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One Piece Chapter 951 – Kaidou And Linlin

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One Piece chapter 951 - Kaidou and Linlin

And so they meet…

After decades of previously meeting each other, Kaidou and Linlin finally encounter each other again and how exhilarating the proceeding events will be. Not only are we being treated to a battle between the two or at the very least a few blows exchanged that will shake the very Island and skies around them but we will finally get to learn more about the history surrounding Kaidou and Linlin and the previous pirate crew they both belonged to before moving on and founding their own pirates crews. Who was their captain and will Gol D. Roger or the Will of D fit into their history somehow? Hopefully before Onishima Island is leveled, we get to find out more xD.

I expected Kaidou and Linlin to meet but not on Onishima Island where it is now in danger of being obliterated. The Beast Pirates fodder have every reason to fear their current circumstance and have the right idea in wanting to evacuate from Onigashima before it destroyed. We all seen the aftermath when two Admirals fought on an Island (Punk Hazard), so if two even more powerful characters engage in combat with each other, one can imagine just what the impact on the surrounding Island would be. Unlike Kuzan and Sakuzuki who utilise elemental devil fruits, Kaidou and Linlin are just raw destructive forces. I don’t believe the two will continue fighting for long because if they do, Onigashima Island will be demolished and I don’t see that happening before Luffy and Co. arrive on the Island to challenge Kaidou. Which begs the question, how will the current tension between Kaidou and Linlin be resolved? Will their disdain for Luffy and desire to crush the Straw Hat Pirates who have caused them so much agony and stress be the common ground they require to form a very brittle temporary alliance? If this is the case, will Luffy, Kid, Law and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates be able to handle taking on two Yonko or will a third party that will assist the Straw Hat Pirates become involved e.g. Kuzan? Much like what is happening to the skies above Onigashima Island, my thoughts and expectations of the coming events are being split apart.

Hawkins’s reaction to Law’s threat was really surprising? Was Hawkins really afraid of breaking his promise to Law even with Law now imprisoned? I get that Hawkins fears someone who doesn’t take the future into account as it makes them hard to predict but for him in his current position to honour Law’s deal was well non-antagonist-like. Considering though that Hawkins and the rest of the Supernovas will in some form assist the Straw Hat Pirates in the future, I can see why any coverage for them now is being very carefully handled. You have Hawkins slaughtering allies of people who he will eventually become temporary allies with in the future. Still what an honourable guy Hawkins. Or was that all a ruse? Probably not.

One Piece chapter 951 - King

What race does King belong to?

I understood that Linlin’s dream was important but given its continued mentioned, I never knew it was this central to the One Piece story. For Linlin to have all save three races within her crew, you just know that those three races will receive immense focus going forward as they will be a reason for why Linlin who has spent many decades working towards her dream was not able to bring those races within her crew or nation. We know that there are no Giants within Linlin’s family given the antagonistic relationship between the two. And due to that tension and Linlin’s disdain for Giants, she refuses to include one within her family. The second could be a Kappa if they are race and it would explain why Oda-sensei kept Kawamatsu’s introduction for late if his races will eventually tie into Linlin’s dream once she finds out a Kappa resides with Wano Kuni (I could see the arc ending with Linlin taking Kawamatsu and abandoning Kaido).

The third race Linlin is missing is King’s race. The most prominent feature of King are his black wings which immediately makes us think of either Sky People or Birdfolk. The other character we have seen within Wano Kuni who has wings is Hitetsu, who Oda-sensei has shrewdly kept masked like King. With the Skypeians, Shandians and Birkans we know that they reside within the sky and no concerted effort has been seen to be made to erase their existence, especially when Urogue, a Sky Person, is active as a pirate within the New World. I still believe King’s race relates to the Sky People and is a fourth sub-race with the distinctive feature of having black wings. The races knowledge being erased from history would explain why their existence is not common knowledge.

Also in King’s case, with his race supposedly being extinguished from history as mentioned by Linlin, he could relate directly to the story of the Void Century and the World Government. The World Government has made efforts to erase the history of other cultures before (Ohara), so in all likelihood, they are at the center of erasing the history of the race King belongs to. If this is the case, King may very well be a direct enemy of the World Government by extension of his race. This will mean that King and his history could have some significance to the Straw Hat Pirates, specifically Robin. If King’s race does relate to the World Government, how important will host story become? Will his role extend beyond the Wano Kuni Arc and the Beast Pirates. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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