority of the Nine Red Scabbards joined in this chapter. Each of the members were so different than their current selves. To think Kanjuro and Raizo were that way before they joined Oden, how amusing. Each of the members may not have known of Oden’s past but they all based their future decisions on what they saw before them and what they saw was a leader they believed in with all their heart. The desire of freedom Oden had, they all shared. And right now, in the current events, they all fight to uphold such a memory and bring freedom back to Wano Kuni that has been poisoned and perverted by the desires of Orochi.

One Piece chapter 962 - Oden's retainers

How moving…to have someone to follow not because of duty but because of a deep respect and love

It took me a while to recall where I recognised Izo from but he is part of the Whitebeard Pirates. With Izo sharing such a close connection to Kikunojo and having relevance to the current events in Wano Kuni, could he appear later within this arc? Would Nekomamushi have brought him along with him to Wano Kuni when he arrives? I just can’t see Izo not appearing within this arc when he was one of the former retainers of Oden. Izo has a reason to fight against Orochi and Kaido plus there is someone now in Wano Kuni that he has been apart of for decades. His younger brother Kikunojo is alive.

The two figures washed up on the shores of Kuri beach are Inurashi and Nekomamushi. It took me a second to realise that but after seeing those ears of Nekomamushi, it became clear who they were. I wonder what events transpired to have them wash up on the shores of Kuri beach especially when Wano Kuni is such a hard Island to reach. Were Inurashi and Nekomamushi sailing to Islands that had Poneglyphs? If so, it makes me wonder what additional information we will get about the Poneglyphs in the coming chapters and when in the current time, Robin will be able to locate some Poneglyphs and their history. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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