One Piece Chapter 957 – The Rocks Pirates

One Piece chapter 957 - The Rocks Pirates

The Rocks Pirates

So the individual that captained two of the current Yonko – Big Mom and Kaido – was a man called Rocks. And not only that, he ended up catching the attention of Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate who also saw something within Rocks to accept him as his captain. For someone to have had captained three of the future Yonko, what is it that made such potential-laden pirates want to follow Rocks or is it a result of them following Rocks that led them to becoming such infamous names within the current age? For pirates with such strong personalities to come together and work together, a leader of tremendous presence and vision would be required. Merely banding together for fame and fortune wouldn’t be sufficient to maintain the groups direction. Who was Rocks D. Xebec and what led him to want to become King of the World?

We have been told through Sengoku that Rocks was Rogers first and most formidable rival. Given that, it seems intentional that Oda-sensei wants us to draw parallel’s between Roger and Rocks to Luffy and Teach whose relationship has right from the start been built up as rivals. Given that Luffy is carrying on Roger’s will (through his actions and the straw hat) and that Teach is likely Rocks’s son, that rivalry seems destined to continue. We know Teach is a D. and that he is around the age to have been born before the events in God Valley plus when you look at the silhouettes of Rocks and Teach, they share a similar design especially when it comes to the smile and aura. Teach may have chosen not to go by his father’s name but instead his mother’s to keep his true identity hidden. Teach’s plan to become a Yonko also seems too planned out to not have a current base to establish it on. Where his father has failed, he plans to succeed. This would also explain why Teach has made Beehive his home base – because it is where Rocks Pirates were founded. On another note, with Teach now having Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit power, will he target Linlin and Kaido’s abilities so that he can mirror the set-up of the crew the Rocks Pirates had? I wouldn’t count out Teach claiming those abilities when Linlin and Kaido are defeated.

One Piece chapter 957 - God Valley

The defeat of the Rocks Pirates

Rocks is such an intriguing character because whatever he was involved in forced the World Government to erase his very presence from the history books due to fear of having their secrets revealed. Whatever Rocks intended to do at God Valley, it was of such a sensitive matter that the Island itself has been omitted from the modern maps and hidden away from the general public. What exactly is God Valley and its significance? How are the Tenryuubito involved with it? Did God Valley house some form of space shuttle launch pad? I am so very curious to learn of the taboo subjects Rocks was involved in. Makes me wonder if Chinjao has more information about Rocks.

The Yonko bounties. What an exciting reveal, we finally get to learn what each of the Yonko’s current bounties are, even the last bounty for Whitebeard. At the moment it seems that Linlin and Kaido have the two current highest bounties but still below Newgate and Roger’s whose bounties have not updated since they died. Luffy will end up surpassing Roger’s bounty mainly because of the information he will reveal about the World Government and the revolution he will inspire. I wonder though if when Luffy defeats Kaido, the World Government will spin it differently to hide the fact that a rookie had defeated a Yonko, especially one whom befriends those he comes across.

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  1. Josh Cook says:

    just so you know, blackbeards ship is called the Saber of Xebec. that CANNOT be a coincidence.

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