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One Piece chapter 961 - Oden VS Mountain God

One Piece Chapter 961 – The Mountain God Incident

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One Piece chapter 961 - Oden VS Mountain God

I wonder if we will see that White Boar baby in the current time now that decades have past since then

To think everything Oden did was to force his father into a corner where he had no choice but to officially disown Oden. All in order to free himself from the boundaries Wano Kuni imposes on him. Oden deliberately prevented Kin’emon from revealing the truth and bore the disdain and blame from the Flower Capital citizens affected by the Mountain God incident. Was Oden driven by some deeper purpose attached to the history of Wano Kuni and their association to the Ancient Civilisation or was Oden genuinely constricted by the borders of Wano Kuni?

Without a doubt Oden’s form when charging up his attack on the Giant Boar was reminiscent of Zoro who also has a similar form when carry out his Ni Gorira attack. This forces me to wonder if Zoro’s sensei is connected to Denjiro who was captivated by Oden’s display of sword skill when they first met. I wouldn’t be surprised if Denjiro incorporated aspects of Oden’s style within his own and if fragments of it eventually reached Zoro through Koushirou. I just can’t shake the feeling that Denjiro is closely associated with Koushirou in some way. Regarding Zoro, Oda-sensei is establishing through this flashback how similar he is to the past version of Kozuki Oden. The whole plot for bringing one of Oden’s swords into Zoro’s hands seems deliberate in highlighting that connection and providing a base for Zoro to convey how capable of a swordsman he has become. If he can not only meet Oden’s feets but exceed it, that would express to everyone present the calibre of swordsman he is and how the spirit of the Samurai extends beyond the borders of Wano Kuni. If Wano Kuni open up their borders, it would not mean the death of their culture.

I can’t help but say that Oden is such an overpowered character. Without having many strong foes to battle against to improve his fighting abilities, he is already that strong and capable. Oden’s natural abilities and potential is frightening. Once he had been exposed to the greater world once joining the Whitebeard Pirates and than the Roger Pirates, how strong did he become? And for such a strong Samurai to be defeated, what did Kaido and Co. do? Is Kaido just that strong or was some underhanded method used to weaken Oden? Whatever the case, one of the legendary Roger Pirates was defeated 20 years ago.

One Piece chapter 961 - Kine'mon faces the Mountain God

Your words may lie but you can’t lie to your heart…

Kin’emon’s reaction at the realisation that Tsuru was swallowed by the Mountain God was moving. Prepared to give his own life, he threw himself toward the Mountain God in hopes of saving Tsuru. Despite his rebellious nature and irresponsible interactions with Tsuru, when the moment came for him to accept that she would gone, he couldn’t take it and he couldn’t accept lying to himself anymore. Both Kin’emon and Tsuru when faced with the shadow of death, were honest with themselves and their feelings. The Mountain God incident is most likely the moment that forced the two of them to lay their emotions out fully and embrace how they truly felt for one another. Personally, I am glad we have gotten to see this side to Kin’emon because Tsuru is awesome character and the two of them make a wonderful couple. Kin’emon wouldn’t be the man he is today with Tsuru – it is that love that helped transform him from a Yakuza thug to a Samurai.

Orochi being taken in by Yasuie in the past makes Orochi being Yasuie’s executor that much more tragic. For someone to repay another person’s kindness with what Orochi did, it makes you wonder about the state of Orochi and if even at that point in the past he was putting on an act to fool everyone around him. In a small fragment way, Orochi in the past reminds me of Blackbeard, who also utilised lies and betrayal to further his intentions. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how the past events play out.

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