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One Piece Chapter 955 – The Coming Of The Storm

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One Piece chapter 955 - The beginning of the Wano Kuni war

And so it begins…

Crocodile felt it. Enel felt it. Rob Lucci felt it. Moria felt it. Hody felt it. Caesar felt it. Doflamingo felt it. Katakuri nurtured it. The Marines realise it. The World Government fears it. Whitebeard recognized it. Ace sacrificed his life for it. Shanks ignited it. Buggy is envious of it. Law supports it. Big Mom’s territory was shaken by it. And now that storm known as Luffy is targeting the strongest creature in world, Kaido, whom is seriously underestimating the threat this one rookie poses. And can bet such disrespect will undeniably lead to Kaido’s downfall.

Kaido might enjoy the sport of breaking an individual’s will but as overwhelming as he may be, he is not unstoppable. He may have forgotten and he may have become deluded by his own prideful intoxication but just because someone he faced before wasn’t able to measure up to him than, that does not mean the prospect of growth is nonexistent. Disarrayed will the mighty be when the pain of challenge comes knocking on their door with a surprise completely concealed from their narrow-minded perspective conditioned by their state of superiority. Luffy may not be as hardened as Kaido but events can align themselves to a point that even the strongest creature on the world can bested. The Beast Pirates will be defeated in this arc.

You better not leave Shisui behind in Wano Kuni, Zoro. That blade is too valuable and entrenched in the fibers of the Swordsman lore within One Piece to be left behind in a museum of Wano Kuni like a relic for the citizen’s longing for the past to attach their hollow desires onto. I get that Ryuma meant a lot to them and his blade represents the strength of Wano Kuni but what good would keeping the blade in a shrine to be worshiped be? There is a capable swordsman in Wano Kuni right now who was bestowed the blade by the spirit of Ryuma. I just hope when Zoro establishes that he can utilise Enma in harmony, he gets the opportunity to wield Shusui again. A blade like Shusui does not deserve such as isolated fate, it hungers to be used by someone as exceptional as Zoro. I am honestly very curious to see where Oda-sensei takes the story of Shusui and Enma. Enma being created by the same person who created Wado Ichimonji gives a ton of credence for Zoro needing to wield it but Shisui was the sword Ryuma allowed Zoro to handle. Zoro has such a strong connection to both swords and the best case scenario would him getting both swords.

One Piece chapter 955 - Zoro wields Enma

Don’t forget to take Shusui when you leave Zoro!

Enjoyed seeing Luffy and Zoro training and the rest of the Straw Hats utiliising their skills to assist the Rebellion – I’m looking at you Robin with your skills in espionage and Franky with your ship building. Franky is definitely right in building extra ships even if not needed in the initial journey, they will be needed. Chopper has most likely developed an immunity vaccine for Queen’s viruses and will serve as a counter to anything Queen attempts to infect others with.

Still waiting on the appearance of Jinbe but he will appear eventually before or during the climax of the arc. Jinbe as a Straw Hat Pirate (and any other future members) NEEDS to be together with the rest of the members when they take down a Yonko. Such an event and the characters involvement in it, especially if significant and influential to the antagonist’s downfall, helps establish and solidify said characters inclusion as a main character within the Straw Hat Pirates. Events like this serve as bonding experience. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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