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One Piece chapter 952 - Zoro defeats Gyukimaru

One Piece Chapter 952 – Hiyori And Kawamatsu

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One Piece chapter 952 - Hiyori and Kawamatsu

Are Kappa’s classified as Fishman?

Hiyori is quickly being built up as the secret weapon of Wano Kuni no one knows about save Zoro and Kawamatsu. Despite the prisoners of Udon rallying behind Momonosuke as the son of Oden, Momonosuke has no right to ask them to lay their lives down to save the world still fresh in his mind given his lack of suffering alongside the rest of them. As conveyed by Shutemaru earlier in the arc, just because they are figures from the past who the people of Wano Kuni once knew, that does not mean the people have to follow them. The fate required in the upcoming battle demands an ironclad level of respect and honour. Something which I believe Hiyori earned based on how she has been continually fighting for her family’s dream over the last 20 years.

Since Hiyori’s official introduction, she hasn’t done much beyond need protection but going forward I believe she will be central to Wano Kuni’s revival and establishment as a nation free from the shackles and restraints of Kaidou and Orochi. I get that through Hiyori’s inability, it was required to establish a scenario where she meets Zoro and becomes aware of the help she requires due to the powerlessness of trying to fight a whole army. But with that now established there are things only Hiyori can do and will do and I look forward to seeing her again bear that courage and resolve she displayed when protecting Toko from Orochi in the Flower Captial.

Kawamatsu reuniting with Hiyori signals the establishment of her force and slowly but surely it will grow with Zoro assisting her and Gyukimaru having a connection to Kawamatsu. The rebel army now needs weapons and with Gyukimaru having collected weapons, including Samurai weapons, over the past 20 years, one can guess where the weapons the rebel army require will be attained from. Gyukimaru will eventually come to assist Hiyori, especially with Gyukimaru and Kawamatsu seemingly having some connection. I believe once Wano Kuni has been freed from the tyranny of Kaidou and Orochi that Hyougoro and the other Yakuza bosses would recognize Hiyori.

One Piece chapter 952 - Zoro defeats Gyukimaru

Queen was hilarious in this chapter, trying to casually evacuate the Island Kaidou and Linlin are fighting on under the premise of heading back to the Udon Prisoners Mines and lending his support. He never did admit his intentions but when you are calling out others for not believing in their boss, one can’t openly follow the part of survival. Sadly for Queen though, he severely underestimated Luffy and as such is completely oblivious to the state of the Prisoner Mines choosing to instead believe the words of the Chief Jailer Babanuki. Little does he know that Babanuki has been enchanted by Tama.

Like many other antagonist groups, the members are so blinded by the strength of their bosses that they can’t see the hole they are about to fall into. To make matters worse for the Beast Pirates, the Prisoners Mines were filled with all enemies. They believe they could control them with fear but once that hold of terror was blown away all that remains for the prisoners is the desire to bring the old Wano Kuni back. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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