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One Piece chapter 956 - The World Government targets the Shichibukai

One Piece Chapter 956 – The Abolition Of The…

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One Piece chapter 956 - The World Government targets the Shichibukai

Mihawk is done chilling but is the world ready for the ensuing heat that will result?

It happened! Then again it was inevitable after the dealings Doflamingo involved himself in, the support by Isshou and the plea’s from Cobra and Riku. With their immunity status revoked, the former Shichibukai members are now wanted criminals and primary targets of capture. It was a fine line the World Government had to walk and while removing the “third power” will give them better optics to the world to ensure nations continue to follow them, they have in rapid succession made enemies of four very “powerful” and dangerous pirates – that includes you Buggy!

The majority of players within the One Piece world are now on the board but we have yet to see what Shank’s approached the Goreisei for, what happened with Caesar (he is important!), where the Germa 66 are now that they are no more part of the World Government, the fate of Jinbe and his location, the movements of Kuzan, the intentions of the Straw Hat Pirate Alliance Captains and if Enel will play a major part in the coming cataclysmic events. The characters with unknown status’s with the closest proximity to the events in Wano Kuni and the characters are Jinbe and Kuzan, so if they required a moment to reappear on the board, it would be in the Wano Kuni Arc.

One Piece chapter 956 - The events during the Reverie

How cryptic…

Based on Morgans’s summary, there are three major events that took place during the recent Levely/Reverie with the most shocking being the abolition of the Shichibukai. The other two events are more cryptic dealing with a death and an attempted assassination. Based on the hints Oda-sensei dropped through character dialog, Sabo and the Alabasta Kingdom play a focal role within the remaining two events. With the attempted assassination, I wonder if Bonney tried to kill an Official to save Kuma but was saved by Sabo who took the blame for the attempted assassination and is now on schedule to be executed in a fashion similar to Ace. This would explain why Blackbeard issued the order to set sail due to wanting the revived Mera Mera no Mi when Sabo is executed. Teach already expressed an interest in the fruit during the Dressrosa Arc when he sent Burgess to compete in the Colosseum tournament.

Regarding the new of death, I wonder if Cobra had passed away shortly after the Levely but before he did, he arranged for Alabasta to become an independent nation outside the control and corruption of the World Government and naming Vivi his successor. Cobra wasn’t in the best condition during the trip to the Levely but he was determined to get there presumably to leave Alabasta facing in the right direction when he is not able to lead them anymore. Oda-sensei avoiding any coverage on Vivi leads me to believe this is all the more likely.

One Piece chapter 956 - X Drake's intentions

I kind of expected X Drake to have his own intentions but what a surprise that he is an undercover Marine agent

We finally get Drake revealing his true intentions and as suspected, he never joined Kaido to merely follow him but because he wished to work himself into a position where he can assist in stopping the corruption and evil doing of the world. All the Supernovas for that matter are governed by their own intentions and eventually we will come to find out what they are. We have yet to learn of Scratchmen Apoo’s intentions but you can bet it wasn’t just to merely ally himself with a Yonko. He may have just joined Kaido to attend the music festival and once that has run its course, he will backstab Kaido like he did with Kid, Killer and Hawkins.

CP0, their involvement in the story of One Piece has become more prominent as of late. They were present in Dressrosa but had minimal involvement contrary to what I expected when they were introduced but unlike Dressrosa, the CP0 are set-up as a faction that can be developed on and exposed further to the readers. You can bet that when the realise their source of weapons is in danger, they will request the Marines and the World Government’s assistance. By losing Orochi’s “support” if Wano Kuni is liberated, they will lose a valuable source of power and ultimately control over the rest of the world. The CP0 realise that it is paramount to keep their fragile relations with Wano Kuni intact. Makes me wonder that if the CP0 actions become a major part of the Wano Kuni arc (they have already informed Orochi where Hiyori is located), if someone like Kuzan, who has a history with Cipher Pol, will show up.

One Piece chapter 956 - Boa Hancock

Hancock knew this would eventually happen and likely planned for it

This chapter has left me in a state of uncontainable excitement. Ah, I cannot wait for the next the chapter and to find out exactly what is going to happen next! I also cannot wait for Jinbe’s reappearance given that the current arc is an unmissable one for all the Straw Hat Pirates. Oda-sensei would not keep a single Straw Hat or potential future Straw Hat Pirate out of this arc that is shaping up to be the precursor for a Yonko’s defeat. The events taking place within this arc will be the foundation for the movement opposing the intentions of the World Government.

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