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One Piece Chapter 949 – The Pain Of Wano Kuni

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His declaration of intention for all to hear

Even with hope in front of the citizens of Wano Kuni, their souls have been broken and tormented by their captives with the image of fear burned deep within their selves mentally blocking their senses from willing their bodies to rebel again. The pain and anguish suffered instilled within their emotions a terror which they wholeheartedly believed to be seemingly unsurmountable. It took an act of selfless unexpectance to break away the clouds of doubt drowning their inner hopes out. With the display of passion and conviction blazing in front of them, the victims of Wano Kuni could do nothing but be compelled by the heat of hope to fuel their resolve to rebel against Orochi and Kaidou. Come what may, the broken souls of Wano Kuni are tired of lying to themselves that the suffering they are enduring is living.

The damage done by Kaidou and Orochi has driven itself so deep within the individuals of Wano Kuni that the citizens are unaware of how far they have spiralled down into the depths of misery. The prospect of their fates becoming worse enlightens the vision of their own insufferable circumstance. Twenty years of hopelessness, terror and tyranny have continually broken every single individual down to the point of leaving a mass of fear, doubt and self-destructive behaviour within them.

The truth laid bare for each to recognize and accept

The flame hope became buried by the losses they suffered, the tears they shed, the perversion of their nation, the strength of their captives and the emotions they had stolen. The nation of Wano Kuni was destined for ruin but then arrived a unapologetic individual who selfishly imposed his selflessness onto the citizens of Wano Kuni. The pirate Monkey D. Luffy promised to defeat the shadow haunting their nightmares, he promised them that he will defeat Kaidou. Forcing an ultimatum on those branded criminals, Luffy inspired the citizens of Wano Kuni to hope again and unbeknownst to the rest of the Beast Pirates, he inspired a movement that will wash over the test of Wano Kuni eventually liberating everyone from the shadows haunting their nightmares.

Beyond the citizens of Wano Kuni, Luffy has likely also motivated Kid to pick up the prison keys in front of him and release himself from the shackles binding him. Instead of being miserable over what happened to Killer, what Kid needs to do now is help Kid recover his emotions or at the very least help Killer come to terms with what has happened.

It all starts with a decision and the resolve to act on it…

Chopper’s presence in the Prisoner Mines is no coincidence, he has seen what the Beast Pirates have turned the medical arts into and is likely one of the only individuals along with Law who can develop a cure for Queen’s viruses. The viruses afflicted the Wano Kuni prisoners will be cured by Chopper. There is no way that such a brutal virus will be left unchecked, especially with the effects on the victims being so agonizing and resulting in death. If the Straw Hat Pirates wish to take on the Beast Pirates, they will need a cure to the viruses being weaponized by the Beast Pirates. If Chopper can develop such a cure, he will significantly lessen the power the Beast Pirates impose over the Wano Kuni residents. It will convey to Wano Kuni that it is possible for the Cataclysms of Kaidou to be bested which in turn will establish the perspective within their minds that Kaidou is not as invincible as they initially believed. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

One thought on “One Piece Chapter 949 – The Pain Of Wano Kuni

  1. daifugu: lets see…leather outfits + usage of guns + spike helmet + dirty coward behavior = Jagi from fist of the north star. all we needed for him was him saying “hey you! Say my Name!” and he’d be perfect.

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